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Moto GP on Channel 10 in 2009

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by sly, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I've just received the media release from Channel 10 about their new 24 sports channel coming in 2009.

    This line caught my attention >>

    "Moto GP – extensive coverage of every round of the World Championship"

    Great news! Now I definitely won't be getting Foxtel.
  2. ten only broadcasts the main race except for phillip island weekend..

    some of the best (if not the majority) races of this season were the 125's and 250's ..

    for that, foxtel still has top honours.. but its still a ripoff :( [which i pay :mad: ]
  3. About time that Fox had a competitor.
  4. ... which were broadcast - albeit delayed - on 10, for free, on all but a few occasions.

    Maybe with this new HD sport channel, they will continue the practise they had earlier of showing it at a sensible time on Sunday nights :grin:

    Maybe even get WSB back...
  5. Sweet, you got any further details? I caught the bloke from SportsTonight talking about a 24hr channel but didn't hear anything else but that. Maybe we'll get to see some club racing too???
  6. Man i can't wait till april! Goodbye engineering degree! :shock:
  7. .. and maccas is going to have free wireless computer access too, soon, it's raining connectivity
  8. It will take more than that to get me to eat Scottish food
  9. [EDIT]
    Jet lag is confusing me. Is this 'Exclusive' coverage?

    Oh great, we get to lose the Motogp commentary and get the shite twaddle from Ch10 commentators.

    Great rewards to all the Satellite channels who stayed with Motogp when it couldn't draw a crowd. I don't get why they would sign exclusive deals with FTA when the FTA channels already get access to the same material, unless it's just because they think they can extract extra cash from them.

    And for all those that think that this will be 'live', just wait for their first conflict in timings and see motorcycle racing dropped in a flash.

    I loved the 125's and 250's as a live precursor to the main event. I can't see Ch10 carrying it at 7pm, can you?
  10. Let's wait and see, Cliff.
  11. I think it might be just 'extensive'. From another forum I see that Ch10 are basically junking any notion of an HD channel and will use their HD channel purely for sport. This PR might just be additional to that news. Fingers X'd.
  12. Jeez, I hope so. It'd be awesome if they showed the qualifying sessions, but showing the 125/250s in HD would be cool ( although I dont know if they are they broadcasting motogp in HD? I watch on standard foxtel)
  13. I wouldn't mind betting that ONE will not be Advert free where for the WSBK & Moto GP races Fox Sports don't run ads during the races.

    They also don't always stick ads in when the Yanks go to ad breaks and we just keep seeing the NASCAR's going around and around and around and around............ without any sound until they come back from the ad break.
  14. F#ck the MotoGP. Bring back the superbikes. Then we can at least see some real racing.