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MOST On a cruiser + U Turn Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thomen, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Hi i've heard passing the MOST test on a cruiser even if it is a 250 is quite the challenge... anyone here passed on a cruiser or would it be easier to hire a bike for the day even if it means getting used to the feel of it on the day?

    With the U Turn for most once you're out of the cone weave etc and heading into the u turn do you need to stop and head check etc before you do your u turn as if you were pulling out from a curb?

  2. They will explain all this to you and give you opportunities to ask if you don't understand. When I did it, there was just a headcheck at the start and you didn't stop until you reach the box at the end.

    The test can be done on any bike. It is easier on some than others. I've never ridden a cruiser, so I can not comment on its difficulty.
    Hiring their bikes might give you a confidence boost. If you think theres a good chance of you dropping yours, you probably shouldn't be doing the test IMO.

    From memory hiring a CB250 is $150 for the day. Less if you just need it for the test.

    You don't lose too many points for going over a line or two. You can go over a line or two and still pass.
  3. I set up the most test in my driveway , and i couldnt do the swerve or the
    cones without putting my feet down.( riding a gs500 )

    So i borrowed a hire bike and it was a sinch. A little honda cb250.

    Try it out on your bike first if your not comfortable maybe borrow a cb250.

  4. Thomen,
    get yourself a can of spray chalk and duck down to the local carpark, church parking lot or what ever.......... and mark out the test.
    The U-turn,
    The right hand turn
    The left hand turn
    the cone weave
    the emergency stop box.............
    ...and have a practice. The U turn is completed in one exercise as the second part of the cone weave.......without stopping.
    Good to see you are thinking though, :wink: headchecks are paramount! do headchecks for bloody everything........you need to go for a pee...yell out and let them know you are doing a headcheck. :p

    If you are having any difficulty at all with your bike (turning circle ,etc)
    and the test, I would suggest strongly...hire one of theirs!!
    You get all day to get used to it, plenty of practice etc, and its worth it to not have to go back to do the test again,.. :evil: :oops:

    Cheers Rogues
  5. Hi all,
    thanks for the replies and helpful comments! much appreciated! i think i'll head out to homebush and give it a go on the practice course there!
    thank you all again much appreciated!
  6. Maybe you just didn't give yourself a chance and they saw an easy opportunity for you to pay them some more money by planting the seed of doubt in yoru mind..

    I did my test a few weeks back o nthe same bike and passed with (0) deductions.
  7. Yes it can be done on a cruiser. I did mine on a xvs250 cruiser and got through the cone test and u-turn without loosing any points but failed on the head checks :facepalm: ](*,) (f#$%@n headchecks) so am practicing doing "mirrors/headcheck' every time I move.
  8. awesome! im thinking of getting the xvs250! how do you find it?
  9. Probably could be done, with great difficulty. A guy at my MOST test had a Honda 250 Rebel, and had great difficulty with its huge turn circle, and was so long he couldn't do the cone weave without hitting a cone, or putting a foot down. This caused him to fail the MOST. Don't know if it was the bike, or the rider, as I only met the guy on the day of the test, but it looked like he was a decent rider on everything else, but he had it on full lock, and once he made it through one pair of cones, he didn't have enough lock to make it through the next pair.

    I would also advise you to hire the CB, or if you have any other rider friends, see if you could borrow theirs. The hire bikes down here in Nowra are only 125 Daelim (some Korean sh!t) and our instructor used it on the course, though not on the road ride (she used her SV1000), and on the course she made it look like she was riding a bicycle. The little 125 was so lightweight and nimble that she could go quickly through all the cones and do the U turn with plenty of room to spare. Probably would have helped that she was an instructor, and did the course pretty much every weekend.
  10. Can't get enough of it. Great around town, won't break any acceleration records but that’s what you'd expect from a 250. I got it because I hadn't ridden for 30 years and I found it light enough and comfortable enough to get my confidence back. I find it a little underpowered on the open road. Can cruise at 100-110 k/h comfortably until you get a bit of a head wind or up a hill then you are using a lot of throttle or you need to drop down a gear to keep your speed up. :-w Of course being on L's I wouldn't go over 80 k/h :wink: I must have heard it from someone. :---) As for the MOST I think it just comes down to practice practice practice. I was having trouble with the weave and U turn until I stopped looking a meter in front and turned my head and looked to where I wanted to go. On the weave I looked well ahead and as soon as the front wheel was abeam the cone I would commence my turn. As I said before, I didn’t loose any points on the weave or u-turn.
  11. The big 'trick' for slow-speed, tight turns - particularly U-turns - is to lean the bike right over (you'll generally have to sit upright or even lean outwards a little, to counterbalance).

    The more the bike leans into the turn, the more "bonus" steering angle it gets as a result of the rake on the forks, etcetera, and the tighter the bike will turn. Much tighter than if it stays fully upright.

    I wrote a more in-depth description of low-speed U-turns in another thread over here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=777169#777169 , actually. Might be helpful, I hope. :)
  12. once again thank you all! much appreciated!
    i read your description SPOTS! very helpful! cheers!
  13. No problem. :) It does take a bit of practice to get well-practiced at really tight turns and u-turns, but keep at it. :)
  14. will do! looks like i should head out to homebush to the practice most course someone kindly marked!