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MOST test group ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by peterngit, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Nsw most test group ride clyde,

    From what I heard we take turns leading, I was wondering is there a solution for someone that doesnt remeber thr road well?

  2. hahaha, yeah that exactly what happened to me when I was doing my test, I straight away told the instructor am not familiar with the area and don't feel comfortable leading. When it was my turn to lead, the instructor briefly told me where to go and sure enough I missed a right turn but luckily saw the rest of the group take the correct right turn, so I chucked a U-turn and caught up with them. The instructor said, it's all good. They only mark you down on the actual test. You'll be fine, just speak to the instructor nicely ;)
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  3. Your instructor will give you clear instructions/directions when it's your turn to lead but don't sweat it because that part of the day doesn't count for your test it is just used so your instructor can watch you and give you some tips or let you know if you have any bad habits.
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  4. they'll just give you a few turns to remember, then you'll pull over and everyone catches up.

    If you get lost and recover, all good :)
    if you deliberately disobey instructions or do something dangerous.. they can fail you/prevent you doing test, but you'd have to do something pretty darn crazy for that.

    I led the whole ride, and took a few wrong turns,.. based on incorrect instructions ;) but all good.
    Instructor is just looking to see if you can actually ride safely, at traffic speed, and not do dangerous things.

    oh, the solution is to just listen to instructions :) if you can remember 4 or 5 turns, you'll be ok
  5. i can remember 2 =p whole ride? hmm so others didnt take turns?
  6. not for mine. I sort of knew the area a bit, but the others couldn't ride at the speed limit :D
  7. I recently did mine at botany just on monday actually..only the instructor led thank goodness lol.
  8. When I did mine we stayed in roughly the same order and the instructor dropped back through the pack to observe different people throughout the ride. If you're lucky they'll do the same thing there and you can just stay near the back of the pack.