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Motion Camera Position

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NoOrangeLeft, May 19, 2014.

  1. Dash

  2. Helmet

  3. Other

  1. In light of recent news about riders getting fined for having motion camera attached to their helmet and the debate about it's legality, and just for the sake of finding out what fellow netriders is likely to do:

    Whether you already have a motion camera, used to have one, or is going to get one, for riding, where would you mount it?

    Dash? Helmet? or somewhere else?
  2. Ive got a few mounts for mine.. Low on left faring, High on Right fairing and my personal favorite in the mudguard! Untitled.
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  3. One rider in Vic has received a fine for this which hasn't even been paid, as the infringement is still under review.

    Big song and dance over nothing if you ask me.
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    Meh~ or the first post can be read without the first paragraph, and view as a general poll without the pretext.

    Awesome view! Ever had the mudguard not working and the screen is covered in er... mud?
  5. Hahaha. Nah not yet..
  6. If is was to mount a camera to my bike, I would mount it in such a manner that the speedo and rev counter cannot be seen.
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  7. I have one fitted to the right bar end weight facing backwards, another fitted to the left mirror stalk facing forwards. Combining video from both in a cheap program is a bit of fun after the ride and comes together fairly well. That under tail shot is awesome. Must try that one day.
  8. I mount on my chest using GoPro Chesty
  9. Don't like helmet mounts (personal choice) but like being able to change the direction of view at will.
    Solution for me is a sunglass frame camera. Yes, there are compromises.
  10. I prefer mine on my helmet but the attn it receives means I mount to side fairing or windshield

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  11. I get my mate to hold it while I do the business and then I hold it while he does
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  12. While you do the business... Heh
  13. I have a dash mount, helmet mount and suction cup mount that I've used in between the crash bars and on the top box looking backwards. I only have one camera, however and don't always use it anyway.
    That mud guard mount does look interesting.
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  14. Sounds like fun, but where do you mount your camera?
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  15. on a belt around my waist
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    I'd be inclined to mount it on the helmet, because I want it looking where I'm looking. I'd mainly have it as evidence in case of a crash, and if I look to the right to see someone coming through a red or whatever, a camera on the bike pointing forward does me no good.

    I wouldn't particularly be about posting vids on YouTube, and if I was it would be easy enough to cut them to avoid showing the speedo if that raised issues.

    Obviously the helmet mount would need to be secure - I can imagine an expensive camera cartwheeling down the road - but shouldn't involve drilling or otherwise damaging the structural integrity of the shell.

    While we're on the subject, any preference for top vs side mount? I guess side gives a slightly different view to that of the rider, but so does top, just in a different way.

    If a sunglass camera was as powerful as a GoPro, that'd be a great solution.
  17. I mount my go pro on a chest harness seems to get the best results for me.
  18. I use a Drift Stealth on my helmet. Held on with Velcro and it stays! at the speeds I have done. I prefer the camera at eye level on the RH side, my theory - it looks where I look so no-one can say I wasn't looking! My speedo is visible on the screen to show that I was NOT! speeding. Would I be without it? NO! Do I have one I the car Hell Yeah!! on the windscreen. Have I ever been pulled over and questioned about them both - no. (not yet anyway)
  19. I've found this to give the most interesting footage