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Motard Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by zauronus, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Ok, so im looking at getting a Motard as my next bike.

    Leaning toward a Ktm 640 lc4 at the moment, anything bad about them?

    Other suggestions, i have ruled out the Aprilia sxv450/550, and also the Husky smr 450/510. All are too maintenance heavy.
  2. good choice, ktm make a good product but i dunno any main problems with the 640's. if you're keen for a hand on motards you could join up on supermotoaus.com, people there would be able to tell you.
  3. I have a KTM 640 LC4 that used to be a dear friend's sitting for me in a garage until I get off my restrictions.

    She loved it and it never skipped a beat. Only thing that she ever complained about was its tendency to be a bastard to get started when cold. It would always start eventually but from cold you had to work at it sometimes.
  4. They vibrate like a motherf#cker. They make you cackle like a crazy woman when you ride them. Buy an SMC. They come with a Keihn Flatslide standard where the standard Supermoto has the Mikuni BST, which is a bit more lazy with its throttle response. They have a left side kickstart that seems to upset some people.
    As long as you keep on top of the airfilter cleaning, oil changes and valve clearance checks, they're about bulletproof. They've got a pretty weird arse oil change procedure but nothing difficult. Just different. I've got an SXC that I converted to 'Tard spec -minus the 4 piston caliper. It spent it's first 8000 odd kms in the bush getting flogged, and the next 12,000kms on the road. Only thing gone wrong so far is an O-ring behind the countershaft sprocket started leaking. It's also killed a battery from vibration and cracked a wire going into the rec/reg. Vibration again.
    They have the same engine as the Adventure, and plenty of them have been ridden round the world. Those in the know will change the roller rocker bearings at about 50,000kms and also the oil seal on the end of the crank. Easy to get at -just pop off the clutch cover. Do a bit of a search over on ADVRider and there's a few that have done 60-100,000kms with no real major problems.
    The Husky 610 is another option as it follows a similar maintenance schedule. Smaller engine so it doesn't have the balls of the mighty LC4 but runs smoother on the street.
  5. ive been looking at these as well for when i have the cash to get on a bike.

    i rode a mates tm400 (not sure of model name, it was just a 400 made by TM :p ) and it was so incredibly different to everything id ridden before (no real dirt stuff).

    i can see the appeal.
  6. You can't go wrong with the KTM LC4s, very, very solid engine that has really good maintenance intervals (for a large capacity single). I have been looking for a well priced 625 SMC for a while now, but KTM offer an interesting variety. Recommended mod is pick up a Adventure fuel tank if you like to get out of the urban areas. Alternatively your motard will teach you that urban environments are actually twisties too twisty for sports bikes!

    But don't limit yourself to just the KTMs if you are after a bargain - there is a surprising amount of motard choice these days. If you are looking in the 500/600cc area the Husqvarna 610SM is a damn fine factory motard - a few less ponies then the 640 LC4, but that doesn't matter on motards (it's never going to hit 200kmph anyway). The 'smaller' Husky's are too maintenance heavy for street bikes (though still a touch better than the competition KTMs), but if you ever get a chance to ride one, take it - they will rip your nads off, motard style (which means they will always have at least one wheel in the air!). There are also the Husabergs, which I don't have any experience with, but I have on good authority are pretty nuts on the power for a street motard. That said, the older ones (2005 and earlier I think) had dubious quality issues, and more recent builds aren't old enough to judge - they do share a lot of tech with the KTMs though.

    Other then the larger factory motards there are tarded DR650s/XR650s/XT660s/etc. I wouldn't bother converting any of these any more (unless you have a spare one sitting around), you can get those factory motards at good prices these days! But if a well priced, already converted one turns up, give it a spin.

    If capacity isn't a big issue for you don't discount the DRZ-400. It'll do 110kmph (though it won't be very comfortable), but it really shines in the tight stuff. Nothing wipes the shine off a litre supersport quite like a 400cc thumper beating it through the twisties (expect revenge on the straights at 200kmph though - but really, anyone can go fast in a straight line). Best of all, they are cheap as chips, indestructible and have a huge selection of aftermarket bits (which are dirt cheap). IMHO the DRZ is an excellent introduction to street motarding, even more so if you want to commute on it (it's small, light and reasonable on petrol). If you need to do a lot of highway stuff to get anywhere, or think you will miss being able to get over 125kmph, you might want to stick to its bigger cousins.

    (I still miss my tarded DRZ-400e - bring on a decent 625 SMC, or maybe a low priced 610SM).
  7. Buy one! they are great fun, other options as previously mentioned is the DRZ400SM not quite as hardcore as the KTM but still has some go and is good fun. Having ridden both my smile when i got off the KTM was far bigger than the DRZ. Can't really fault either bike except they are very vibey but then again thats what you get from a 625cc single.
  8. Thanks guys.

    Still leaning toward the ktm,,,
    Sounds pretty much like what i want.
    As for carby's...etc im a mechanic so am more then willing to upgrade them later on.
  9. what bike do you ride atm?
    drz 400 is entry level SM; ktm generally have a bit more go...

    what do you want to do with it? road or dirt or endro?