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Moto GP ride from Queensland?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Gonz1, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. gday all,
    just wondering if there is a group of you who will be riding to the Moto GP from the gold coast, im moving over there in june for a while and im keen to do the ride :wink:
    also keen to check out your Queensland roads while im there and looking forward to carving them up on my Z1000 8)

  2. Hi Gonz :) ...theres a group of guys from the OCAU.MC forum planning a trip down from Brisbane, but there coming down in April.

    If you go in and look around you will find the thread in up and coming events.

    Julie :)
  3. cheers for that, ive just got my log in for them so im gonna check it out now :wink:
    are there many forum users from queensland in here?
  4. Gonz.. There's heaps of us from QLD in there..
    Some of us are going down for the WSB as Julz said in April but by the time MotoGP comes around I'm sure some of us will be making the trek down..
  5. cool, but i dont actualy get there till mid june, im still in perth at the moment!
    but i cant wait to get mi ass over there!
    look forward to meeting up and riding with you queenslanders, but im guessing the cops are pretty hard on yas?