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Motarding the Spur

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Roost, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. The guys at Moto One on Oakleigh were good enough to lend me one of their Aprilia Motards for the weeknd and I bagged a few shots of it up at the Spur...

    Sweet ride!




    I have some more shots loaded here: http://www.bitchnbitumen.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=154
  2. Nice pics! Looks like you had a ball
  3. Fun to the very last minute!
  4. Heck yeah! :grin: Definitely on the cards to try once I have more road and some dirt time under my belt.
  5. One bleeding obvious question, for which I'm likely to be shot down from all directions, and one less so...

    Why the foot down on tar? The bike obviously has heaps of ground clearance, so doesn't that actually slow you down???

    Your jacket looks miles too big :p :LOL:???
  6. I cannot lie, it was me in that suit. Roost finally admitted that he can't ride and called me and asked me to take his place, which I relucantly did. I was due to ride the M1 that day, but hey, help Roost or ride the Yamaha, what would any mate do?

    Great shots Roost! MMmmm, Motard!
  7. Great shots. I'd be keen to take a motard for a blat but I fear I wouldn't have the giggleberries to ride it properly foot out and all.
  8. I spoke to a guy about the leg out thing ages ago, when i saw it first being done. I understand it's purpose on the dirt, but it always puzzled me on the tarmac. He said when not actually going around a track, it's largely a wank and unnecesary, kinda like getting the knee down.

    Looks awesome though! :grin:
  9. That is one bike that gets the natural VIAGRA flowing.

    For me, I probably wouldn't do it justice - too old and cautious!
  10. FOOT OUT

    The purpose of the foot out makes more sense if sitting on the motard correctly. Motard, on street surface, requires more of a US flat-tacker riding style.
    - Meaning, bum on the upper edge of the seat
    - Pushing the bike into the ground
    - Foot not extended forward but hanging vertically with the body
    - If the bike slides, having the foot straight down can help you stop it from low-siding

  11. oh god, first we had knee down arguments, now foot out arguments!

    I wonder how many pages this will go for?
  12. Yeah but can't you hear the panties drop? :grin: :rofl:
  13. Just something I've learnt from the years of Enduro...
    Foot out - bike slids - kick the ground - stand the bike up - save the slide --- hero!
    I did try a few styles and the foot out seemed to fit the bike best.

    Thanks! I must have lost weight!

    Maybe that's why the jacket looks big?????????
    Might have to call Mulder and Skully in on this one.

    Someone should go foot out on their streety, that would stur up the shit!
  14. I've seen a Netrider who is used to dirtbikes do it on his VFR - seemed to work pretty well with a little slide in the rain :grin:
  15. adding to the very good explanation above...
    Weighting the front wheel is another reason.
    and once your peg is sliding, theres no room left under the bike for you.

    Nice Pics :grin:
  16. #16 Sir Skuffy, Nov 28, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Another way at looking at the cornering techniques for SM is to goto youtube and see what is there.......

    Riding styles are like areseholes - we all have one and they are all a little different. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. But, remember, high speed corners with leg out results in serious injury if you come off.

    Something else to consider.....
    - Coming into corner, lean all the way forward - make love to the tank.
    :grin: - elbows bent in the attack position
    - adjust our body for the corner
    - when exiting, get your foots up and move your weight toward the rear to maintain drive

    Riding a Motard on a race track is like dancing - flow, position and control. :)

    Check out some of this footage - [media=youtube]uRqy09f6X-I[/media]
  17. I've always wanted to know how they get the back wheel sliding, I think I remember reading that it's compression lockup but would love for somebody more knowledgeable to give us a run through of how it's actually done.
  18. First and foremost, brake really hard, and really late. The rest just sort of happens, but to break it down.....

    A combination of rear brake and compression braking, with varying degrees of each for different riders.

    With a slipper clutch, you can come into the corner, pull in the clutch and go down through the gears to the gear you;ll need in the corner in one go (5th to 2nd for example), dump the clutch, then drag the back brake for control in the slide. Countersteer into the corner early (pretend the apex is 20m or whatever before the actual apex) to get the lean angle cranked on and then control the front brake to ensure the slide ends right at the apex.

    Without a slipper, it's the same, but the clutch is slipped manually for control and the rear is dragged.. though I don't use the rear brake at all, just clutch only.

    So, rear brake and clutch to control the slide.
    Counter steering (and body english) to control lean angle and position across the track.
    Front brake to control depth into the corner.

    And dont just go out and do rear brake skids, you'll high side yourself to the moon. :LOL:
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  20. awesome vid.

    devotard im seeriously starting to come around on these supermotards.

    they are looking more and more like what im after when it comes to riding. Heaps of fun a bit different and a bit of attitude.