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VIC Most profitable speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mainstage, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Western Ring Rd tops list of Victoria’s most profitable speed camera spots
    • OCTOBER 16, 2014 1:38PM
    Speed cameras on the Western Ring Rd have captured more speeding drivers than anywhere else in Melbourne between April and June.

    DRIVERS on the Western Ring Rd are more likely to be snapped by a speed camera than anywhere else in Melbourne.

    The 15 cameras along the thoroughfare rang up more than $5.3 million in fines — from 24,814 infringements issued — in the three months from April to June this year.

    This was followed by EastLink, on which 16,621 fines were issued totalling $3.4 million.

    Figures released on the Department of Justice’s Cameras Save Lives website today also show a significant jump in the number of drivers nabbed on CityLink in the most recent quarter.

    The 15,277 fines issued on CityLink was the highest number in six years and more than double the 7000 fines issued for the tollway in the preceding quarter.

    The statistics included speeding, red light and unregistered vehicle offences, but did not include those for tolling.

    The single most profitable camera in Victoria covered three lanes at the intersection of Flinders and William streets in Melbourne CBD.

    More than $2.6 million in fines were issued from 20,774 infringements doled out for the site.

    Overall there were 369,165 fines issued in Victoria, resulting in more than $84,175,176.

    A disclaimer on the website says that the number and dollar value of fines may have changed since first issued as fines may be withdrawn, reissued or replaced by an official warning.


    1. Intersection of Flinders and William streets, Melbourne — 20,774
    2. Intersection of Fitzroy St and Lakeside Drive, St Kilda — 13,748
    3. Intersection of Warrigal and Batesford roads, Chadstone — 13,680
    4. Intersection of Maroondah Highway and 100m west of Hutchinson St, Lilydale — 11,576
    5. Intersection of Exhibition and Victoria streets — 9113
    6. Western Ring Rd, 1600m west of Sydney Rd, Broadmeadows — 6209
    7. Burnley Tunnel, 430m after tunnel entrance, Southbank — 5540
    8. Intersection of Burke and Old Burke roads, Kew East — 4233
    9. Princes Freeway, Point Cook, Forsyth Rd Bridge, Geelong bound — 3932
    10. Princes Freeway, Hoppers Crossing, Forsyth Rd Bridge, Melbourne bound — 3834

  2. Money hungry cnuts!
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  3. Well of course. The cameras are facing backwards now.
  4. & you have dumbarse drivers feeding them money. They know the camera's exist, so how the hell do drivers get caught 24,814 times in 3 months?!

    Again, central Melbourne, intersection of Flinders/William streets, Melbourne — 20,774 speeding infringements in 3 months. That's crazy! We're not talking about hidden cameras.

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  5. Agreed @Justus@Justus I'm with you. I'm going to get some hate here, but how about, you know, just don't speed? Big signs with numbers in red circles, some of them flash even! Pay attention to them. Or at least just don't speed where the cameras are. Either way it's illegal. When you do something illegal you get penalised. It's nothing new.
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    Citylink tunnels have four sets of cameras operating, but the one 430 metres into the Burnley tunnel is the goldmine with over 10,000 fines there and less than 5,000 at the other three sites combined. It's a variable speed zone on a downslope which is normally an 80 zone, but they frequently reduce the speed limit from 80 to 60 just around the merge point as you enter the tunnel and that camera site is just before the border of where it changes from 60 back to 80. Dollars for doughnuts 90% of the fines there are people who are doing between 65 and 80 when the lower variable speed limit is in operation.

    I'm pretty sure you can even see the electronic 80 signs as you pass under that camera, but you're still in the 60 zone until you actually pass those 80 signs.

    Cha ching.

    Wow cameras in 40 zones are a real winner, expect to see more of them.

    At The Intersection Of Flinders Street And William Street, Melbourne - Lane 1, 2, 3 20,774 $ 4,611,031
    At The Intersection Of Fitzroy Street And Lakeside Drive, St Kilda - Lane 1, 2, 3 13,748 $ 3,111,505
    At The Intersection Of Warrigal Road And Batesford Road, Chadstone - Lane 1, 2, 3 13,680 $ 3,048,927
    At The Intersection Of Maroondah Highway and Hutchinson Street, Lilydale - Lane 1, 2 11,576 $ 2,499,145
    At The Intersection Of Exhibition Street And Victoria Street, Melbourne - Lane 1, 2, 3 9,113 $ 1,907,098

    The top five money spinning locations for April-June four are 40 zones and one is a 50 zone. Over $15 million worth of safety was generated at these five camera sites in just three months.

    1 Lower the speed limit
    2 Install cameras
    3 Profit :v:v:v
  7. I was always curious about whether the camera knows the limit has been reduced, do you know if that is definitely the case?
  8. How do they get 'caught'? Easy. The cameras are also fining innocent drivers who just assume they were speeding & pay up. Thats why they make millions in $$ & thats why you'll see more of them instead of flesh n blood police officers. Theses machines are judge, jury & executioner & we have ourselves to blame for allowing it for not even questioning their 'accusation of guilt' or accuracy. The road toll is still high & ever increasing so how are they possibly said to be working to lower it??
  9. Road toll is high and ever increasing? Where did you come up with that? Want to quote some stats to prove that?
  10. Yes the cameras in the tunnels are all variable. (both eastlink & citylink)

    There is a five minute buffer between when the speed limit is lowered and when the cameras start booking people at the reduced speed limit.
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  11. This one is pretty good. 40kay zone. fcuken snaps every single time I'm there. Poor ****s.
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    Fining 'innocent' drivers does not explain the huge number of drivers exceeding the speed limit.


    How do you define "still high"? and the toll is not ever increasing as stated. Check the TAC fatality statistics yourself.

    BigW has a history of talking without thinking when it comes to discussing 'safety cameras'.

    eg. [VIC] Speed cameras are duds

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    Yes it's been strategically placed about 150m before it changes up to 60 on the far side of the intersection with Victoria St.

    If they moved that camera 200m up the road it would make no money. The vast majority of "offences" there will be between 45 and 60 as people speed up for the 60.

    Putting a camera right before a 20km/h increase in the speed limit is pure & utter filth.
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  14. Aaand there it is! Predicatable as ever. I knew you couldn't resist replying! Our self appointed legal 'expert' resorting to petty schoolboy tactics to inflate his/her already overly inflated ego! LOL

    I've gotta hand it to ya! You certainly know how to bring up the past like a good wife does!
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    I'm sure that they were all exceeding the speed limit. But I'd say the speed limit along there has been set too low for the prevailing conditions. It's a very wide street with good visibility and there's very little pedestrian activity because that side of the Flinders St is completely inactive (no shops, only railway flyovers).

    If the speed limits cannot be set at a sensible level, I think they should install traffic calming measures in certain camera locations to force people to slow down (ie speed bumps), as the "natural" safe speed limit at the top five camera locations is higher than the set limit, hence the obnoxiously large numbers of people being fined at those locations.

    When the Keilor Park Bridge camera site was reduced to 80 while the Western Ring Road was being upgraded, the cameras there were suddenly making millions every quarter and they were the top earning speed cameras in Melbourne. Now the limit there has been restored to 100, those cameras are making almost nothing again.

    Nothing to do with safety, all about the $$$.
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  16. @Justus@Justus and @Jabba@Jabba, I know what you're saying, and you are right. However, that still doesn't mean that the gubbermunt isn't a bunch of money hungry cnuts. ;)
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  17. Not denying that fact lol!

    I agree with the fact that many are placed strategically.
  18. Deflections don't work.

    2008 - 303
    2009 - 290
    2010 - 288
    2011 - 287
    2012 - 282

    5 year average - 290.

    Use common sense. At the very least, do some research of what is happening in your own state instead of making stupid assumptions with no foundation.

    Sometimes they stink too.


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  19. Justus already pointed out the blatant deflection there so i'm just going to leave the below article.


    Plus you should also take into account the amount of vehicles registered and used daily compared the 1924.

    But hey if you insist that the road toll is ever increasing you must have some serious stats to back it up.
  20. The bullshit that comes out o the mouths of politicians, MUARC, the TAC and senior police usually increases every year... Is that close enough? ;)
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