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MOST test on an Aprilia RS125

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dtroy, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. I've got P's test next week, and I am trying to get some practice.
    Doing the U turn and the cone weaving seems almost impossible on my bike at the moment.

    Has anyone passed the MOST on a RS125 ??? How ?

  2. I am in the same situation. I am going for my P's soon and I have an aprilia rs 125. It is pretty hard to do a tight U-turn on the bike.
    I am going to a practise session on my bike soon and I am hoping they will teach me how to do it then...
  3. Go down and practise on Prince Of Wales drive in Botany/La Perouse... there's the P's course spray painted down there. Give me a PM if you'd like a guide down there :)

    might be a tad hard on the RS to be honest
  4. I did the test on my RS125 the other week and flunked it. Its very hard to keep the bike stable at those low speeds. No tourqe makes it really hard. The test is designed arround CB250s. You can hire one for the day. I got through the cone weave ok (after the usual practice) but the u-turn was where i lost it. Not once during the practice could i get i inside the area. The instructor told me it would be cool as long as i didn't put my foot down. But in the test i lost momentum with my hand jammed against the tank, had to put my foot down and it started falling the other way and that was that.

    During the course i also got freaked about my bike. Another dude droped his GPX doing the u-turn. hence me putting the foot down in the test. But i figure that the cost the test is nothing compared to the cost of fairing repairs for my nice new RS.

    I'm borrowing a mates Kwaka Sherpa to do the test again.
  5. There was a guy on a CBR250RR doing his 2nd attempt when I went last Saturday, he seemed like a decent rider but just couldnt get the bike through that U-turn and the cone weave looked hard as well. I'd definately consider hiring or borrowing an easier to turn bike for the test if I was on a little race replica with low clip ons like that.
  6. Since my L's is expiring on the 22nd ,this would be my only chance to get this right. I am thinking about renting a bike, but I'd like to get some practice before hand.

    I know Renting a bike for a week would cost me too much. Any other suggestions ?
  7. You get a few practice sessions during the day before they make you do the MOST test, I think like.. 2 sessions of about an hour each roughly, plus the time you have for lunch. If you hired a bike off them on the day and spent as much time as you could practicing you shouldnt have a problem.
  8. Do it on the CB250, doing u-turns on race style bikes is very hard due to the small amount of steering
  9. It is all in the leaning. When I did my Ps a guy did the test on a rs125 with no deductions at all. Another guy did it in a very long honda 250 cruiser (grey import) and also got it with 0 points.

  10. I found the easiest way on my RS125 was to sit on the left side of the bike, lots of revs allows the centrifugal motion of the motor stabilise the bike at low speeds, lean it over a bit and full lock.

    Having said that, i ending up using the CB250 because my licence expired 2 days after test, couldn't risk failing.... good luck :)
  11. is that your personal take on it or can you back that claim up?

    i readily admit that i failed doing the u-turn on my spada. almost had it but put my foot down cus, well, like a newb i was excited/nervous. nailed it everytime during practice, though...go figure. i did end up renting the cb.

    it's easy for me to say now that i'm past all that, but if one can't pass on a bike other than the cb, should one be let out on the road? thought's/comments?

    if you know a mate who has a postie bike, use that. can't go wrong.
  12. My thought is that in all the time I've been out on the road since my test I did not have to perform a single cone weave, nor did I have to do a single U-turn where I absolutely, positively could not put a foot down if I really had to.

    In short, I think MOST test is one of those things where you learn how to pass the test rather than the actual skills you should learn.
  13. Mm, I dunno. Yeah, the cone weave is a pretty abstract demonstration of forceful countersteering and swerving technique - the Victorian P's test has a more obvious "punch it!" evasive swerve - but either way I think it's important that people be tested on their ability to consciously and forcefully countersteer + swerve.
  14. Agreed. The cone weave, swerve and emergency stop are fairly applicable to road use. I just thought they shouldve been faster. Its all well and good to perform a stop from 20km/h but its another story doing it from 60+. Same deal with the swerve, at 20 the countersteering forces are barely at play, and the 'swerve' wouldnt help you avoid much more than a small pothole.

    Still, it leaves you plenty to work and improve on, and paves the way for the more advanced rider training courses that I intend to do.
  15. I've had to do a 'punch it!' swerve at 30kph to avoid a small taxi pulling out, if that counts? :)

    (Spots, in a moment of really poor and thoughtless lane positioning)
  16. The real question is, can you do it? ;)

    If you don't think you can then hire something else or keep practicing. I'd suggest you go and try some weaving an u-turns. If you can do them in a car park, you'll be fine for the test, but if you can't do them in a car park then you'll fail. :)
  17. No I cannot. That's why I was asking. I think I'll try to get more practice during the w/e and call them up and rent one of their bikes too.
    Right now, I don't think I'd be able to nail it with my bike. I hope I'll get used to their CB250 on the day, and pass the test with it.

    I was looking for the different points deducted and scoring on the forum, but couldn't find it. Does anyone know/has a link to that post ?
    How many points do you get ? 9 ?
  18. You start at zero points, and incur a point for each mistake. Anything up to and including 8 points is a pass.
  19. I reckon its worth learning to do it on the bike you ride.

    Even if you ride a huge cruiser its doable.

    Its definitely doable on your bike just have to practice, and practice, unless you have to do the test tomorrow just keep at it.
  20. i have my P's test tomorrow! :woot:

    and i am doing it on my cbr250rr cause i think if your gonna ride that kinda bike you should be able to confidently control it, this includes low speed stuff which is part of the basics of motorcycle riding.

    i have been practicing a fair bit and developed a technique i use for the U turn.

    lean the bike as much as you can to the right and hang off the left side of the bike, looks comical but allows for alot more angle and turn.

    hopefully ill get the speed right and everything else will go well and then ya, P's!!!!

    good luck for your test bud, i cant wait till mine! it sucks how its 8hrs tho (the whole day) such a waste of a sunday, esp with the weather we have been having!