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MOST test vent/complaint & question (NSW)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Krazy Kiwi, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. I'm posting this partly to vent, and partly to see what experiences other people have had.

    Yesterday I did the Pre-Provisional course & MOST test. Prior to the testing I had been practising many of the tasks that are tested in the MOST test, but admittedly I mainly concentrated on the U-turns and the cone weave (i.e. the slow riding stuff) as I knew that is an issue for many riders.

    Out of the six of us in my group who attended for the whole day, only one person passed the MOST test. The remaining 5 of us failed. Two people attended to do the test only - they both passed, although one of them only scrapped through (he accumulated 8 points).

    Although I don't mind honing in on my riding skills, as I started riding with the mind-set that I will always be learning new things about it, I was disappointed in how much training/practice we got for the MOST activities - which basically would've amounted to about 10-15 minutes per person after the lunch break. A few of the people in my group were complaining about this prior to the start of the actual MOST testing.

    Other than the fact that he started late, the instructor took about an hour for morning tea, an hour for lunch and then another 20 odd minutes after lunch. When I asked for feedback about what I needed to improve on, his response was "next question?" If he had only taken 15 minutes for morning tea, then we could've had more time to go through the MOST tasks. I'm not sure if it's normal to have so long for morning tea at the pre-provisional course or not.

    When we were practising the emergency/quick stops, we had no idea whether or not we were stopping within the distrance required when doing that task in the MOST test (as the practice wasn't done on the same spot it's done on the test, so we didn't have the lines etc). The emergency stop was where many people failed. We were given no indication from the instructor as to whether or not we were stopping within the correct distrance (his comments were more along the lines of when he thought we were going too fast/slow and telling us to apply the front brake more).

    I failed for not stopping within the required distance curing the emergency stop (I wasn't given a second opportunity to do the emergency stop, but I'm assuming that's because I was doing the speed they expected us to do).

    I guess part of my issue is the fact that he gave us such a long time for morning tea, when much of that time could've been spent practicing MOST activities & partly the lack of indication of whether or not we stopping within the required distance for the emergency stop. Although I had expected some 'classroom' time and also the road ride, I wasn't expecting so little time practicing the MOST activities when there was clearly opportunity to practice them more. It's tempting to complain about it to RMS, although I suspect it's a waste of time.

    On the plus side, it forces me to practice more although I took the view before yesterday that I would continue practicing some of the tasks (mainly the emergency stops, u turns & slow riding) as they're tools/skills I don't want to 'lose'!

    Vent over!
  2. I did my MOST with Stay Upright in the ACT (well the ACT test, but the actual testing facility is in NSW). This basically vindicates your issues, but we had plenty of time to practice the testing, got told each time if we went past the accepted distance on the emergency brake, and everyone in my group passed. Also everyone who got a point had it clearly explained where those points were and what they could do to avoid them.

    They did say that they have had courses where everyone fails, but they seemed very reasonable about the whole thing. Will they give you a free retest like with the Pre-Learner Course?
  3. No free retesting. I think it's about $55 for us to resit the MOST test, but we don't need to be there all day.

    We got told we had to wait a week before we can resit the MOST test, but we're supposed to be able to book it for Wednesday next week (if we want to resit that soon) but the myrta online website doesn't give me that option for some unknown reason, so I'm going to have to go in person and book it.
  4. If you think the instructor was poor lodge a complaint and demand an explanation from the training provider. Hint strongly that if not satisfied you'll be taking it further. They may then at least give some rebate on your next test.
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  5. I agree, from what you are saying I would take it up with the manager. And if you aren't given the next test for free, let them know you will take your business elsewhere.

    Failing students because they aren't up to scratch is fine, but not providing feedback during training, and overly extended lunch breaks is poor.
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  6. i'm going to be lodging a complaint. I don't mind being failed for not being up to scratch, but we didn't get proper feedback on the emergency stop (or the u turn for that matter, but I did pass the u turn during the test, but someone else didn't).
  7. we didn't get feedback about what was ok distance for the emergency stop, just that we should in as short a distance as we could safely do.
    You get points based on stopping distance rather than just a fail. Although if you can't stop before the last line (6.5m), then you probably shouldn't pass tbh...
    most of us stopped at or just after the first line.. which was about 2.5m.

    long breaks is a bit shit. give feedback to the company. they might chuck you a free test if they agree it was crap. we only had long breaks to wait until everyone else stopped smoking :D lunch was long, btu then it wa a hot day

    we didn't really do any specific MOST practice, instead doing routines and stuff early in the day, so that we were all riding around at same time.
    stuff like cone weave with cones wider out, laps with E-stops, cut across and do the 90deg corner, then go up the end and do U-turns...

    Now that i think about it, we were actually prevented from doing test practice on the testing range.. we were on the adjacent range.. something about not legally allowed to let us use the proper course for practice..

    How fast can you e-stop? measure in metres and compare to below.. which is measurements of the Unanderra range.
  8. I had stopped well & truly before the last line, but got an instant fail anyway. I wasn't given a second chance to do it when others were given a second chance to do the emergency stop if they had started breaking too early or if they weren't doing the required 20-25 km per hour.
  9. My groups instructor explained the e stop pretty well and did say you had to stop well before the last line and that you only get another shot at it if you brake to soon or are not up to speed.

    We had crap loads of practice though and were given personalised advise throughout the day. Lucked out on the instructor I'm sure but hope they all have an interest in making sure you learn something that will make you a better, safer rider not just pass a test.
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  10. fwiw
    RTA Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST) | WheelSkills

    "For information, the maximum allowable stopping distances from nominated speeds are as follows:

    20 km/h = 2.8 metres
    21 km/h = 3.0 metres
    22 km/h = 3.2 metres
    23 km/h = 3.6 metres
    24 km/h = 3.8 metres
    25 km/h = 4.0 metres
    26 km/h = 4.4 metres
    27 km/h = 4.8 metres
    28 km/h = 5.0 metres
    29 km/h = 5.6 metres
    30 km/h = 5.8 metres

    NOTE 1: Because you are required to brake from the front leading edge of the front tyre, your stopping distance is measured to the same
    point – not the front tyre’s contact patch.

    NOTE 2: The instructions prior to this test will be to ‘accelerate to a speed of between 20 and 25 km/h’. A valid test is any speed above 20 km/h however, if you exceed 30 km/h, the maximum allowable stopping distance remains the same as if you were travelling at 30 km/h.
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  11. I'm all for learning too =D
    I don't think we stop learning!
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  12. Sounds like you had accumulated enoug points by that stage, likely to be due to failing to do head checks. I mention this because you haven't mentioned head checks and they are easy to forget in an off road testing situation.

    There are rules about not 'teaching to the test' and so on. It seems the instructor took them very literally, most don't.

    When I did mine I actually paid for a lesson to see if I was ready for MOST and tips on what to practice (I'd been o/s for a couple of months). That was great as I also got familar with the location and so on which I think helped a lot, also needed to work on quite a lot from that point. You'll be fine and an extra $55 is about what I paid to have that lesson so doing it your way isn't any more pricey.
  13. No, I had done my head checks. I only accumulated one point by the time I did the emergency stop. I accumulated more than 8 points doing the emergency stop, simply based on my stopping distance.
  14. Where did you get lessons for $55? I keep getting quoted a damn sight more than that LOL
  15. find a quiet dead end road/disused parking lot, mark out a stopping area, practice until you can stop well within the distances above :)
  16. now you don't feel so cut about the retest fee ;)
  17. Where did you do your test and who was instructor as I'm up in a month for my test and did you use your own bike?
  18. Penrith. The instructor's name I think is Wayne. Penrith seems to only have two instructors - one male, one female (Elaine). I had Elaine when I did my L's and she's good, but the bloke (although knowledgeable) was not helpful - his feedback wasn't as good as other instructors, and he took too long breaks.

    Two people used a hire bike (CBR125E), everyone else used their own bike but no-one there had anything over a 300 cc bike.
  19. Yeah, atm I do lol ... but only because of other feedback I've had indicating that we got less instruction and practice than other assessment centres, which means that it's too inconsistent for my liking lol
  20. on the other hand.. if you are ready to do the test, then you are ready to do the test...
    you're not there to start your MOST practice, you're just there to demonstrate you have the skill level expected for a provisional licence.

    the whole point of the L's licence is to practice to pass the MOST, and to get confident enough on the road (ride) to be considered not a danger to yourself :D

    that said, some people when I went never even rode during their L's... but they still passed on the CB125's :D
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