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Most random thing on the net

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, May 24, 2007.

  1. This is just plain bizzare


    (.nl is netherlands isn't it? Would explain a lot...)
  2. .nl certainly is the Netherlands.

    Bwahaha...reminds me of operation :p

  3. Donny Darko anyone???????????

  4. i killed it. that's disturbing.
  5. Yeah killed him too. Took a few goes to save.
  6. Hahahahaha oh my god... That is some weird sh!t :shock:

    Killed it the first time :cry: but saved the fluffy bunny on try #2...

    And yes GS5Hundy, the Netherlands explains a lot :shock: :LOL:
  7. So when i clicked him the cursor got lodged into his stomach? ke?
  8. :LOL: that's some bizare $hite!!

    I killed bunny on first 2 attempts but saved him on the 3rd...

    I loved that operation game as a kid, was in Kmart not long ago and they have a Simpsons version of operation and you operate on Homer... must get it :grin:
  9. Holy sh!t dude, that definitely wins the award for weirdest thing on the internet. That dude had to be on some serious acid!
  10. In the words of Rick James: