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Most suitable bike for me

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scottatron, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    Well, the time is rapidly approaching where I am about to embark on entering the world of "owning a bike". Now, I am in Victoria so that pesky 250cc limit applies........which in reality is ok for me as the bike will be a commuter for work.

    Now, I have absolutely trawled this site, some other sites and have googled till I can google no more..........what is the most suitable 250cc for commuting ?

    Now, I have narrowed it down to 3-4 bikes.

    Honda CBF250 - brand new design and a nice looking bike - economical
    Honda VTR250 - the most highly regarded bike in all forums.
    Kawasaki GPX250 - longevity, agile.
    And "maybe" a ZZR250 - as per GPX, but a bit more "Cruisy"

    Now, the path I take to/from work involves a 40km/h zone, a 50km/h zone.........the fastest being 70km/h along Hoddle St.

    I have a fairly "iffy" left wrist due to surgery a few years back, so I don't want something that places too much pressure on the wrists.

    So far, I have received SO many conflicting pieces of advice it isn't funny.

    Some say the CBF and VTR are "exactly the same until over 100km/h when the extra power (HP, as torque is virtually identical) of the VTR helps"

    So, I will be using the bike to trundle to and from work, and will need to have something agile etc to avoid the maniacs on Hoddle.

    I am not a huge fella, but I do weigh in at just about 100kg's......so it is gonna need to be able to haul me around.

    Thoughts? (I plan on taking all for test rides before purchasing, just after advice)

    Which one would be most suitable for what I need? That being a reliable, economic bike for work communiting (30k round trip daily).

    Thanks All.

  2. Scott, at the risk of being like other nellies here who answer questions with information not asked for, I'm going to suggest that you might revise your list in view of your wrist problem, (Old racing injury, like Rossi's, eh?? :LOL:)

    I think you should be thinking of a more upright riding position, and a couple on that list don't offer that. So, unasked for, my choice would be for a Honda 250 Hornet; it's a bigger bike so 100kgs won't daunt it, and it has a traditional 'naked bike' seating position which will be easy on your wrists.

    {And that doesn't mean I've got anything against any of the bikes on the list, by the way}
  3. VTR, Hornet 250, GPX or CBF250.

    All are fine. Get whatever pops up first for a great price.
  4. VTR hands down.

    A 4 cylinder (hornet) is unnecessary if you're not going above 70km/h, and the decreased torque lower down in the rev range won't help when lugging 100kg's around.

    I reckon the cbf single will be painfully slow with you on board, and a vtr will last longer than a gpx if only because most are newer and haven't had as many (neglecting) owners.

    The vtr also has a slightly better riding position for commuting than the gpx or zzr.
  5. I did my L's & P's on a CB250 and found them very comfy on the wrists due to the upright positon, they don't go as fast as some other 250's but will handle all of the speed zones you ride thru. Seat & riding position was much more comfy than the Across I started out on!
  6. They are all alright.

    But decide only after test riding them.
  7. I should clarify, my wrist isn't too much of an issue, it doesn't stop me doing weights etc........it just isn't "quite" as good as it used to be.

    I can still benchpress etc without it being a hassle...
  8. Have you looked a the dirts bike with street tryes.
    Know as supermotard.
  9. Thanks all, keep the advice coming!
  10. go the postie!!!....... jadey from this forum is stepping off a R6 for one of these..... that really shows how fast, agile and fully sick these machine are
    if this bike dosnt get your fancey i would think that a hornet or a vtr will
    with most people only later do they think ..... gees a little more go would be nice or i wish my bike kept up with my freinds 250
    :grin: :grin:
    good hunting and have fun on whatever bike you pick
  11. VTR - is the best bike in that short list - IMHO - Great for the requirements you looking for - i do longer rides on mine often and it does pretty well for that too.......

    CBR250s are over rated in my opinion - little peaky things with nothing down low and pretty much nothing til you revving the shit bags outa it.
  12. Another vote for the VTR, even though I said CBF250 not CBR250 ;)
  13. The GPX will get you around no trouble. I commute on one.

    I do find I lean on my hands a bit more than perhaps you would want, but if you're not going long-distance, that wouldn't be a problem.

    It's got plenty of up-and-go and corners well.

    Ultimately, you have to pick what is right for you, though. I'm looking at a Ducati ST3 for my next bike, and I'm sure there's at least one person out there who's going to think I'm nuts for it.

    Get whichever one grabs you best.