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Moto GP and General Admin tickets

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by zxparker, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hey all...

    Going to the race on Sunday and was wondering if there was advice about what time we need to get there? Some people are talking about getting there at 5am!! I dont like this idea... Are we going to be able to see if we turn up at 9am or so instead?

    Never been and I know that this year is going to be nuts...

    Ideas and thoughts please?
  2. If you don't have stand tickets the best spots are generaly taken by 9ish
    This year has record ticket sales.
    You take your pick.
    Last year the best spots hd been taken before teh morning for had cleared.
  3. so for those of us going for the first time:
    How long does it take to get on the island, park and get through the gate?
    Which are the best grass arsed seats in the house?

    Been round in my car and i reckon siberia would be good if not cold and breezy, lukey heights would be great and turn 1 wasn't bad for the historics
  4. agl, make the effort to pop your cherry at this years GP. You will not regret it ever. The gates open at 7.30am. But if you don't like doing stuff before midday, pretend it is Christmas morning and you are a kid, and

    try and arrive at the circuit before 10am, cause at 10.20 there is the local Aussie 125cc race, 3rd leg, which will be awesome.

    Then you get to see all the pre Gp stuff, which I believe will be very spectacular this year, then the bull shit stops and the racing begins.

    To get to the circuit..... if you are on a bike, not too many problems, but allow more time this year. say 45 minutes from Anderson ( the round about where you turn right from Melb to the Island. and to the bike park and a walk in to the circuit. But a good alternative is to park your vechicle of conveyance at San Remo (try behind the supermarket) and jump on the bus, which will take you right to the front gate. You may have to kew a bit to buy your ticket, so it may give you a few more minutes sleep in if you do this beforehand.

    Turn one, is the best place to spectate, without a doubt, think you discovered that at the hysterics. Also it means, if you get bored with the pre Gp stuff, it is an easy stroll to the Expo and all , plus if you get excited at the finish of the MOto GP race, it is not too far to the podium where all the rah rah stuff happens

    Have a great day.
  5. I just got my tickets in the mail today,

    What would the traffic be like at 6am going by car on race day?
  6. Speaking of the GP and GA, where is everyone going to prop themselves?

    I'll be down Sat arvo, going with the MRA GP Run, but won't get to the track til Sunday. Catching the bus from a place between the track and San Remo, near the airport I think.
  7. Get there early. Bring a chair. Those 7 buck ones are cheap enough to leave behind.
  8. Allow extra time this year especially for getting home as the Cranbourne Cup is on the same day so lots of floats & horse trucks as well as spectator traffic from that! Why couldn't they go back to running it on the Wednesday? Oh yeah it's all about the money!