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MOST/roadworthy - snapped brake lever?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slygrog, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Hi, sorry I tried to do a search but I am sans computer right now, so this is mobile!

    My brake lever is snapped at the end (just before where the little ball end begins) and my MOST is on Monday.

    I tried to organise a replacement OEM part but it has been ordered from Brisbane and I don't think it is here yet.

    Apparently the aftermarket levers seize up.

    I am wondering if the snapped lever makes my bike officially not roadworthy or if it won't matter for Monday. I already paid for the Suzi lever AND I am not keen on seizing front brakes, so just considering my options.
  2. If the lever is long enough to operate the brakes OK then it's probably gonna be OK.

    I did my MOST with a bent lever and broken handgrip which had sharp edges and the hollow bar end exposed. The instructor said it was dangerous (to me) and should be fixed, but didn't say anything about it being unroadworthy.
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  3. Maybe file the end, so there is no sharp bits etc. They might not even notice then..
  4. or stick a blob of blu-tack over the end
  5. I recently did a roadworthy on my bike. I was pulled up on a slightly bent left handlebar. Then again I'd say my mechanic was far more pedantic than most. As said above, file/sandpaper the end to a smooth finish. Essentially just make it clean. If it does fail I'm sure you are permitted a retest within 7 days. Well at least that's the case in Victoria. Perhaps your lever will arrive by then.

    (Edited: My bad I thought you were getting your motorcycle roadworthy for rego, and not skills test).

    If that's the case I doubt it would matter. License testers are not the road transport authority. They don't or shouldn't have jurisdiction over this area. As long as it works, lights etc, you should be fine. When doing car driving tests they don't even check tyre tread here in Victoria. That's quite lax.
  6. i got picked up on having a bent one but she just siad you should replace that

    and if you are really worryed tell him you did it yestoday and you order a lever as soon as it happen but your waiting for it to come and if you have a repicet to back it up even better
  7. the guys at close motorcycles actually did some magic and made the lever appear this afternoon. i was just going to leave it as is and assume it would be fine, but i've heard a few reports lately of intense 'roadworthy checks' before the MOST. weird.

    i so love this forum, thank you kindly for your comments in my time of need!
  8. Why would aftermarket levers seize the front brakes?
  9. most likely a batch that was slightly out in dimensions.......

    but i suspect more that its a sales guy pushing for an oem part, with a higher profit margin. (but they are a better quality metal, much better)
  10. Maybe the person who installed it didn't grease up the pivot point beforehand, or the rider didn't think it was necessary to apply grease every now and then? There's not a lot of mechanical scope for a brake lever to "seize up." It's a piece of metal with a hole and a pin.
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  11. Ok, so it looks like levers themselves don't seize up, but rather they can sporadically lock the brake on some motorcycles if they don't allow the piston to depress completely (can occur due to incorrect installation) - maybe that's what the sales guy was referring to?
  12. Possibly. Could have been a sales trick but at the time he had no reason to think it would net him the cash, I said I didn't want to wait for an OEM part and he advised me to check around elsewhere to see if they had it in stock rather than go for aftermarket.

    Anyway, for anyone wondering, brake levers can be snapped. Everyone in my group had effed levers and they were fine :D