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Moto GP - Carrying camping gear on sports bike

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by GuJohnno, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Heading to the Moto GP next week and will be camping there for the four days.

    I'm just wondering how people have carried their gear down there on a sports bike (I have a Daytona 675)

    Yes it would be easier (and wiser) taking the 4WD down, but keen to do it just with the bike.

    Planning to just take some basics with me and buying most there.
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  3. It can be done with careful packing with lots of hocky straps and padding to protect the paintwork.


    Just carry what you need for the trip and post your tent and other bulky items to yourself C/o Cowes post office. Enjoy camping and watching the races then when its all over post the stuff back home.;)

    Depending on where your camping it may take a few trips to ferry all your stuff around but it's worth it, If memory serves it cost me about $45.00 [22.50 each way] a few years ago to send tent/sleeping bag/ foam mattress and a few extra clothes etc etc
  4. I bought a duffle bag that I attach to the back seat (like a tail bag). My seat has four fold out hooks that I can use. I'm on a Hornet so the exhaust is really high up and you need to be careful with pannier selection.

  5. if you have rack it's fairly simple....i also brought a rjay expandable bag in stead of the ventura because they are bigger. I place that over the rear pillion seat and in that i can carry everything from sleeping bag to air matress+clothes, grog, (when packing clothes pick things like a jumper you can use and stuff into a pillow case for a pillow etc... then on the other side of the rack (hanging off the back of the bike i use andy straps to tie my chair and tent which i place in a heavy duty dry bag.

    Also have a adli tank bag which I will carry my wet pants (not the throw over one) if i think it's going to be seriously cold and wet, it also stores my other visor (either clear or tint). Normally when touring i will wear draggins or riding jeans over leather and just wear my boots 24/7

    here's a pic of my bike on a recent trip.


    it's packs on well, and really only notice the extra weight as i get on the throttle on the exits of turns and the front wheel gets light almost everywhere...some reckon it's better to adjust your suspension to help with the different weight, me i just ride around it, and to be honest i don't reckon i am any slower with full touring gear compared to just a day ride. :twisted:

    The yellow bike is how a mates packs his (though this trip he did have a set of forks on there too)....personally i like the way i do it better

    Hope it helps and enjoy motogp
  6. Soft panniers can be picked up pretty cheaply, $100-150. That along with someething to protect your paintwork, also a tankbag and throw anything big (like sleeping roll and or sleeping bag on top of the seat, tied down with straps.
  7. It's much easier if you fit a rack to your bike. Ventura have rack/bag combos available for under $500 fitted. Combine that with a suitable tank bag and you've got enough carry space for an extended trip. Then after you're back home you can remove the bags and most of the rack comes off leaving just the side brackets.

    The tent, mattress and seat will fit on the rack, your clothes and sleeping bag in the bag sitting over a pillion seat leaving the tank bag for cameras, phones, wallets etc (I was carrying food and camping gear for a long weekend that trip with space to spare).

  8. My solution is an RJays 39 Litre topbox, which I will add either some RJays or Oxford soft panniers to (The Oxford ones are larger but noticeable more expensive). In addition to this is a tank bag.
    Because having a rack is quite frankly UGLY! I have grabbed a second pillion seat from a wreckers and bolted the plate for mounting the topbox to this spare seat.
    Total storage in excess of 100 Litres.
  9. If buying soft panniers, pack everything in plastic bags

    Not a fan of ockiy straps, cam buckle straps from auto shops much better option

    Waterproof bag, from camping or boating shop fits tent, sleeping bag, airbed.

  10. Just realised that my user settings weren't sending notification of your replies :roll:

    Thanks for the great replies.

    I have an Aldi tank bag which I'll use.
    I'm hoping I can tie the tent, mattress and sleeping bag together and then strap it to the passenger seat some how.

    I might look into some panniers, but there won't be many times I'll use them. At least with this bike.

    My ZZR250 has a Ventura rack and bag which would make it easier but I'm keen to take the new Daytona and I wont fit a rack to this baby.

    If I can get the basics to the track and just buy a chair or what ever down there.

    Post up any other info you have and pictures, there's some good info there