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Most stolen bikes / least stolen bikes list

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Looking for a new bike to park in ally close to work, not new but second hand, does anyone know what bike are the most stolen vs bikes that never get stolen??

  2. a i think you mean stolen
  3. lol
  4. take into account thieves are more opportunistists than brand-loyal, but generally it's the Jap sports bikes that are most desirable and fenceable and disappear most, to be given new lives as cheap track bikes never to be registered again.
  5. Anything of the naked variety is instantly less of a target. Also having it look dented, scratched and never been cleaned helps alot.
  6. you should be looking at perhaps some of the brands that are indigenous to australia. i dont think anyone in their right mind would have the courage to steal one these days.
  7. Honda has HISS - Honda Ignition Security System - built in to most models now - also used on the cars. If the bike is stolen, or the ignition is damaged, the entire ignition system has to be replaced, and can only be bought from Honda.

    If you are really concerned, think about an alarm, or at least a disc lock, and maybe throw a cover over it.
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    Buy a Honda CX500. Actually, no, find someone who'll GIVE you one.

    A friend of mine parked his in an alley behind his apartment. 2 years
    later we went to get it (he was giving it to me) and he found he'd left
    the keys in it...

    so I cleaned it, painted it, reg'd it, and rode it!
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  10. I am sure if you bought a 750 Katana it would be safe! I know where there is one! :LOL:
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  12. Don't knock the plastic pig... There must be a reason why so many pommie couriers still ride them :LOL:
  13. Here is a list I found from the good ol' USofA.

    I'd assume it'd be fairly similar here with the most popular bikes to steal being the most often purchased/popular.

    Hope it helps.
  14. Top 10 most stolen models
    Honda CBR600 (15.8%)
    H-D FLS series (13.4%)
    Honda CBR900 (8.8%)
    Suzuki GSX-R750 (8.1%)
    H-D FXS series (7.8%)
    Kawasaki ZX-600 (5.6%)
    Kawasaki ZX-750 (5.2%)
    Suzuki GSX-600 (4.9%)
    H-D FLH series (4.5%)
    Yamaha FZR600 (4.5%)

    so if I get anything not a newish Jap sports bike or a harley it should be ok. Might buy something that looks a bit rough but with good motor and brakes. (dont like naked bikes, small fairing is ok)
    I thought people would take ducai's and triumph's but my wrong.
  15. Don't worry, Ducs and Trumpys get stolen too, there just isn't as many around, so the numbers will be lower, but proportionally, probably just as high.
  16. I don't think that's an overly new list, I hear the Triumph 600s are easy targets these days, as are R1s (even with their ignition lock they still go for parts)

    Pretty much, if it's got a lock/ locked to something it'll be less of a target.

    if you really want something that wont be looked at get a beaten up postie bike :) (Though still lock it as they are light and can just be picked up and thrown into a trailer/ ute/ van)
  17. In Australia the most stolen bikes by far are dirtbikes, simply because of the fact there's more of them and they're harder to trace if the thief just uses them on private property (or illegally in the bush). I think the most targetted models are those aimed at kids like PW50s (either stolen by kids or stolen by parents for kids).
    Any road bike that could also be used outside of public roads (ie trackbike) is obviously also going to be a target - as would anything that could be worth money for parts (like Harleys). So something cheap, extremely common, and of no interest to joyriders (ie a CB250) would probably be the least likely to be pinched.
  18. Get a Harley and dress the bikie part.
  19. That'd be a good way to not only get your tractor stolen, but get your head inserted up your own bum as well. ;)
  20. My bike is finally first!!! :LOL: :LOL:
    Not good mate, not good!