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Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by J_B, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Borrowed from another Forum...



  2. The shame of it is getting passed three seconds down the next straight bit of road.

    If only it was a 950SM ... but thats no dirt bike :)
  3. You may pass us on the straight bits but that ain't no fun now is it? :)
    Doesn't take a lot of skill either.
  4. I'll only believe it when I actually get passed by one in the twisties. Hasn't happened yet. Until then, it's just hot air. Unless we're talking about go-kart tracks, in which case I will happily accept their go-kart track prowess, while I go and ride some real roads.
  5. PM me with the details of the road ride.
    Can I bring some mates?
    10 or so of us should make you a believer. :)
  6. Now, now. We're not organising any road-racing here. Turn up to any Netrider ride that I've posted in and said I'm going to be on, and do your thing. I ride at my own pace, regardless, and I certainly don't go out of my way to race anyone. Am too old for that. If you come sailing past, then I'll believe.
  7. I wasn't promoting road racing at all & I don't remember even stating that, bring your big bike to the go cart track. You are quite welcome there. :)
    Anyway if we rode with you it seems you may even covertly video us and leave our rego's up for all vicpol to see. ;)
  8. Haven't ever taken footage of anyone without them being aware. If anyone has ever had a problem, I've not published it. If anyone has asked to not be videoed, I've turned the camera off. Only ever had one person ask me to take something down, which I've done so, and that occurred for the first time 2 days ago.
  9. With reference to the picture...... the only time I put my foot on the ground when riding is when I'm cornering in the carpark............nuff said
  10. ......or stopped at the lights :grin:
  11. Supply me the right competitive go-kart and Ill have a go...just about anywhere that wont loose my licence
  12. Cathar, see the wink, It was said in jest. Like this. ;)

    slowandsteady, not all Motardeurs stick their foot out, just some of them. :)
  13. Just stirring dude! :)
    Don't care what appendage you feel like dragging on the ground! The fact that you ride is good enough for me, not what you ride.
    Back in my day the were just called road/trail bikes. :grin:
  14. We see the humour, as Im glad people have seen it in the first post.

    Theres a big difference between a road/trail and a motard though.

    Cathar, have you considered trying a Motard, on a "real" road?
    You may be pleasantly surprised. (unless its straight - which I doubt).
    This post has nothing to do with rider skill, just differences in bikes.
  15. I got to stop drink-netridering at night. :oops:
  16. Yeah. Just 'cos something has a smiley, doesn't mean it wasn't a jab. I just cleared the air.

    I'd love to have a try, just to see what all the fuss is about. I keep hearing about how great they are, and believe me, I'm no WOT straight line nutter. I barely use more than 25% throttle on my bike ever. I often think to myself that a torquey 50hp bike is really all that I need in the real world. The only thing that stops me is that I go to the track as well - so one bike has to fill two roles.

    Have often considered buying a 2nd bike for the road, and turning my current bike into a track bike.

    I just made the comment, 'cos I keep on hearing from people how motards carve up the twisties. Still, after 12 years on the road, I've come to also believe that on any winding bit of road, it's 90% rider and 10% bike, that determines how quick you can go, and the actual bike really makes very little difference in the matter.
  17. Just got back from a track day at Broadford with the motard and my mates on road bikes. We are about the same level of skill and I managed to be quicker through the back of the track (with the corners) and even lap quicker overall lap times than a few of them riding 1,000cc bikes!

    So motards are that much faster in corners, that they can make up for it on the straights (only on the rare occasion that a road bike guy can actually ride will that be different), but I can also jump gutters, trail ride, work on my bike easily (only 1 pot not 4).

    So dont rag the motard, as one might just come past you in the hills or the track or on the way to work. Its the best form of transport around the city bar none.
  18. Love the Motard, would certainly ad one to my fantasy garage. A mate once raced a CR500 with RGV wheels about 10+ years ago - they were called "chookies" back then :) Had an illicit strop on it once around the block - the front tyre lasts a long time :wink: