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Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service? {moved from general to business and service provider

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by billybutton, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. A tale of two industry stayers - one a pitiful joke, one a delightful surprise.

    On Friday, Ms Delectable and I hopped on the Vespa to order a better pillion perch for the R1200R. It all began with some of the usual "running the dealership, not serving the customer" from a new-bike sales guy at "my" BMW dealership, happily resolved by my longstanding relationship with the parts guy and some truly lovely service from young chap who solved our seat issue with a bit of lateral thinking and a can-do attitude. Kudos to you, Mitchell.

    We also bought a proper jacket for Ms Delectable at half price (still expensive .. ). Smiles again! Then, we headed off to find helmet alternatives and perhaps some decent touring pants. Here'sd where we meet the two stayers ...

    We started with the 'other' BMW dealer who also sells the two V-twin marques. Sydney riders wil know who I mean. What a pathetic joke this place is. There were no less that eight staff on for perhaps three customers in the showroom - all eight studiously ignoring us. When we tried to catch their eyes, they looked away. They averted eyes to walk past us. it became funnier as we walked among the gear and helmet stands (scattered among the marques). A few "excuse me .. "s met with silence. This was now down to Fawlty Towers farce.

    So we pulled a few ladies touring pants off the racks to see how fit was - no contact from staff.

    We checked out a few helmets - no response.

    I showed Ms Delectable the new LAM Monster, coz I'm hoping she'll want one soon - no response from staff.

    I swung a leg over the 1600 six, thinking "this'll get some attention" - no response.

    At this point we'd been in 40 minutes, so we gave up and strolled out.

    I decide I would actually say something, and meandered back in to tell two of the sales dummies how p*ssweak our experience had been. Blank stares. I've spent six figures on blue-and-white bikes in the last decade, we'd spent two grand this very morning, yet in the swankiest showroom in Sydney all we get is schoolchild smarm .. it was as though we were the teachers these idiots were trying to hide from. Went approach, they try to talk smart but sadly only display lack of intellect and courtesy: dumb, dumb, dumb. OK, so I know that under the (naff) 'smart' sales gear, these guys take home less than half what I do, but the way up in a service industry is service, chaps!!

    This place is still a pathetic, Fawlty Towers joke - lesson learned (I'll never bother them again). I had wanted to talk about service on the BMW, since they're closest to me, but with my worst fears confirmed, I know I wouldn't trust these clowns with a decent bike.

    After lunch, we visit the big biker supermarket further west ...

    We arrive late-ish and still get a nice smile on entry ... we're really looking above their market niche, but as we try on more and more (with little success) the whole team are unfailingly friendly, helful, and careful not to push or intrude. We stay until they're locking up, with plenty of help when we need it even though nothing is fitting and in the end we buy nowt. I grab some 2T oil for new-old scoot and we're off.

    It's a bit of hike out here (Auburn), but I would gladly go back tomorrow and again - the servcie is not obsequious, just frank, friendly and actually fun.
  2. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    word of the wise: it's usually the weekend crew that lets those (mc) stores down. Bet if you went back in on a weekday you'd have a pretty different experience.

    Never been to the shop in question, but seems to be a general rule at bike shops.
  3. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Nup, this was Friday. These guys were all looking at each other. chatting with each other, not scanning the room. There was no-one one directing (the tell-tale is when the staff look to one place / person to get guidance). They weren't selling anything to anyone at this point - and whithout engaging customers, it's pretty hard to sell!! My experience is that Saturday guys are actually used to selling, so OK - the "I'm better / smarter than the customer" attitude is more prevalent among the fulltime sales staff. And it's worse in bike shops than other stores.

    As for emailing the dealer principal - fair enough, but why would I bother? I have had chats with the other dealership's principal (I'm a longterm customer there) and got things fixed. With this lot, I think we all know the dealer principal IS the problem. You dont' get whole-of-staff behaviour like this unless the place is rotten at the top. So as far as I'm concerned, I give 'em the public profile they deserve ... as a former Ducati rider, I've known his lot quite a while (and never positively). I suspected that getting BMW would only make 'em worse, and sadly it has. They are glitzy, but there's no customer focus beneath the dazzle. I suspect the 'team' bonds in large part by seeing customers as 'marks' or a nuisance.

    Frankly, it's their problem: I'm only trying to help other riders avoid these dills.

    As for the Auburn superstore - they've won a heart and a customer. You guys rock!
  4. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    I guess it is a bit hard for riders to avoid this dealer because they are really the only Ducati dealership in this town though (ok there are a couple of other small ones but they control them). They are the importers so they control the town.

    You can't really go anywhere else, hence fixing them would be better for riders.
  5. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Such a shame to hear that about Frasers. I was looking to go in there too once i'm off my P's to look at some Ducati's.

    Funny about MCAS auburn. There was thread here from a while back that were ripping its customer service to shreds. Whilst i have been in almost every weekend for the past 2 months and have been greeted / served with no problems. Your report sounds like my experiences.
  6. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Sounds like mine too. Not 'in your face', but always available, and always helpful.
  7. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    My first bike was from above mentioned store. Monday afternoon left work early to check out a bike, not kidding about waiting around for someone. Would be at least 30min before I spoke to someone to find the sales person I spoke to on the phone. During that time, looked at some jackets and shoes, used the toilet for a quick one. You probably could walk out with some new clothes on and they wouldn't know. Nice store and all but the vibe does feel its not a place for the average type guy.

    But then other dealers didn't pay much attention when I was looking at buying a bike.

    MCAS Auburn has been good most of the time I've been there.
  8. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Just to balance the argument, (while not denying the dismal perfomance highlighted in the OP) the only time I've walked into the aforesaid-mentioned dealership (in Wollongong) I was greeted cordially, had my questions answered promptly and couteously and walked out having bought a better piece of kit than I would have got had I gone to Sydney to so so (which I was expecting to have to do).

    When I was Sales Manager for an IT company, my boss and myself always used to argue when it came to hiring new staff. He always said "Get someone who can sell, and you can teach him product". I used to say "Get someone who knows product and you can teach him how to sell."

    These shops need to hire people who can sell; who can treat the customer as the core reason for their existence, not an irritating interruption to their day, and THEN teach them about product.
  9. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    And to think they knocked my application back because they found someone more suitable. Sounds like their suitable candidate probably fits right in with the rest of them. blank stares and no service.
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  10. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Sorry, but if I walk into a bike shop and have to explain to the sales person what a VFR800 is then I'm going to walk out. Don't scoff, I've heard a sales person in a Harley Davidson dealership say to a customer "VFR800? I don't know that cruiser, who makes it?"

    In the bike world if you don't know your product you are going to get found out very quickly.

    As for the OP, yep, seen something similar in a bike shop here (note that the shop is now closed). A husband and wife had been wondering around the shop looking at different things with no assistance from the 4 people behind the counter who were busy chatting about what they'd done the night before. The husband and wife approached the counter each with arms full of jackets, gloves, pants, boots and helmets. They stood there for 5 minutes waiting for someone to take their money of them. No one did so they dumped all the stuff on the floor and walked out. The staff behind the counter looked at them and one said "What the **** was their problem". I told them what their problem was, put what I was buying on the counter and walked out.

    Why do we accept crappy service? Because we are either stupid or in some cases have no real option (it's really bad when you only have 1 bike shop in town and the next nearest is 120km away).
  11. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    I went there a while back when they were pulling all the bikes back inside... Let me sit on an F800ST - woo! :D

    The MCAS Auburn store has always been awesome from my experience. Last time I went there with a mate had a quick chat with the greeter-lady then tried on heaps of boots and 1/2-piece suits but ended up walking out with very little. Still received great customer service.

    I don't understand why salespeople aren't better at customer service - logic would think that's where their paycheque would be coming from but perhaps not.. ? :s
  12. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    I reckon you should change your thread title to "In general - why do we accept crappy service".

    Every large service company will have days where they let you down. Your nearest department store, your telephone company, your water and electricity suppliers, your car dealer, your local council, your police force, your local fireman and even an ambo or two may not be too nice to you all the time. Go to a big enough nightclub and most of the girls will ignore you too. If you've spent a motza on blue and white product then you've surely you've been around long enough to realise this? The other BMW dealer? Not always so good either, I've found their service patchy, that is sometimes good but mostly bad. The Auburn store, there's good but mostly bad threads about them too.

    If they robbed you then fair enough, post up. If they lied or blatantly misled you then fair enough, post up. Both as warnings to others.

    But if all they did was ignore you then really you should think about manning up (or womanning up) and dealing with it yourself. Or just let it go and move on. Posting up that you were considered inconsequential enough to be ignored and that your feelings were hurt is a bit depressing.

    Is posting up about being ignored the new version of the nodding thread?
  13. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    That's right D1300, but that doesn't mean we should just accept it. As you stated further down below, we should call it out and tell them. At the end, that should be the point where they distinguish themselves from the internet based 'service' providers.

    Not sure I agree with you here D1300. It wasn't just the being ignored. There seemed to be an element of real reluctance to help even when approached. I think it is a valid thread to be raised occasionally. If other users have similar experience and share those in this thread, it might help you build a picture of the service you can expect when visiting a particular store. At the end, it is up to you to go there or not, after reading all the posts.

    I have to admit, I have had bad and good service in MC stores here in the Eastern part of Melbourne. The bad service often when it was busy (i.e., you finally found someone to talk to, and when they got the impression that they couldn't sell you a new bike, the service declined rapidly). But I have never posted about same as I thought it wasn't that bad that it was worth mentioning. But I would do it if I was prepared to spend money in a shop and received that sort of treatment.
  14. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Telling a public forum is not telling them though. Contacting the dealer principal is.....

    I don't get this mentality, anyone that has managed people knows it is hard to get them to do the right thing all the time and you can't watch them every second, how you find out about these things is by people telling you. If you have less customers how can you tell what the reason is? Is it your prices, is it the staff (and which staff), is it the economy? How can they tell something is wrong if no one tells them?

    Edit: I am the first to whine about bad service but it won't be on a forum as there is no point. Speak to a manager at least, be polite and just say what happened. Any decent manager will listen and take it on board, you might get invited in for a special session to serve your needs.
  15. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Thanks for the advice, dear. I dealt with it - I told two of the smartly dressed idots they were p*ssweak. I walked out as their jaws dropped (morons are often surprised to be called such) and the hounds o' hell wouldn't drag me back.

    Then, because I'm heartily sick of crap service, I posted here so that the business gets the rap it deserves. I sent a link to the dealer so they can see it. Had there been any manager evident (there wasn't), I'd have mentioned it to her in polite business terms. I much prefer to talk to the owner / boss and resolve things, but this place is Fawlty Towers in more ways than one (I know the owner of "my" dealer and have indeed taken him to task - we now get on quite well. My last wife would've been rather more caustic - she once walked out on the previous ownership of the St Peter's dealership, promptly bought a brace of R1150RS in Canberra, and then took them back to St Peter's demanding quality service ... gorgeous, and very scary!).

    How do you deal with sh*t service? Bluster - and then can't get a reasonable deal? Walk quietly? Fume? I exhausted my 30 minute patience limit, but I didn't waste any more time on dills. Then I walked out with a smile, having flicked my angst into the laps of a couple of smarmy f*ckw*its. I hopped on my little red Vespa and roared out into the traffic. (I'd have revved it ... but revving a CVT kind spoils the effect as you fall on your arse.) I posted here with some humour ... and, honey, I'm smiling at you.

    Now, quite possibly, you're a troll - if so, which of the other p*sspoor service places do you work for? Or perhaps you're a mate of Boris'?

    Me, I'm tired of solving problems for idiots, and I see no reason to cop anything sweet. At 50, if "manning up" equals slinking off, you can keep it.

    And a little venting is always good for what ails ya ...

    now, where's that shiraz?
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  16. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Interesting, i was in the same dealership a couple of sundays ago.
    I too was ignored for a while, sat on a couple of the other brand.
    Finally decided to stand next to the counter and after a total of ~ 15 mins in the store, I got approached by Peter.
    He was extremely helpful. I couldnt find the model in the store, he walked around with me.
    Then we went into the service area and eventually found a model there I could sit on to check ergos.
    I agree with yr experience about being ignored, but once contact was made, I found them (well, 1 of them) to be very helpful.
    On par with the best dealers experiences I've had.
  17. Re: Moto dealers - why do we accept crappy service?

    Assuming it actually was Frasers as suggested elsewhere.

    Rang Frasers here in mlb enquiring about a new monster evo.
    Only good service, even a return ph call.

    Went in to the store ( 30+ klm away) and have only good things to say about the service.

    Will actually be buying a new monster in January or Feb, lets see if they do any followups before then?

    If they were more pushy I may have wilted and bought on the day. Since they were a bit laid back, I went with the flow and decided to make NO decision on the spot. They shoulda pushed!
  18. Mrs Messy and I are going to Sydney specifically to go to MCAS next week all the way from gladstone qld.
    The fact we are staying at the quay grand hotel and going to the zoo and the museums etc is beside the point, she needs new gear. Riding around in her bikini just is no good... :p .
  19. The only reason it's no good is because there's no pics :p