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MOST Test on a scooter

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kalaika, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Hi All, I am over 30 and have done my pre learner course and presently ride a GPX 250. I also have a Peugeot Jetforce 125 Scooter. I have heard that I can just do the 1 hour MOST test and not the 7 hour Pre Provisional Test on the scoot and walk away with an urestricted license due to my age. Is this true??? Seems the way to go given it is quicker to do the test than wait months for the whole course.

  2. I do believe that your license will be marked automatic only, if you take the scooter.
    This is what I was told when I asked the question of using a scooter to the instructor at the time.
  3. The RTA Motorcycle User Handbook states:

    Licence Restrictions for P1 licences
    Automatic transmission motorcycles: You are restricted to riding an automatic motorcycle if you completed your pre-provisional training course on one.

    I have heard good things about the pre-provisional training course. I have friends with scooters who are choosing to do it even though they don't need to. Apparantly a cheap way to get more training & iron out any bad habits you may have developed whilst a Learner.

    I'm still a Learner so can't tell you if what I have heard is true but enough people have said it for me to believe it.
  4. +1 it is true.

    Don't knock back free education
  5. Your right, the extra tuition will do no harm, now to book myself in and wait.