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MOST P's Test Questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Donshe, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Just a few questinos for people who have done the course before.

    Can I do the cone weave in 2nd gear? I know its from a standstill, I probably don't have enough distance to take off an shift but I ca ntake off in 2nd

    What sort of cones are used? (Short/tall/wide?) If I take it with a bit of speed I can flip the bike from side to side, but it seems my foot may be brushing if the cones are tall.

    Emergency stop- Are you penalised for covering the brakes or do they just want to see decellratino only after the 2nd set of cones?

    If anyone can help out itd be appreciated, just trying to figure some things out which arent written in the manual.

  2. You can do the cone weave in second if you want.

    The cones are fairly short (at least at Clyde).

    You can't cover the brakes for the emergency stop.
  3. The cone weave isnt as tight as people make out, i just done it in 1st with a steady amount of throttle, in practise i used the rear brake a bit but went without it on the test. You are going to slow for second gear anyway.

    We were allowed to cover the brake cause you get measured on how far it takes you to stop from the speed you are going. Just grab as much brake as you can, but once again it isnt really that hard.
  4. Yeah just the same as the u turn use the rear brake through the cones second is probably a smoother gear but keep the revs up and the rear brake to keep your speed down as it also helps with balance.

    Emergancy stop no trailing fingers on the lever but its only 20 km so just a smooth but fat handful of front brake and you'll be right...
  5. how'd you go, padre?
  6. haven't even booked it yet. went practicing for a 2nd time though. should do ok.
  7. Cones are small ones, when I went to practice, the course wasn't set up - So I found cones that they used to keep cars out (they were big tall ones), I kept hitting them with my feet, when I finally got it, the guys come out and tell me I'm using the wrong cones, should have been using the small ones - it was much easier with the small ones, feet just go over the top. I practiced in both 1st and 2nd gear, the instructor told us it was easier in 1st, so did it in 1st on the test. I don't think you can cover the brakes, but ask the instructor on the day. And book in if you think you should be ok, they give you plenty of practice time on the course.
  8. Yeah, they use the small cones.

    It's easiest to do it in 1st - go nice and slow and steady, always riding the back brake as well as using clutch and you'll be fine.
  9. be confident but not over confident. dont worry its sooooo easy u will pass no worries. just dont drop the clutch like this girl did in our group and ended up in the fence lol. u need to relax and listen carefully to what the instructor says. if u look the test up on google u should beable to get the cone distance and go practise in an empty car park somewhere.