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MOST Test Safety Gear Checks

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Darmac, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. I have my MOST test Sunday week at Botany NSW. I feel confident enough to sit and hopefully pass the test and graduate to my P's. However, I am a little concerned that i could be turned away due to a chip (little fingernail size) in the outer coating of my helmet. Does anyone have any experience or input regarding this? Thanks.

  2. Instructor didn't check our helmets (that was st Ives Hart) could you possibly colour the dint to match in?
  3. Thanks. Its a white helmet and i tried to touch it up.. it looks ok but i have no idea how stringent they are with these things or if they even check.
  4. what was the chip from? is the structure of the helmet compromised?
    if it was from a crash.. you may want to consider replacing, but if it is cosmetic and superficial, probably ok

    they probably won't check, but if it does look dangerous, and they notice it, it will be mentioned...
    but they are riders too and usually reasonably realistic.

    put up a pic of the damage?

    if you're worried that they will be worried.. maybe you should be worried? :p
  5. Nah.. it wasn't from a crash.. just a butter finger fumble when i first started riding... dropped it straight on to some rough concrete and it popped a bit of paint off. I'll see if i can get a pic up. Cheers.
  6. DarmacDarmac you will be fine - they won't even notice.

    When I did my MOST at Botany the instructor was totally occupied with trying to keep a guy on a scooter alive to even notice or care about something so minor.
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  7. No worries you reckon.? I just wouldn't want to get turned away for something that i could avoid by buying a new helmet.. but also dont want to rush in to buy a helmet if its unnecessary. May be i should get the dremmel out and turn it into a made in Australia logo. Its just missing Cape York.... oh and Tassie.
  8. A couple of reflective stickers would hide that permanently :)
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  9. Tassie?????
  10. I've heard it has great roads so i thought it would be polite to include it.
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  11. I'm sure at Botany site they do L courses as well ,so they will have a load of helmets there. You may have to sweet talk them into letting you borrow a helmet, if they pick on yours.
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  12. You should be alright,
    but your drag co-efficient has probably gone up by 0.0000000000001% :p
  13. fwiw (some?) Shark helmets come with a few reflective stickers to put wherever you want, so should be able to assume they are "safe" to stick on..
    realistically, the chance of a sticker affecting the shell is pretty remote these days..

    get "retro-reflective" 3M tape or similar..
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  14. Bloody hell.. That'll knock a couple of km's off the top speed of the Gs
  15. I did my MOST course and test at Botany 2 weeks ago. The instructor did not even check if our helmets had stickers or not... You should be more than fine :)
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