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MOST tomorrow - just a few Q's please :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, May 17, 2009.

  1. Hi - yes I did a search and no topics came up! So I started a new thread. I'm sorry if this is a repeat..

    My MOST test is tomorrow - I just had a couple of quick Q's-

    1. Do I need to indicate when moving from a full stop into a test component?

    2. When I come to a complete stop, is there an expectation of which foot comes down? Is it ok if I put both feet down?

    3. Does anyone know how many points one loses if they do the U-turn and touch the yellow line?

    4. I'm hiring a bike tomorrow - will I get a chance to get familiar with it before we are all taken out into traffic?

    5. Is there any other little thing to remember? I know head checks is a big thing that people forget to do..

    again sorry if this is a repost but a search didn't come up with any topics (don't know why...)

    THANKS! :)
  2. 1. Not that i remember - but ask the instructor - theres plenty of time to ask questions prior to the test

    2. You can put both feet down when at a stop at the end of each task/test.

    3. Not sure about the u turn. i imagine it would be costly though

    4. Plenty of time. You do heaps of practice on the course, the head out onto the road, then a little more practice, then the test. i used there bike, and to be honest, cb250's are real easy to use (especially given i practiced on a XVS650).
  3. 1 = no
    2= either foot
    3= 3 points each line, 1 point for foot down
    4= youll have about 7 hours on it before the actual MOST test, just remember the group ride is not part of the test.
    5= very basic advice, dont panic, dont freak out, head checks a must, also during the day while your training doing the MOST test, the instructor will make it harder, as in cones will be wider, u turn box will be smaller, so when time comes to do the MOST, youll breeze it in

    just enjoy the day and whatever u do, dont be a smart ass the the instructor..

    as always, if all else fails, flash a bit of leg :grin:
  4. I knew I could count on you for good advice :p
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :grin:
  6. its 5 points for each line crossed you pass with 8 or under. if your on one of their bikes you should pass, there was two people at my test who had never owned a bike and hadnt ridden since the L's course, one got 4 points and the other got 0. good luck!
  7. Thanks for all your help :D

    whooo, i hope it doesn't rain.
  8. Well as a competent P plater now I suppose I have to come out on Sundays and help all you poor learners ;) hehe

    Yea, I passed! not by much though, I managed to knock a cone (3 points) and touch the yellow line in the U turn (only just!! but 5 points) meaning I got 8 out of 9 points, where 9 is a fail. I was riding a totally unfamiliar bike though hehe......CB250.
  9. Hey congratulations on the Pass! Looks like we'll be seeing more of you out and about then :)
  10. gee the points system has changed, will need to get some inside info on the points

    read the homebush thread on my congrats :)
  11. goz, how would you go on the test on your bike? just out of interest :D you must have tried some of those test components at homebush.
  12. I do the test components on my zzr1100 , is not difficult , just practice.
  13. i tried it once and couldnt do it, so did grange, but grange breezes it in now no dramas on a 1100 after a few goes, just need to get used to the sensetive throttle on our bikes and the weight, i know if i had a few more goes id breeze it in also, end of the day its a very easy course
  14. says you! as an experienced rider it might be easy but for those of us only having ridden less than a year it's really tough, especially on a big bike. Having said that, every other component of the test I found easy on the ZZR. It was only the U turn. Although given all that, it would have been ok anyway because the U turn was the one thing I mucked up, going over the line hehe...

    Remember the piddly little horn on my bike? It would not have passed the initial inspection so I would have had to hire one anyway.
  15. Get air horns , you have no problem then.