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MOST Test on Thursday @ Loftus

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by robbie3786, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Anyone else doing their MOST test there on thursday? lol

    Wish me luck!! =D Bring on the rain lol


  2. Good Luck mate !
  3. Good luck dude. I did mine there a few weeks ago. Guys there were great and very helpful.
  4. Good Luck, I'm booked in there for 10th May
  5. You'll be fiiiiine :wink: For a bloke who rode through the Natio a week after his Ls, the MOST will be like riding a pushbike around the park :twisted:
  6. Remember, “head check†every time you move away, & most of all just relax & it all comes naturally.

    Good Luck :grin:
  7. mm i'll be fine.. i mean if i can survive commuting in the city everyday... then the test should be too hard :)

    The only think i'm worried about is my erad break light.... for some reason the sensor always get stuck leaving the rear light on, i'll tried putting lubricant on it to stop it but that didnt work out to well... should i try putting grease on it?
  8. Hey mate,

    good luck with the test, I dropped by the loftus training centre the other day, I've still got over a month before I can do the most, but I had to go check out the U-turn as they are marked out in the carpark.

    Had 3 attempts for each left & right and only once went outside the box, just.
    Everything else should be a breeze, the cone weave is simple so as long as your stops are down pat you'll be fine.
  9. I just done my pre learners course there on Monday and Tuesday. The guys there are pretty good. They certainly know what there talking about!
  10. Hey Guys cheers for the msg's of luck and tips etc...

    On the day though i just couldnt back up 10 months worth of riding :(

    Most notibly i had troubles with the you turn and well just being nervous. I mean during the practice runs i was immaculate confident etc... but when it came to the test in a group of 6 i was the last to go.... and i just didn't feel right in the u-turn for some stupid reason i looked down, centre of gravity shifted and i went out of the bow and put my foot down not only that but prior to doing the quick stop i failed to do the head-check. I was thinking way to much during the test... afterwards tho i re-did the test as a practice as it was still marked out the instructor said i could... so i re-did it and he said it was a shame that i could do it then and not before he really felt sorry for me :(... BUT not too worry lads i took what i learnt applied it on the ride home.

    Anyways Gents - I have re-booked to do the skill's test to do at Botany RTA (A little closer to home)

  11. Damn those nerves :cry: , sorry you didn't make it, but no major loss, you'll just have to do it again and hopefully you'll be more relaxed the second time.

    So how was the day all up at Loftus? Just under 2 weeks and I'll be there
  12. The day was great, i rode down from Mascot in the rain which was no biggie, real easy to get to. Then met my fellow riders and the day was pretty relaxed, the Instructor (Ivor) Top Bloke, next time i have to remember to laugh more at his jokes!! i especially liked the Road ride :) i'd never been on any of those roads before all nice and twisty both uphill and down hill at one point we were underneath the woronora bridge? which was pretty spectacular the sun was out for a bit which was good.

    But anyways as you said no major loss, i learnt quite alot from the other riders and the instructor. Anyways hope you pass yours in two weeks, best of luck and cheers for the comments :)