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Moto Gp Expo = Thinking Of A New Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Not for me - those of you who know me know that i'd NEVER consider selling my beloved Hornet unless something terrible happened to it.

    But my boyfriend Tony is thinking of a change. For a while now he's complained about getting sore wrists when riding his VFR 800. he says the vibration in the handlebars makes his hands/wrists go numb and strangely he gets more sore/pain riding his tourer for 4 hours than I do on my naked bike.

    I bought him a handlebar riser kit, custom made for his bike for his birthday last year. he says it made it better due to the slightly higher riding position, but he still gets sore/numb in his hands & wrists when riding.

    he also just had a knee operation due to a torn ligament so he hasn't been able to ride for a little while.

    When we were at the Moto GP on the weekend, we wandered through the expo - and he started sitting on bikes.

    One he really liked was the Benelli TRE K 1130 (not the Amazonas, the standard model)

    But we know NOTHING about Benelli's - are they known for being reliable/expensive to service/etc?
    any feedback would be good.

    Once his knee is well enough we'll start doing some test rides.
    he's also considering a second hand bike, and is looking at the Honda CB1000R or Kwaka Z1000.

    oh and yes, i'm back again lol
  2. Visit the Benelli forums, it will yield lots of answers to your questions.
  3. I dont know much about Benelli myself but just looking at the engines, the inline triple should have alot less vibrations than the v4.

    I think he needs to jump on a few bikes and see how they feel. The Z1000 is nice and smooth I reckon he would love it!
  4. Benellis are indeed known for being temperamental. Maybe it's worth the drama, I don't know. But since your looking at that style, consider also the KTM 990SMT and Triumph Tiger 1050.
  5. As one who has been down the Nelli path Ill suggest they're an enthusiast bike:
    - As Repsi said, first point of call is the Nelli forum. Lots of good people including a few locals.

    - If you want economical, reliable hassle free riding look further afield

    - If you're happy to put up with niggles and spend time on the forums getting to know people and your bike (fixing the issues) they're great fun.

    - Parts aren't cheap but are available.

    - The current importer is apparently better than the previous but I didnt get to deal with them much as my Nelli passed away earlier this year when it was collected by a rusty black 2000 Magna Executive. Too expensive to repair

  6. thanks for the info guys - ended up getting an MV Agusta Brutale 1090 RR.

    riding position is perfect.
  7. I get the impression if u need to ask about service price and reliability u prob shouldn't be looking at benelli
  8. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1352928454.134841.
    Here is a picture for you, surprisingly had a lot of attention at the GP on the TreK, the latest models are very reliable and more importantly the most comfortable in its class.