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Motion Induced Blindness

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by Heli, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Another study relating to SMIDSY:

    This article is about bike safety and bike visibility with a difference. It discusses the phenomena called Motion Induced Blindness (MIB ) which pilots know all about. The article has remarkable graphic simulations, you can try to demonstrate this effect for yourself.

    One Of The (Many) Possible Reasons Car Drivers Do Not See Motorcycles
  2. The main reason car drivers don't see bikes is that they aren't looking for them. They look for other cars and anything else that might hurt them.
    The MAC in SA seem to be mindfull of this as their current radio ads are targeted at car drivers, specifically asking them to look for motorcycles.
    Their current TV ads are more directed at rider awareness of danger areas like intersections etc, eyeballing drivers, covering brakes, that sort of thing.
    A somewhat better approach I would think than the Vic TAK ads from what I read on here.
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  3. Good article Heli, from the little I know of pilots they are trained to scan across the field of view and across the instruments and back, eyes always in motion. It's a technique I have tried to use myself on the road and it does seem to give you earlier warning.
  4. Yes and the graphic on the MSF site allows you to open it in another window. The advantage of this is that you can move the window from side to side. Performing such and action ensures that the yellow dots remain visible. Try it and you will see.
  5. That's interesting.

    Assuming if you move you eyes, the yellow dots stay visible, I also assume if the yellow dots move in relation to the viewer this would have the same affect?

    If you stare at the one of the other dots, the flashing dot does not go away when the rest disappear.

    Good incentive to be moving in relation to traffic.
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  6. Good incentive to be visible at all times and highlighting the importance of defensive riding skills and active risk management for riders.
  7. mcsenna one good thing about our MAC they actually have a clue about motorcyclists and dont pretend we dont exist like the TAC shame on the VIC government and Vic TAC...
  8. When I saw the thread title I was reminded of the time I copped a load of pelican shit across the visor :D.
  9. Oh no, don't get the wrong idea about TAC. They know we exist but would prefer us to hang up our leathers and stay the hell off the roads.