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Most powerful learner-legal bike for NSW?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ghost R1der, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. At the risk of sounding like a maniac, does anybody know what the most powerful learner-legal bike is in NSW?
    I've tried googling the specs of several bikes on the RTA approved list, but haven't really found anything better than a CBR250RR ... assuming a total bike/gear/fuel/rider weight of 250 kg ... but i don't know if they take rider weight into account when figuring the power-to-weight ratio...


  2. Most powerful bike is 150kw/tonne - anything else wouldn't be on the list ;). What you should be looking at is the torque figures.
  3. RVF400...i believe it only JUST scrapes under the radar by about 3hp or so.
  4. I don't know about most powerful but I reckon if you took a RVF400 and spent a bit of cash on the motor and a exhaust you'd have close to the quickest a LAM gets in NSW.
  5. The RVF400 is winning at the moment :)

    was wondering do they factor in fully laden weight of the bike when calculating the ratio? i mean obviously a bit of +/- ....... ?

    then again if it's on the list it's good enough for me .... exploring all the options.
  6. I don't know whether it's the bikes dry weight or what.

    The VFR is quite a similar bike to the RVF, the VFR has 5 more horsepower though so it tips it over the LAM legal ratio, so they probably don't give much +/- allowance.
  7. I'd hazard a guess and say the Hyosung GT650R(L)... certainly would be the quickest if you derestricted it on the sly :wink:
  8. Thanks for the input guys :cool:

    this is a little stupid, but does it sound unwise to be starting out on one of the more powerful bikes?? i road trail bikes a lot when i was younger and then a few years ago hopped on a 250 cc off-road for a few weekends and didn't find it much of a challenge ...
  9. hey scarecrow just saw your post... was looking at the hyosung's today .... what's the go with the (L) .. ?? you can buy them restricted or something??
  10. The hyo 650's can be bought in a learner version that restricts the output. Can't quite remember, but I think you can just whack some normal carby slides in there to get full power back.
  11. Yes the Hyosung can be brought back up to full power by replacing the carby slides. You need to show a dealer your full licence before they will do it though. You can just go to a Suzuki dealer though and by the slides from a carby SV650.
  12. Thats quite true, just whack on new slides on the 650l and you have got a full 80 or so ps powered bike, cops cant even tell the difference.
  13. Yeah the (L) models are the exact same 650 model restricted to meet LAM's power/weight requirments.

    Even restricted they've got a fair bit of go on tap, if you're handy with a set of tools you can derestrict them yourself (using the slides from a SV650 as someone's already said) and you'll have a full powered 650cc bike and no one will be the wiser.

    If you take the SV650 slides into any bike mech I doubt they'll have a problem with doing the change. If you take it back to a Hyo dealer they'll need to notify the RTA that it is no longer LAM's approved though.
  14. i would say the zx2r is the most powerful and quickest leaner legal 250.
    the gt650r is slow and its too heavy.
  15. That depends what state you live in!

    rs250/rgv250 is the quickest 250 you're allowed in Vic, and if you live in NSW there's no reason to even bother with a 250. The restricted 650 would probably be quicker than the 4-stroke 250's.

    I reckon the idea behind restricted bikes that can be used also for a full license is a good one, saves the hassle of buying another bike when you graduate.
  16. negotiating traffic should be challenge enough, get a 2fifty, learn how to keep yourself alive then pass it on to someone else to learn while you get yourself something with a little more sting.
    the restrictions are there for a reason.
  17. Hyosung 650L

    I can vouch for the hyosung 650L being pretty quick in its restricted and unrestricted forms. Plenty of torque, and as someone who had never touched a motorbike before I found it pretty user friendly and easy to control... the bars are high and wide (unlike the faired 650R with low sporty bars). But I'm biased as I have one for sale in the classifieds here... it's registered learner legal with the unrestricted slides currently fitted. I also have the learner slides to go with it as well.
  18. The GT650R has more then double the horsepower, and is only 40kg's heavier... get off the gas mate, it would shit all over the zx2r same as any 600cc+ sportsbike.

  19. What he said. My old Z 650 would hose any 250 it came across, I never went past 80 though, and they were all definitely in the mirrors.
    There's a thing called torque, and it's what actually moves things. Horsepower is for brochures.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. I'm on your side dude... :LOL: I've still got my 2 fifty and still really enjoy it when I get out. Goes plenty fast enough, small and handles well (good for traffic!!), and is comfy (enough) for extended stints...
    Admittedly if I didn't have to run everything through the Department of Finance (My other half) , probably would've stepped up a few cc's by now :LOL: