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MOST Worried

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wizz9, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Quick background, I am late 40's and I have been riding for 12 months, basically by accident. I had some difficulties about 2 years ago and had to sell my car due to financial issues. So I bought this automatic bike just to ride to work. You see I have a stuffed left leg so changing gars woulds not have been possible and I cant walk the 5ks to work.

    So last year I got my L's. But let me be straight up here, I ride this bike out of need rather than being like a lot here and love riding. I only ride those few K's to work along back streets and finito.

    So my real worry is that I might have to go for my P's. I really think I will fail because I would be a bit worried about the road ride they have to do.

    You see my choices are Granville or St Ives. At St Ives, that man road looks very very busy and I doubt I could turn out of the HART complex and onto that main road.

    So My other choice is just renewing my L's. That would be fine as it allows me to ride to and from work. But that means I have to lose 2 days pay to go through that L's course again ??? Is that correct.

    So if I decided to do the MOST is Granville or St Ives a choice or could I go somewhere less busy with traffic.

  2. You should learn enough while there for the traffic not to be a worry for you.
    But in saying that I don't know your difficulties. Trainers can be booked for private lessons as well. Not sure what they charge down your way but up here we are between $35 and $55 an hour. Just ring hart or any other training shop.
    I have trained a few amputees and they love it. You do need to think a lot more ahead of yourself.
    But the only thing that holds us back from anything in life is us.
    Anywho hope that helps.
  3. Cheers mate.

    I think my worry is that I dont ride in traffic only these back streets to work, often at night. I am concerned that in the MOST thing, you have to do this road ride and I think the roads they use have a fair bit of traffic.

    But I suppose in the end I can fall back on getting my L's again because I dont usually go over 50-60 when riding to work so its not like I want these P's to go touring or anything like that.

    But I do need the job I have because I of the financial mess I got into which cost me a lot personally as well as financially. This bike seemed like a good idea at the time because I would spent way less on petrol and the initial outlay for this second hand bike rather than a car.

    You cant just renew you L's can you without having to go to that 2 day session ??
  4. Not sure of your rules down in NSW. You use to be able to keep renewing your L's.
    For mine I would go to the St Ives one. Have not been there since it was a Police driver training center...eeek a long time ago in a different life. But the roads are not as bad for traffic once the rush has finished around that area. And better condition to the roads around Granville.
    Plus you are riding in a pack. So traffic is not as much of an issue. Around St Ives they will want to keep the dents out of their Merc's and Beewahs lol.
    But you will have to keep up with the pack. Ring them up and give them your thoughts and fears before you go. You don't want to get stuck with some ego head instructor that gives you grief and screws the day for you.
    Just remember it is meant to be fun as well as educational. Don't let your nerves get to you...or try not too. We all get nervous. But it's the instructors job to stress not yours.. lol...funny but TRUE. I know I have had plenty of days I have had to grab the valium bottle when I got home.
    But do remember that. About it being fun. Take that mindset with you. Be eager and keen. Ready to have a hoot. And the day will be a blast. Think of it as a pain and it will be all that and more.
  5. Just so you know, the road ride is an observation ride and you are not tested on it, get out on some days and practice little by little and u shouldnt have a problem
  6. +1 for St Ives - the road ride isn't done during busy times (peak hour). The only concern might be getting into their access road in the morning across the 90kph traffic BUT you'll eventually get a brake. During the road ride, the busiest location you will be going through is Mona Vale shopping centre which will be slow riding anyway. There will be (depending on the size of the MOST class) four stops along the way for regrouping/safety talks etc. so don't sweat too much that you won't cope. I found the staff/instructors up there very professional and helpful - they won't bite your head off.

    wizz9 - If you really think a private lesson will help, H.A.R.T. charge per $70(at least that's what their WEB site states) - see this page for details and online booking.
  7. Cheers for the replies. Just a couple of things,

    Can you fail the whole day if you stuff the road ride ?

    How long is the road ride, like time wise ?

    The only other thing is that I dont have too much time as my L's expire on the 11/1 so I need to either book in for the P's (there are spots) or try to renew the L's.

    Really appreciate the advice.
  8. Rouse Hill has a very easy road ride on easy roads, I could draw you the map if you want. Other places would be easier on the actual tests because, I would be most worried about the actual drills and course that you have to do. The road ride is by far the easiest and best part of the day.
  9. Essentially, it is an observation run (as Goz stated) but I imagine it is possible to fail because of the road ride. You'd have to be acting extremely unsafe for that to happen though.

    Time for the ride is about 1~1½ hours (H.A.R.T. sometimes stop off at Hungry Jacks down at Mona Vale for lunch).

    If you only have 2 weeks you're certainly cutting it fine - you may have to take a seat at whatever location you can find available for that period (if indeed any slots are available).
  10. Thanks Blaise.

    Damn though 60-90 minutes is a bloody long ride in my situation. I do that during the week when going to work, not even. OK so I need to get my head around that.

    Obviously you ride in a group of say 10, then I couldnt be taking my time, I would need to keep up with the rest, which is something I have never done.

    I might try to go to that joint in Homebush and have a crack at the mock course that has been set up.
  11. If you want company, just tell me when you want to go there, if im not drunk or hangover ill be there.
  12. I'd be very surprised if you didn't find the slow riding a lot more challenging than the road ride. If you are going for the MOST you will definitely need to practice the U turn, coneweave etc.

    Practice the road ride too - find out the route and do a few laps at night, then when you are happy with that do a couple in the daytime. I think you are stressing way too much over theroad ride. Its just like your regular commute only longer.
  13. Thanks for the kind offer, but I need to do this without stressing out anybody else.

    I might be stressing too much over the road bit but I know I am not really a rider, just a bloke with an auto bike that rides a couple of K's to work. I think I will try to find out the route then check it out on Google maps to see if I think its doable.

  14. There's no "keeping up" as such... they won't be going over posted speed limits at any stage. The main things are road awareness, adherence to the road rules and buffering. You won't be penalised for riding at a speed you're comfortable with as long as people from local retirement homes don't start overtaking you on their 4-wheel scooters :D

    Anyway, the instructor will be running TEC (Tail End Charlie) watching the riders ahead and he won't let you fall behind.
  15. I could have walked faster than the test group I was in. They were good riders but overly cautions with school zones, these guys were still going 35 1km down from the school. Sooooo wizz, dont get too hang up on the road ride.
  16. OK, I've had a bit more of a think about your situation. It seems to me that maybe its not a riding problem at all. Maybe you have a confidence problem? It helps to pass any test to have some confidence that you can do it. Its not that you can't pass if you have highlevels of anxiety, but it does make it a lot more difficult. There is an optimum level of anxiety to help keep you alert, concentrating and this is a good thing to help keep you alive on the road. It might be that you anxiety levels are too high and this is restricting your enjoyment and also safety and skill level. One of the best ways to overcome anxiety is exposure to the thing causing the anxiety. Basically that means you may need to gradually ride more until you become more comfortable with it.

    Also, it mighthelp if you posted up here some of the things you find most difficult in your riding. What are you good at, what are you weaker at? I find that there's always others on here with the same issues and lots of good advice about how to improve.
  17. Yeah Brmmm, you hit it, high levels of anxiety because I am not a rider as such a ride a few K's out of need rather than wanting to be a rider. So I guess I have real anxiety in things I am not familiar with.

    So I ride this bike along back street with very little traffic at night mostly just to get to work. Other than that the bike doesnt move much. The absolute futhest I have ridden is 30Km round trip.

    And confession time, sometimes when I have had to go further, I have pulled over to the side and let cars pass me. This is because I get a bit nervous with cars close behind. Sometimes it takes me longer to get to my destination by bike than it would by car.

    As I said, I bought this easy bike when I had to get rid of my car because of troubles I had a few years back. I am different to the lads here who want to ride for enjoyment.

    Having said all of that, I figure I might go for the P's and if I fail, I believe I can renew my L's without the two day course.

    Does anybody know the ride route they do at Clyde ?

  18. I live just up the road from HART and did my P's test there. I can take you through the course that they do some time, send me a PM if you'd like.
  19. +1 Nice one toadcat.
    I did mine there recently too, and would also be happy to show you the route we took - you have to cross James Ruse and then do about 1Km on it and Parra Road (only about 100m on the latter...), but it's really easy.
    Given your only concern seems to be the road ride, may I assume you're confident about your emergency stopping, low-speed manouevres and u-turns? They're the things you're actually tested on...

    Brother wizz, they're not out to get you on the test day, especially on the road ride. If your instructor spots you as a "nervous" rider he/she will probably speak to you about it, but in a helpful rather than accusatory way.

    I'm not sure when the Learner sessions are starting up again after New Year, but do you have enough license left to maybe head along?
    There's plenty of happy stories here about the confidence others have gained from them...