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Motard or roadie? Already own dirt bike...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by drewcarey, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Got a mild conundrum I'd like some opinions and information on. I own a KLX300 at the moment which is road registered and currently has full dirt knobbies on it. I take it off road (duh) and on sunday rides with the boys but obviously with the knobbies im left for dead in the corners and the small tank can be a pain. Other than that its great, starts first or 2nd kick and goes nicely.

    Now Im selling my car and wish to commute on a bike but have fun on weekends too (doesn't everyone) so the way I see it is motard the KLX or buy a roadie and keep the KLX for dirt. I'm still on my restrictions so first choices would be the usual Across, VTR, ZZR, zeal whatever.

    Looking at pros and cons I can come up with:

    Motard pros:
    Cheaper initially
    More than likely more fun on the weekends
    Looks shit hot
    Already know my bike is mechanically sound

    Motard cons:
    No where near the resale on a motard kit as I'd get on another LAMs roadie
    Still the small tank issue
    Shit seat!! (Anyone know of a gel seat to fit a 1997 KLX?)
    Usual other cons of riding a dirt bike on road
    Speedo problems when going to a smaller front wheel (more cost?)

    Roadie pros:
    Better for commuting
    Longer range
    Good resale in most cases

    Roadie cons:
    Not as fun (proabaly arguable?)
    larger initial outlay (maybe also arguable depending on total mortard cost)
    The usual risk of another 2nd hand motorbike reliability wise
    Double rego and insurance

    I was looking towards the motard option (just the basic rims, disks, tyres, anything needed to fit them). Am I right that I'd be spending at least 1500 here? Seems a lot? And I've got the other issue of the speedo. At the moment its a 21" front wheel so going to a 17" means I need a solution there. It's the factory Kawasaki analouge unit now, I take it you can just put other drive gear in or something to fix the error?

    Anyones who's motarded their bike for more than just the monthly track day could help me a lot here! Let me know your opinions and help me decide between the options!
  2. I'd just slip a set of road orientated tyres on for a start. See if you like it before spending the big buck. Plenty of options available these days. You don't need any thing super sticky at your hp level and bike weight. Bridgestone BT45's work pretty well. Avon Distanzias also. Metzler Tourances also. It's then only coughing up for a set of tyres.
  3. As above.

    After that, if you buy 2nd hand and don't pay too much, you will sell for the same amount as what you bought it for later on. ....or buy a KX450 or RMZ and build another motard!

    Speedo is easy fixed by fitting a pushy speedo if you're on a budget, or something like a trailtech for a fully functioning trick setup.

    One of the major pro's you missed is that you can crash and drop the KLX as you would be used to. Not so good with a roadie.
  4. Thanks guys, sounds like reasonable advice. Any tips on a gel seat that would fit the KLX or similar for long distance rides?