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Moto 3: The return of the I4 250?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Ljiljan, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Moto 3

    $12000 an engine? Who are they kidding? Wonder if they will make new ones or just rebuild old cbr's...

  2. Dude, third dot point under engine - SINGLE CYLINDER only. No I4's - what a pity.
  3. not really a pity imo, it will be interesting (because i come from a mx background) what they can get out of the lites class engines.

    14,000rpm max isn't cool though, thats not even that high!
  4. ...it seems high to me for a one pot engine.
  5. ok, where the hell did I4 come from. I swear I didn't dream it. Oh well.
  6. the 2010 honda crf250r mx bike has a rev limit at 13,500rpm.

    and thats just a stock standard bike.
  7. ...so where is the innovation gonna come from??? It's a motogp class after all??

    Cheers Jimmy - happy to defer to your better knowledge :)
  8. The only thing I think they have 100% right, is not limiting it to a single engine manufacturer.

    IMHO that's partly what's wrong with moto2. It should read 600cc i4 with control ecu and material specs, any manufacturer. That said I would also like to see a change to the gridding. The grid being packed too tightly and the ensuing melee into turn 1 has to change. How do you call it racing when 1/4 of the field can get taken out in 1 turn.

    In other interesting news....snippets out of Europe suggest that just because 125GP is to become a boring belching yawn inspired thumper fest, the euro manufacturers are to continue 2 stroke development because they will continue to run the 125cc 2 stroke class in the various euro championships...

  9. But they won't hold those revs for very long before they go bang....and thats the big difference..MX squirt to max revs then off again, RR hold max revs change gear. Just look at the recent history of the local 250mono (morowaki) class. Until Free made huge changes to the internals they were a] bloody slow, compared to most 125's and b] not very robust. Word going around now is that the fastest ones are actually around the 280cc mark.....and they still don't keep up to the fast 125's
  10. Yeah, a stock standard competition ready bike.

    As far as I see it it'll be a good thing to watch and a good thing to race in for the up-and-comers. They'll have a racing style that is somewhat applicable to the bikes in Moto2 and Premier class - two stroke racing is different and requires a different skill set to get the best from the bike. Not saying that we shouldn't have 2t's, but premier is 4t and it makes more sense that the feeder classes are, too.

    Cheers - boingk
  11. i think there's more to it than what meets the eye.

    81mm max more diameter is the same as the new motoGP rules for 2012. single cylinder is exactly 1/4 of the max allowed number of cylinders for motoGP, and it's also exactly 1/4 the capacity (250cc v's 1000cc). it's not a coincidence in my opinion.

    the reason they've chosen 81mm/single/250cc is to keep development costs down, thus teams can design one type of engine (combustion chamber, piston, conrod, port shapes, valve train, etc), and then adpot this development to a single, or 4 cylinder bike. this WILL reduce R&D costs..... where a majority of the money goes.

    it will be interesting no doubt. let's hope they change Moto2 to allow different manufactures to make engines, to a control spec (capacity, rev limit, inlet restrictor, etc).
  12. And what exactly do you think a 125 2 stroke is? 1/4 of a 500 perhaps? Or a 250? Maybe 1/2 of 500, do you think? De ja vu anyone?
  13. it's no different to the 2 stroke days.
  14. #14 JimmyD, Nov 13, 2010
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    i'm not sure if you've ever seen a pro lites mx race, but they are ALL on the limiter, 90% of the time. all you hear when watching the race is bikes bouncing off the limiter.

    if you don't know what i mean, watch a bit of this video

    [URL="]Justin Barcia crf250r[/URL]

    that engine may have been worked a bit but a stock bike can still do that. hell, my 7 year old enduro wr250f can still hit 13,000rpm after 88,xxxkms.
  15. as long as they are refreshed after every race weekend, i can't see a single 250cc 4 stroke engine being any more/less reliable than a single 125cc 2 stroke. but refreshing a motor may be limited, or banned like motoGP (6 engines per season).... which in my opinion is a stupid rule. being able to pull down a motor, check its condition, and then simply throwing a set of rings & bearings into it, is cheaper than having a race motor suffer terminal failure, where the only fix is to throw it in the bin.