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Most pathetic crash story

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jomac, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. I love reading the crash stories that readers post. I am such a Newbie to riding (first time on bike was just a few months ago) and have had license for a few weeks, I think it might help me avoid problems if I read about how others got into trouble plus it helps make me feel better about my own, then again no-one elses sounds quite as stupid.

    It's a bit disconcerting when posters assert that new riders will crash. I hope the following crash is mine out of the way.

    Husband bought me a motorbike for anniversary gift.
    I am riding it around school carpark practising turning slowly but I think I am going to hit the curb.
    So I try to stop bike with - yep- both feet.
    Now to do that you need to lean back.
    Leaning back while hanging onto handles makes the throttle go on full.
    I ride screaming out of control over the curb and smack into a tree.
    My thighs slam into the tank then I go over the handlebars to land a few metres away with shin smacking onto carpark curbing.
    The husband runs over looking worriedly - over the bike!
    He then looks at me, pauses---grins and congratulates me; as he put it "You're not a real rider until you crash".
    Bike goes back to shop the same day I bought it with two bent forks and smashed lights and controls.

    Now I'm sure there is a lesson in this - but I don't know anyone dumb enough to need it. Oh yeah - if I can learn to ride anyone can.
  2. That sounds pretty much like the 'neighbour will teach you how to ride' scene at the start of 'On Any Sunday' :LOL:

    Good to see its hasn't discouraged you :).
  3. Ouch, sounds painful, and expensive, i got a little too friendly with the throttle many times with my first bike, lucky it was an 80 cc beast :wink: You will soon learn the finer details of riding, sounds like you panicked and froze up.
    Good luck next time :twisted:
  4. and the bike was

    It was an hyosung aquilla 250 - dry weight 155kg
    It made me very nervous to get back on - but was worth it.
    Think shin will always have scar.
  5. Well, thanks for sharing the story. I guess there is a lesson in there somewhere :)

    I have not yet got past my pre-L and am a bit apprehensive about it all. Having said that, this is something that I want to achieve and I want to do it now.

    I know about throttle control problem as it is definitely something that I've got to work hard on.

    Hope the shin scar fades...eventually.

  6. Jeez, and here I was thinking that the real trouble starts after you've learnt how to ride.
  7. my mum did the same thing 3 weeks ago on her Aquin Bruiser 250.
    3 weeks later she is still aching from a fractured rib from the handlebar hit her :cry:
  8. Poor mum

    Is your Mum going to get back on?
    It could so easily have stopped me from continuing. I just don't think peope who have been riding all their lives are good instructors, (unless they are actually experienced instructors) everything is so natural for them. My husband kept saying "why didn't you pull in the clutch?"
    like it should be automatic - but when you are on first time you have to think about where everything is.
    Perhaps the rules should change that only absolute newbies should become instructors because we know how little other newbies know.
  9. My husband tried to teach me too!! Worst idea ever, he yelled, I yelled back, he tried to tell me to do it different to the instructors who would be testing me, I got a sore hand and wrist from riding 150 meters, doing U turns and stopping again, he rode the bike home, I drove the car, and I got my license 3 days later!!

    It's all worth it, when you get on that bike, and all of sudden it all makes sense!! You drive along, and everything happens like it should, and then you remember to breathe!! It's the best!!
  10. teacher.

    You have the same sorta skill level as this cop but she has a better landing
    technique so maybe a phonecall asking for tips on how to land on your ass
    instead of ya leg will do you the world of good.

    After all, that is one of the reasons ladies have big soft asses. Your battered
    thighs will thank you for it.


    INHO, the most course of action to take is to give ya husband a backhander to
    the head for bringing harm to you as a result of not buying you an appropriate
    present to celebrate an anniversary.

    Once he gets his money back, be certain he this time visits the RIGHT shop to waste
    his earnings on the RIGHT present for the RIGHT anniversary. icon_syda.


    Some men have no idea.. as do some you women. smiley_consoling.


    Thank God for Vic
    Thank Vic for Netrider
    Thank Netrider for giving you the help you need
  11. :LOL: :LOL: Very funny video MG
  12. Re: Poor mum

    My mum had been trying hard and had been doing the carpark thing for 2mths already when this happened, now she is talking about selling her bike. she says she likes pillioning better, its less stressful and she can take photos while riding :LOL: Although the day she had her accident, earlier on the same day I was involved in a head-on with another bike so I think her mind could have been elsewhere.

    Agreed with the old people teaching thing. My dad tries to teach my mum but just yells instead and tells her different things from the instructors at the testing center, she much prefers me teaching her as I recently when through the tests and don't have a temper mostly :LOL:
  13. Absolute classic MG

    :rofl: :rofl:
  14. Is it wrong... but I can't stop watching MG's video :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: It must be that little scream
  15. Don't worry, Jomac. Doing stupid things is part of learning. Sure, it would be nice to just get it right, but if that doesn't happen, know that you're certainly not the only one to have goofed! I remember launching across the road into a rock wall opposite a driveway I just went up :LOL: :oops: . It's all about learning how much throttle, clutch, rear brake, etc is needed. Some get it easily. Others, like you and I, have to learn it through endless practise. If you enjoy riding, or think you will once it starts coming together for you - don't give up!

    I agree that sometimes it's difficult for the mega experienced riders to teach noobs. I think that's why Raven and I make a good team mentoring. He knows his stuff, and I know learners :LOL: . Being someone who seems to take a while to learn each skill, I've learnt how to break things down to the most basic level. Raven explains it, and I translate it into "noob" when we get a confused/overwhelmed look. It's not long ago that I had to think about every little thing while I rode... so exhausting.

    Anyway, keep getting out there as much as you can so you don't forget between practises. Have fun!
  16. When my wife bought her new scooter home, she decided it was too hard to push it into the shed as there is an incline, so she started it up and walked beside it using the throttle gently. there is a bend in the path and as she went around it she rolled the throttle and the scooter took off. She fell over trying to keep up and it hit an apricot tree and then ran into the trellis I use to grow runner beans, where most of the plastic front fairing disintegrated.
  17. You are one funny poster - I hope you are joking.
    BTW - that was skill level from first ride
  18. MG,

    My 6 yr old daughter, 4yr old son and me are rolling in laughter at that video!

  19. Sorry I couldn't let the opportunity pass smiley_dance.

    Hope you're able to improve your co-ordination skills quick smart..
    for your own safety as well as the other road users next to you.



    haha lol.

    My pleasure smiley_peace.

    It is funny seeing mature fems attempting something beyond their
    God-given capabilities. :LOL:
  20. Pardon me for biting, MG, but both your posts prior to mine sound really insensitive. Are you meaning to sound derogatory toward mature women riders, or is it just my Aussie interpretation??