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Motard - Motorbikes for retards?

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by Unconnected, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. is that what it stands for?

  2. Did a dirtbike with 17s molest your vfr400 at some point in the past? Because I'm noticing a trend here when it comes to motards.

    Oh and to answer your question, yes.
  3. English words for the French word motard

    courtesy cop, motorcycle policeman, motorcyclist, speed cop

    I like to think the word Motard means "fark your sportsbike"
  4. Amen to that. I would LOVE a motard for street riding, trouble is it would have to be a second bike as I want a genuinely fast bike too. :D

    I don't condone the riding but...

  5. yes, yes it does
  6. How is that not genuinely fast????

    Those dudes have some serious mental health issues. Hats off to them!
  7. On the street yes, on the track no.

    Indeed - I never tire of watching this vid. Even the music doesn't annoy me. :angel:
  8. Fun to watch, but those guys do ride like retards.
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  9. Cool fun, but yeah would have to be a 3rd bike for me behind a real roady and a track bike.

    Seems most owners have this elitist attitude toward all other styles of bikes though which ruins them for me
  10. I disagree
  11. so are they allowed to park in the retard spaces
  12. Seriously? DR650 posts were deleted?!

    Holy **** - I'm a retard. Wrong thread!
  13. See below:

  14. :rofl:

    It's nothing personal, its just that we're better :p
  15. Actually, I think I have mistaken unconnected with someone else who said something about motards, that's why I mentioned the trend thing. That's why I responded like that.
  16. i dont even remember posting this thread
  17. What's wrong with the riding? They're French. That's normal :twisted:.
  18. Well the thread was started at nearly 2am - could explain it ;)
  19. lol - motards are elitist? im yet to meet one who is . . .
    motards are retarded - yep you got me on that one...
    motards ride like crazy people - yep probably, but I dont see it as that crazy . .