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MOST U-turn on CBR250rr

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by synrgy, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. After days of practice and almost giving up, i have finally mastered the U-turn for the p's test on my CBR. I thought i would never be able to do it. My foot kept going down, i was so close to giving up then i tried with more speed, and it was perfect! :grin:

    Now i just need a few more weeks practice to get it right everytime and ill go for the p's :grin:

  2. Good work! The CBR is a particually difficult bike to do the MOST test on however with practice it can be very satisfying to be able to do the test on a CBR.

    In saying that I chickened out and hired a CB for the test. But I was doing the test fine by the end of the practice sessions on my CBR in a local car park.
  3. Practice doing slow circles in a carpark. Start off doing large, lazy circles, and slowly bring them tighter and slow them down with rear brake. Have a go at leaning OUT of the turn too and pushing the bike down. This really tightens up teh turning circle.
    Once you get the slow circles sorted, move on to figure 8's with the handlebars going from lock to lock, and again, start big, slow down and tighten them up.
    Every manouvre in the MOST test except braking requires tight, slow turns, and the simple maonuvre practicing above covers them all.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I was exempt from doing a U-turn when we were doing our P's.

    The turning circle is that of an 18 wheeler :)
  5. if you do well in everything else on the test which is really pretty easy then it dont matter if you put your foot down or go outside the U turn lines. its not like it has the % you got on your license, just practice, rock up on the day and do your best, dont panic and what ever you do, dont drop it, put your foot down if need be
  6. From your opening line I was going to say don't ride with this dude - no sense of direction & keeps getting lost pmsl!

    Congrats on mastering it like everything else it comes with practice!

    A very wise instructor once told me just remember velocity overcomes gravity!

    Good luck with the P's test!
  7. The u turn box is only 2 points if you put foot down or 2 points if you go outside the box, Id go for the outside the box option, cause if you try to stay in the box you might do both (foot and box).
    If you do the rest ok you still pass with points to spare, just dont loose points on stupid things like head checks
  8. Fortunately for us ACTers theres no points for failing to head check or i would of probably failed.