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Moto GP accom...

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Athame, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone!! :grin: :grin:

    Well we have the house again for the weekend.. :wink:
    gorgeous 2 storey sleeps 11 in beds ( in rooms) a double futon and 4 couches, its fully furnished house...

    out of site, undercover parking, 5 minutes from Cows and 10 minutes (on a slow day) from the track...
    There are also possoms that drink the beer and eat the food if left on the tables and if your lucky they will climb up your legs...lol

    Its $165.00 for the weekend per person, $ 190.00 with food for the weekend...
    let me know and i will send you all the details....

  2. hey Iian

    hey hows things up there? your ride dwon sounds like fun..
    hope to see you there, let me know what goes..
  3. Well i dont care who goes, i'm going so the important people will be there... :grin:

    Soon they will be asking if there is any room left, most places are already fully booked...

    see ya then
  4. Guys I am keen to join if you still have a space available, please let me know - I
  5. And so el B utters a prayer...

    ...anyone got a spare bed for the GP? :?:

    I'm riding down with some fellow Netriders from Sydney but we're one bed/couch/mattress/slab of concrete short and, you guessed it, I drew the short straw :(

    So if anyone has or knows of someone with a spare bed on the Island, pls let me know. I'm more than happy to pay my share for rent/food/liquid refreshments/whatever :grin:

    And if someone should happen to have room for two, my missus wouldn't mind seeing what all this MotoGP fuss is about - but I've made her no promises!

    I PM'd athame a few days ago but no reply yet - anyone know her whereabouts?
  6. Is there room for 2 more blokes?
  7. hey Vic

    yeah there is still room for 2 more guys, let me know and i will send you details.... the more people the more fun....

  8. Send away babeeeeeeee
  9. There's 3 single beds in a room and one sofa couch left...

    So guys you are going to have to fight it out, the first 4 to pay the spots are yours, just so you all know there are 6 bods interested..

    wish i could fit you all in but i cant, unless you want floor space... hehe

    cheers all
  10. There are still 2 beds left..
    there was a few that dropped out at the last minute...
    happens to the best of us....
  11. are these 2 beds still available?
  12. hey caz

    there is still 2 beds available if your interested, pm me and
    I can give you all the details..
    Hope to hear from you
    cheers Athame
  13. Hey el B

    Just text me when you get to the island and i will make sure that there is
    someone at the house to meet you...
    Not long to go now

    cheers Dawn