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Motion Sensor Doorbell for security?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by davey_charlie, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Has anyone thought of putting a motion sensor doorbell next to where they park their bike and putting the receiver in their bedroom?
    thought this would be a good idea, so if anyone is checking out your bike in the late hours while your sleeping you know about it.

    something similar to this:

  2. hmmm not a bad idea, mines locked up in my garage so would be good if anyone tries to enter...
  3. definately a winner. can't have too much sercurity.

    although most bikes are stolen when people aren't home.
  4. good idea.. but for when not home, need one of those things you bolt to the ground etc
  5. electric chairs?
  6. or take your bike with you when you leave home
  7. i think it would be good for those in apartment building like myself, with inside secutity car parking. you wake up in the middle of the night with the door buzzer going crazy, you grab your 3 iron and run to your bike!
    but yeah, its only really for when you are at home. it would be good to have a motion sensor pager of something..
  8. you can get motion sensors that dial your mobile, not expensive, maybe 50-60 bucks.. problem is cheaper ones are'nt wireless
  9. Weird - I had the very same idea this morning. Too bloody late, of course.

    Sadly, wouldn't work in my house - I've found remote signal doorbells won't work through solid brick walls. I'll just have to find another way.
  10. thats unusual. They should... is there any metal in the walls?
  11. Interesting choice, the 3 iron. I appreciate it has the sharper edge for skull penetration, but you wouldn't go for the greater mass of a wedge?