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Moto GP - Phillip Island accommodation

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Word_a_Mowf, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Hey folks,

    might be early...but I don't wanna miss out this year..I need to find some accommodation for the MotoGP this year.

    Hotel, motel, whatever...anything decent I guess.

    Amaroo park?

    I dont mind if i have to ride for a bit to the event, from the hotel/motel...as long as it's on the island.

    Anyone got any suggestions??

    And please don't say it's all booked already!

    Thanks guys
  2. It's most likely mostly booked by now if you are talking hotel/motel.

    You will be able to get rental houses for the weekend starting at about $1500 and sleeping from about 6 people upwards.

    There will be some Bed & Breakfasts left probably.

    I doubt there would still be caravan park cabins at this late date. There would still be plenty of camp sites around the island at the caravan parks.

    Try here.... http://www.visitphillipisland.com/
  3. The family has just bought a holiday home in silversands so im all sorted.... im rapt!
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    One large accommodation venue has a permanent sign up letting people know not to bother asking about GP weekend (but they can apply to go on the waiting list for two years ahead!)

    I've tried motels as far Wonthaggi, Koumburrra and Leongatha. They all had permanent bookings at least a year in advance. Same with camping grounds.

    You're ONLY chance is to find a private rental of somebody's holiday house, because they don't tend to be put on the market 'til closer to the event. Or camp at the circuit, but you'll have to get onto that soon, too.
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  6. I just spoke with the boss and they are currently putting together MotoGP packages for the public. These should be available in the next few days, so if you're after accomm. for this years GP, give them a call or send them an email via the above link. :) And remember, you snooze...you loose... ;)

    It's not a bad spot - yep it looks like a heap of boxes from the rd but the villas themselves are actually really nice inside. I should know, I clean them :) Not sure what villas are available for GP but the resort has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom ones. The resort also has a gorgeous solar heated pool, cafe, pizzeria, health club (with gym, spa and sauna) and a kids room/playground. All villas are self-contained, with kitchens that have a fridge, oven, microwave & dishwasher. Spas in some villas. Stereos. DVD. Heaters. Some have air-co. etc etc.

    All villas are relatively new and very appealing and clean inside. :)

    Oh yeah - and the doonas are those big comfy hotel type doonas - you know the big comfy ones they have in the nice hotels... I soo want to get one for my bed at home. :)
  7. :oops:
    wonder if i'll try again this year :(
    i really need to HTFU, and just do what i feel is right.
  8. Joel, just get your arse down here for GP okay! We're gonna :dance: and \:D/ and :beer: and :beer: and quite possibly :sick: and go :woot: when Rossi wins.
  9. .....one more try?
    plenty of time to get head in to gear.
    distinct possibility :grin:
    and if i go :eek:hno: and :tantrum: again, a simple :blackeye: from you should do the trick!
    i'll do it!

  10. On the phone as we speak...(on hold)

    thanks for the recommendation though, the places look real nice!
  11. ha!


    Just spoke to a lady in reservations (very helpful), and she said they are finalizing the prices/packages for the MotoGP in about an hour!!

    Will look forward to her phone call tomorrow

    some other prices I got was between $1000 and $2000 for a week...

    I dont wanna stay a week tho! lol...only 3 days/2 nights

    ah well...I'll take what I can get...and with 5 of us going, shouldn't be too much of a headcrack price
  12. I am interested in getting a VIP package. What other options do I have, can you camp? Where would you get a shower?
  13. i also need accomodation. just booked my tickets and tried for some accomodation but couldn't get any (the ones that were left were 1800 for 3 days and thats way outta my price range).

    is there any nice person down there who would have a spare patch of floor that i could possibly crash on for a few nights over the gp?

    don't mind paying for the priviledge.

    would just need a patch of floor and a shower.

    please please please?
  14. Suckers, i have a family holiday house in cowes.

    :p Yay me... maybe if you make friends with me i will let you come and stay for free... NOT! :LOL:

    No seriously cowes is nice and not far from philip island, have fun anyone who goes. and lets all hope Stoner brings home the goods.
  15. I was just in Cowes and I can vouch indeed that it is not far from Phillip Island. :wink: :p

    Nightgash - what are you talking about? Camping at the eco-resort (sorry no camping facilities there), or camping on the Island in general, or camping at the track itself? If I didn't live here, I'd camp at the track. ;) Cheap, party, get up in morning and wander down to see the action...awesome. :)
  16. It said on the Philip Island website about camping grounds at the track?
  17. Yep there is. Not sure of the details though - check the PI grand prix circuit website as they have info on the GP there, plus camping etc. :)