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Moto GP Phillip Island - for peeps staying at my place...

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by I Adore Vic, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Could those people who are staying at my place for the GP please add their name to the list below? Over the past few mths I've had people confirm they're staying but I never really kept a record of names. :oops:

    From what I can remember, these are the people who've confirmed they're staying here. Bring bedding/tents/whatever you can. The gates are now locking - no room for others.

    Tex and Bundy

    Cruisingal and Mr. Cruisingal
    Woodsy Jnr

    Floor space:

    Drew & Sal
    The brick and Lisa

    ????: Can these people please let me know what they plan on doing with bedding? Apologies if you've already told me and I've forgotten.


    :oops: Sorry if I've left your name off the list! I just know there are others I've forgotten. :oops:

    Can you please confirm you're staying, or if you've already spoken with me about it, can you please add your name to the list? Just so I can work out what 'supplies' we'll need in the way of tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows etc.


    Looking forward to a great weekend!

    Also, if you're stuck for accomm and are happy to set a tent up in my front yard (fully fenced) then let me know via pm. Or you can just crash on my verandah as a fellow Netrider did some other time. ;) :p

    No strangers/lurkers please. :) Just good ol' familiar Netriders. :)

    And if anyone who stayed here during the S/bikes is stuck for accomm, you're more than welcome to stay here again. Jace? JD? Mikek? Nee? Johnny O? etc etc?

    :grin: PS...you might want to get in quick because first in best dressed and I'll be saying 'that's enough' when it gets to enough.

  2. Yeah Rosie, I'm definitely making your yard look untidy for a night or two :wink:

    I'd PM ya, but seems I'm not allowed to PM anymore :?
  3. Hi Rosie. I'm sorted for accomodation thanks very much. I will drop in for a tipple though
  4. no worries Smack. Was never discussed but I wondered whether you were Iffracem's partner in crime for that wknd.
  5. Ooohhh Yeah we're gunna be running amuck orright, but he don't trust me being too close with access to shaving implements when he passes out at night :twisted:

    He has a point as well :LOL:
  6. Shaving me can only improve my looks. Same can't be said about you, JJ. Be afraid, be very very afraid.
  7. afraid? me? Nahhh...

    I don't have to look at myself, you lot do, so YOU be afraid, I'll just stay drunk for most of the weekend, then keep the helmet on for most of the week after when I ride home.
  8. Yep just confirming I'm.
    Not sure how I am going to survive with no sleep.
  9. Yep Rosie we are definitely coming to stay..and :beer: and watch :biker: and :beer: and have a good time and :beer: and :rofl: and :beer: and :blah: and :beer:....oh and did i mention to :beer:? :beer:
  10. The Canberra crew have a house at Smiths Beach, so we can expect them to party with us, Rosie.
  11. yes please :grin:

    oh, and i shall deal with the strangers/lurkers ;)
  12. Hey MVRog - :dance: What Canberra crew are we talking about?
  13. About 6 of them ,Rosie. 2 are camping at the circuit. Motormouse etc in the Smiths beach house.
  14. I should have thought about coming to the GP! :facepalm:

    I suppose tickets are all sold out...
  15. be close to full by now, might be some general admittance tickets left if you hurry.
  16. pffft, 'sif i'll be over my hangover enough to even get to the track.
    sleep all day, drink all night, listen to the stories of those that went.

    (i havent got tix yet either :shock: )
  17. How did I miss this thread :?
    Of course I'll be there, wouldn't miss it :)
  18. Goes without saying for us lot Rosie :grin:
  19. Hey Rosie, we have a house in Cowes, but of course we will pop in for a drink or 2. :)

    Shaun and Kate
  20. Thanks for the offer Rosie but sadly doesn't look like I'll be able to make it to the GP this year :( .
    Hopefully I'll be able to make Superbikes weekend again next year though :grin: :beer: