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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lil, May 21, 2007.

  1. Been thinking about a dirt bike since riding one recently. What's the difference between a Motard and a Road/Trail and where can I look for more, good quality info?

  2. Basicaly same/similar bike, diferent tyres and suspension set up.

    What size/type of bike were u thinking of?

    Husaberg FE650e Enduro

    Husaberg FS650e Super Motard
  3. Motard is a former dirt bike fully converted (or built) for bitumen use - road tyres, brakes and suspension. Not really suitable for dirt use (although it may be more capable than a true road bike).
    Road/Trail is a compromise bike built for use on both surfaces.
  4. Not sure....I'm thinking of something that would be fun on the road as well as dirt. We're looking at buying a property over the next couple of years, so something we can ride through paddocks, etc would be handy :wink:

    I imagine it would be ridden a lot by either one of us, so reliability and servicing requirements/costs would be a factor.

    My initial thoughts are ~400CC, but want to know if it would be frustrating on the road. It looks to me as though many of that size are single cylinder bikes :?
  5. ...and as with all bikes, there are so many models and brands and configurations that its kinda daunting knowing where to start. Jay and I have been talking about a 'fun' bike for a while, but with road bikes we know what we're looking for.
  6. Well you dont want a Motard, you wont go anywhere with motard tyres in a padock.

    Most (all?) bikes you will find will be single cylinders.

    Fit a set of universal tyres or some of the new knobies that have road use aproval.

    Look at the XR400's, KTM 525 (not the 520 unless it has had the key mod done), DRZ400 (electric leg :grin: )
  7. sounds like you want a DR650!!

    I use mine to commute 100kms round trip to work (mainly hwy use) and it just goes and goes. Easy to service/maintain and plenty of power when you need it. There are heaps of tyres out there to cover your choice of riding. If you get something more dirt oriented keep in mind it might not be road registrable (although it probably wouldn't take much to get it registered i.e. mirrors etc).

  8. The Ducati Motard is a 1 ltr bike, and even has cruiser riders like me thinking of one.

    Their press release day video is amazing - flat tracking around a circuit at insane levels of angle and speed.
  9. Yeah you want a road/trail bike, not a motard.
  10. The MCN video of Ducati Motard is awesome. Is there a reason why motard can't have more dirt oriented tires put on it and be used on a paddock?
  11. Only one or two (Kerching, Kerching $$$$$) reasons (kerching $$$$$$) i can (Kerching $$$$$$) think of (kerching $$$$$$) not to ride the Duc in a padock
  12. For a good entry level dual sport try the DRZ400e (this one makes the most power). You can then get motard wheels for it and have a bit more suspension travel.

    I've motarded my Husky, not to race, just to save nobby tyres getting shredded and having fun on the bitumen. Pics are in my Garage.
  13. Can a person find 250cc Motards for 5,500?
    or would the be dreaming..
    seriously thinking about heading down this route for a bike..

  14. lil - look at the Suz V-Strom DL650. Ugly as sin, but I hear they are very good at what they do.
  15. Too many compromises. Most of these bikes are home brewed (the ready made ones are WAY more money than that). People have spent some serious money modifying them and usually won't give them away for less than they've spent. Unless they're completely knackered from racing.
    I think you'll need to spend more than that unless you can access the parts very cheap and do the conversion yourself.
    I had a look at this option myself, but I couldn't make the dollars stretch far enough to justify it.
  16. how would ones arse fair from doing a tour of VIC and TAS on a DRZ-400SM?

    so many bikes to choose from!!! :shock:
  17. Not well :p

    I upgraded from www.gutsracing.com
  18. I know of an awesome (seriously the best ive ever seen) WR250 Motard. its only just a bit above your $$ range - only just though and well worth the investment. search VSMR and youll find it. or pm me for details.
  19. Go and sit on a fence paling how long you last is your answer.