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MOST test slalom tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MrBaggins, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Going for my MOST on Monday, and I've been practicing the tests in a carpark.

    I'm able to stop plenty quick enough, just flirting with locking the wheels. I practice avoiding potholes and linemarkings for the obstacle course, but will set up a measured version this weekend too.

    My main problems are the U-Turn / Slalom. The U Turn isn't terrible. I've been doing it inside 6.5 meters (3 of the spots in my carpark) without an issue, and I know practice this weekend will tighten that up.

    But the slalom is proving trickier.

    I have a Ninja 300, so apparently not the ideal bike, but I can see how close I am to getting this, it's just practice or something small. Trying to work out what I might be doing wrong to make it easier. I've heard a bit about "Counter leaning" but not a lot so not sure if that's something to try.

    I didn't mark the slalom specifically, so it's quite possible I was going too wide on each gate too, but probably not by much.

    I'm perfectly happy running around on the road for the road bit, and been making sure I headcheck everything for the habit, so not worried about that part.
  2. Guess who stuffed up their slalom last Monday? (after nailing it in practice all afternoon). You probably don't want my advice. Try it again tomorrow week (that will be $110 thank you).
  3. Keep your head up... look a couple of cones ahead... and "use the force".

    Thinking about it too much will lead to failure.
  4. You really need to mark it out accurately to develop the feel for it. It's not easy, I used a virago 400 which was difficult. What worked for me was to go a bit faster and aggressive to get more lean into the bike. Watch that your feet or pegs don't hit a witches hat they are fairly bulky. The homebush sessions are great or get the course diagram from the net and mark it out. Good luck
  5. Ride through your local school playground at lunch time. The kids will move a bit but that just makes it all that much easier when you have cones that don't move.
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  6. Thanks for the tips. Gonna go out in half an hour and mark it exactly.

    Stumbled on this video whilst looking for tips.
  7. Yep that's all u gotta do!
  8. Was practicing the other day and the best approach for me was to get into second gear and use my hips to "kick"the bike over just enough each way - ie don't try and steer so much. I then braked into the U turn box, dropped to first and used higher revs with a bit of clutch slip/rear brake drag to carry me round.
  9. Interesting Roll On. I spent about an hour playing in the car park this afternoon. I've found that the only way I get even close enough to turn that tightly is with the handbar turned as far as it goes, locking in, which is a little awkward on knees and against the tank. I think that's just the Ninja though. I can't turn THAT tightly in second at 18-22kmh at all. Definitely a first gear task.

    I definitely got a lot better in that one session focusing on it. I think the obstacle swerve should be simple, and I just need to make sure I don't lock the rear wheel when slamming brakes. Other than that, I'm planning morning and afternoon sessions Saturday, Sunday with a Friday afternoon. I figure I'll have it nailed by then.
  10. Remember you can shift your weight away from the "tight" side which may give a bit more room and help with balance. Just pushing down on the outer peg may help.
  11. Just passed the most test a couple of weeks back on a ninja 250.
    I found the best technique for me to do the slalom was to look at the third cone in front at all times so that the two cones in front are in your peripheral vision.
    Also I found the hardest part was to stop the bike from jerking due to sloppy throttle control when going so slow in first gear which is a lot more sensitive to throttle inputs then higher gears.
    I overcame this issue by riding the clutch throughout the whole cone weave process and at the same time dragging my rear brake slightly to stabilise the bike.

    Give that a go and you should see your bike become much smoother. Everytime you feel the bike start to jerk forward don't just cut the throttle but pull the clutch in slightly instead and ride the clutch just enough to engage the gear but don't let it out fully. Worked for me very well for all slow manuevuring including the uturn and the sharp left turn.

    Hope that helps. Also don't stress about the uturn as you can put your foot down and still pass. Each time you put your foot down you lose 1 point. You can lose up to 8 points before failing. Most people lose points by forgetting to head check :)
  12. I'm not sure this is correct...my recollection of what the instructor said is more like the points incurred increase with each time you put your foot down. Not sure if it is 1 point for the first, 3 points for the second, 5 for the third, OR something else.

    BUT clearly remember the instructor saying "if you need to put your foot down, do it definitively; as each little hop or step incurs increasing points"

    Happy to be corrected if my memory has failed me!
  13. If you stand up on the pegs and do a standing rolling burn out you'll find it easy to swing the back end where you want. Job done
  14. Something I discovered this afternoon...

    My Ninja will coast along at 7kmh in first gear, with no extra throttle, and not touching the clutch at all. This is a nice comfortable speed and lets me do the slalom almost effortlessly.

    I tried it after I worked out it was my lefts giving me troubles, because as the handbar moves in closer to my leg, I'd shift on the clutch slightly, the bike would jerk, and everything would go to shit in about half the attempts.

    So, by completely ignoring the clutch, I can coast along at a VERY constant speed. I have enough idle throttle to play with the brake slightly if I really want to, and any time it feels like I've leaned a little too far, I can roll on a touch of throttle and the bike would stand straight up.

    I'm getting between 8 and 12 cones worth of offset slalom every go with this trick, and the test is only 5. It also works on the U turn, and I'm going to mark out the 90° left turn tomorrow to make sure I've got that right.

    I've done 170kms on this tank of fuel, and I think at least 130 of that has been in the carpark.
  15. And I have my P Plates!

    Turns out the offset is 60cm TOTAL, and I'd been practicing with 60cm on each side. Upside, the slalom was the easiest thing in the course. I missed 2 of 4 head checks, but otherwise did fine.
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  16. Congrats amazing how many forget headchecks. I saw one guy fail just because of head checks.
  17. And I got through today. One more geriatric on two wheels......
  18. Congrats
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