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Motivation to upgrade

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr. Grumpy, May 26, 2015.

  1. OK so the title is probably a bit misleading. I don't require motivation to upgrade the bike, it's already there... it's more using the upgrade as motivation to lose weight.

    I've had my unrestricted license for a few months now, and want to move on from my CB400 - but the wife wants me to lose a few kg. So we came to a compromise. I'll get to 85kg, then I can get a new bike. I started off at 107kg about 5 weeks ago, just dropped under 100 today. Anybody done anything similar?


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  2. Losing weight is the cheapest performance increase for bikes.
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  3. Also the hardest modification to keep in place. Well done for having a go ;)
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  4. I had a plan to lose weight and get fit and reach my target before I was allowed to get my bike ... hhhmmm, started and reward No 1 was my helmet ... couldn't wait, got my permit and got the bike!! My bad!?! ha ha ha
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  5. Great job Grumpy give it a good crack!

    A little tip all the times your waiting for something/ anything at all. A page to load on the net, adverts on TV, the kettle boiling.
    Drop Down and do some pushup, burpees, squats or lunges.
    You won't really realize your doing them as you'll only do 10 each time but you'll get to the end of the day and have done 100 of each one without really realizing.
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  6. I do stretches at work while making a coffee and all I got was "Well that's not something you see every day" ha ha ha
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  7. You should step it up to burpees and really give them something to talk about!
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  8. Buy a Hyosung and you'll get lots of exercise pushing it.
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  9. A Hyosung isn't motivation. .....
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  10. Thought I'd use my very first post to wish you all the best with your challenge Grumpy.

    I hope you're on your new bike in no time at all.

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  11. #11 Mr. Grumpy, May 26, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 21, 2015
    Thanks all! It helps being married to a Dietitian... I told her to stop being such a pushover and tell me what to eat rather than letting me tell her what I WANT to eat. Thrown in a bit of exercise alongside and this is the result... will start ramping up the exercise very soon. A mate even suggested I stop at the bottom of my driveway and push the bike up into the garage (short but steep)!

    Thank you, and welcome! Jump on over to the Welcome Lounge and tell us a bit about yourself!
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  12. As if you want to upgrade the CB400... fun bike! Spent much time on bigger bikes?

    I think it's a good compromise.
  13. I agree, love the CB. Brilliant bike. But it's not super practical to ride 2-up for long distances, which we have started to do. My thinking is that an 800(ish) would be a good compromise between practicality for a weekend away with the wife but still being nimble enough to commute.

    No, not spent much time on bigger bikes - plenty of time to do so though and I've got a couple of bike swaps lined up on a ride this weekend.
  14. Oh yeah... it won't be fun 2-up (the CB400...).

    I found a CB400N for sale for $1000 the other day... but someone else got it first :(
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  15. superstar effort already Mr. GrumpyMr. Grumpy !!!!
    You and your wifey are super cute with your thermometer lol - love it!
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  16. hahaaha. In 2002 my wife agreed to me getting the Bandit on the proviso that I give up smoking. So I did. I bought the Bandit, then started smoking again about a month later.

    Note: Finally quit smoking in March 2012.
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  17. quitting smoking is easy, I've quit loads of times.
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  18. What a great idea!

    My partner's compromise is that I should not commute to work on it (which is Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Free Way and Lane Cove tunnel to North Ryde)
  19. Dieting wont make you live longer it'll just seem longer ;-)
    good luck with it because it's a decent carrot being dangled in front of you Mr. GrumpyMr. Grumpy
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  20. Pretty subtle putting it on the fridge too.

    Good luck. I should do the same...
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