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MOST question about Botany Centre

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MsErin01, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. So, i just got upto the second day of the pre-learner course at Botany in Sydney and failed half-way through :(

    Is there a better place to do it in Sydney, one where the instructor doesn't completely abuse the **** out of you and actually speaks so he can be understood!!?

    I had never ridden a bike, haven't driven a manual car ever, nor have i ridden a push bike since i was a child. It didn't take long to pick up balance and gear changing wasn't too hard. I did however stall a couple of times when starting the bike on the second day (i had received a much larger bike than the previous day and i'm quite short plus the clutch seemed to be much further out for me on this bike). Not one warning, and i wasn't the only person who stalled, then the next minute "Ok off the bike and gear off")...

    Opps sorry, this turned into somewhat of a vent but my original question still stands, where have you been for pre-learners in Sydney and are they all abusive ****s?
  2. That sounds odd. It's pretty rare to 'fail' the pre-learners. And usually it's a good sign that you shouldn't ride a motorcycle. Can you shed any light on what else you were doing wrong? It can't have just been stalling.
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  3. It does sound odd.

    I'm not saying this applies to you, but the only time I have heard of some instructors doing a similar thing (prior to the test) was when the 'trainee' was displaying a less than suitable attitude.
  4. Wasn't there a few posts last year from people saying the same thing happened to them?
  5. penrith ....miles away ....but by mine and most people's accounts they're a great mob out at the regatta centre
  6. Did they drill you through getting used to the friction point of the clutch again on the different bike?
    Ideally you should have been on the same bike but you'll need to get used to the nuances of every different bike and get used to repeating what you learned on day one.
    If they didn't give you that time I'd regard it as a fail on their part.
  7. No i didnt get any instruction on the friction point. We just jumped straight into different things on the second day. Like staying in second gear and leaning into turning at higher speed without braking and we never got told how to brake. After just speaking to others friends who have done it with a different instructor (at botany) and at different places (clyde)it seems i did completely different things and got no real instruction on anything.
  8. They probably had the same guy i did hehe he was really good at mumbling and had a helmet on the whole time. And never once used a hand signal. He just liked to yell alot.
  9. I have heard the same thing. The only time i displayed a less than suitable attitude was after he had failed me and i told him how not to abuse people. Which really wasnt much of an attitude but rather some healthy feedback :-/
  10. I went through a Brisbane Qride course so it may be different, but after a couple of runs around the parking lot on a 250, they put me on a 650, and that was just never going to work at the time. There was no way I felt I could ride that bike without killing myself, so I left that particular lesson in tears. I vaguely remember the instructor strongly recommending that I try again on the 650 as at the time it was all part of the licencing structure, which changed not long after that. Anyway, I knew that I had to try again but on the 250, and it took quite a few lessons from there til I got my licence, but I eventually succeeded. I suggest that you get back on the smaller bike you first rode and try again. I had no experience with a manual car and I am 5 ft 1 inch, so the first few lessons were "challenging" (very). Maybe you could enrol through a different course because another instructor might be a better idea, but I would definately go back to the smaller bike and start from there. I found the bigger bike very intimidating as a learner.
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  11. As these places are accredited training centers there a strict guidelines and procedures they have to follow. If you feel the trainer didn't follow them then make a complaint.

    It worked for me on my L's. The instructor was about to fail me on something when I said "Show me the terminal objectives, because I'm pretty sure you have haven't demonstrated that skill yet, let alone informed us of the objectives of the lesson".

    (At the time I was an instructor in the RAAF, so I kind of knew what the rules were).
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  12. What about HART at St Ives. Are they any good?
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  13. Basically from what I can tell, this bloke just sounds like a c*nt.
  14. I went there, granted it was 7 years ago but they were good. I lived much closer to Botany too, but they had much better availability.
  15. I did my ls at hart and several other courses too and cant fault them.
  16. Well i do believe he had no idea what was happening and we were quite certain he was stoned for most of it anyway. But i did get to go back and repeat the second day sometime over the next two weeks, so i have my fingers crossed that i get another instructor. Hmmm, if it is the same one i might complain :S
  17. If i fail the second day when i go back for the repeat day then i will try go to HART St Ives, i haven't read a bad thing about them yet :)
  18. I would have made a complaint when I walked in the door.
  19. Hi MsErin01.

    Who runs the Botany course?

    Instructors for the pre-learners vary...... just like any other job.

    There are lots of really good ones and there are a few who are right b*****s.

    You don't say when this happened, but as a sweeping generalisation, you have a better change of getting a good professional instructor if you do the pre-learners during the week rather than at the week end.

    The places that I know, StayUpright at Clyde and HART at St.Ives, both, usually are very good, especially mid-week.

    If you were given a smaller bike on day one, then a larger, and possibly too large for you, bike for day two you actually have reasonable grounds for complaint to the folk running the course, or, failing satisfaction from them, the RMS (RTA as was).

    It is their responsibility to give you a bike suitable for your size, and certainly not to change you to a bigger (too big?) bike for the second day.

    The pre-learners IS run to a very tight schedule, and instructors don't have the time to go too far into instruction for just one of their class..... this is just a fact of life.

    Another fact of life is that some instructors, very few, I hope, get carried away on some power trip, and there are probably still one or two who might well be classed as misogynists.

    There, I have given you a couple of alternate places to go, but, to be honest, if I were you I'd contact the "school" responsible for Botany and express you're disappointment.

    Maybe they'll offer a private tuition deal, or perhaps another run at the pre-learners. You won't know until you ask.

    I do hope, which ever way you go, that you don't give up on learning to ride.
  20. Get a scooter licence. Learn road craft then worry about the gears later.

    On a more useful note, St Ives HART is very good.