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MOST test exhaust Q?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by intrancewetrust, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Has anyone done the MOST with a stankin loud exhaust? my VTR250 has this little short thing welded on after the old owner dropped it on the right hand side. it rather obnoxious i doubt it would be "roadworthy", in fact its a dirtbike pipe welded on there and painted black... dont want to rock up to the test and get told i cant use my bike, also dont want to buy a slip on for no reason... will they be likely to pick on it? the dude i bought it off suggested i shove some steel wool in there and fish it back out after the test does that sound plausible?

  2. no, steel wool doesn't so shit.
    maybe a db killer/insert would help, but muffler may help more.

    give it a crack, if it is obnoxious, they will tell you :p
    if you don't think it is obnoxious, they will help you find out if it really is :)
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  3. well i think its obnoxious... but its also good for waking up old age pensioners asleep behind the wheel of their gold camrys. the guys at the testing range seemed alright so i will just hope they let it slide...
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  4. Doesn't really matter. Google your specific center to see what they're like.
  5. By the strictest rules your bike must be roadworthy, by the sound of it yours isn't.
  6. will will be finding out this weekend !
  7. take some spare earplugs to give to instructors
  8. One of these shouldn't be too hard to come by.
    Emgo Muffler Insert '1-3/4" (44Mm) x 8""" - Universal parts and accessorie - Storm Motor
    Only posted that link to show you what kind of insert to look for.
    Btw I've just changed my Triumph offroad pipes known as TORS for some reverse cone megaphones which are really loud. They had some fibreglass packing which on start up started blowing out the ends of the pipes. Soft as fairy floss.
    The owner of the muffler shop was amazed that they had such shit quality packing in them. He wrapped the baffles in steel wool which did bugger all to quieten them down.
    So I've been looking for inexpensive ways to quieten them down while keeping them nice and bassy.
    Followed a link to the Ducati forum cheap bastards solution which utilises ss sink strainers to put on the ends of the baffles to reduce the volume while also providing a little back pressure which will help mid-range.
    Want better sound&looking for a few bucks? Goat's exhaust reloaded! - Page 5 - Ducati.ms - The Ultimate Ducati Forum
    These are the megaphones. $59 Ebay specials.
    They make the bike sound like a WWII fighter plane.