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most likely will be disagreed with but just curious

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Not wanting opinions on this because it will just be divided. Am just curious as to wether anyone else has. My zzr has gone to shit a bit and yeah i should fix it etc but i'm lazy, and would rather spend money on a bigger bike. i learnt to ride on an old heavy 750 before i went and got my l's. i have the option to buy a 600 for mates rates, nice bike he just wants a 1000. i can borrow a cbr250rr for when i go get my full license etc. I don't want a bigger bike for the speed, just to save myself buying 3 bikes in the space of a year. The temptation will be there to go faster, but like most things, I'm over the novelty factor of flying everywhere because i can. Has anyone else bought bigger bikes just for cash flow purposes as opposed to wanting a bigger bike???

    I simply don't think i'll afford another 250, then another big bike later on because I don't earn much.

  2. It sounds to me like your heart isn't in riding mate.
  3. I disagree :grin:
  4. it's there. it's just i make bad decisions. example: my aim was a big thumping v8 once off my p's. i've driven drag cars etc... my family and friends are all very vehicle orientated. but i still have several "projects" sitting around. i'm assett wealthy very cash poor. don't want to make the same mistake and have 5 or 6 unrw bikes sitting around. i love riding, and i just want it to be transport, race tracks are there if i need to unleash the beast!! we're lucky to have facilities that let us do these things in the correct environment
  5. Flex if you get a supersport 600 dont think you wont be yanking that throttle. flying on a ZZR250 is nothing compared to flying around on a ZX6r.

    if you do decide to step up, just be carefull. not only will you not be insured blah blah blah but with bigger bikes come bigger temptations.
  6. i would buy the 600, but i take the occasional risk ;)
  7. breno's right, about all of it.

    Tash's approach of buying a 600 now and spending nearly a year doing it up to within an inch of its life is a great plan. You sound like a bit of a tinkerer; why don't you buy that 600 now but take it off the road and customise it; that'll mean that you won't be tempted to ride it (with the attendant risks blah blah blah) but you'll have a great fun vehicle when you finish your restrictions?....
  8. And while tinkering with the 600cc, you could fix up your zzr so that when the time comes you can sell it and use the money to further bling up your nice new ride?

    Just a suggestion :grin:
  9. haha sounds like a plan.... but i promised myself i would not start tinkering with bikes like i have with cars. lol my kwaka 5 hundred is still dismantled in the garage of my old house... score if someone knows what they're doing hehe
  10. Woodsy raises hand and says 'i'll have that if it's in your way' :)
  11. Think I'll re-read this when one or both of us are sober! It is Saturday night after all!
  12. Solution = Do a spring clean.

    Get rid of all the cars & bikes that are the unfinished projects, get some cash, doesnt matter if theyre finished or not, there are always buyers plus it sounds like they are getting you down rather than giving you joy by being there.

    If you still want the 6er buy it & make that your project to be complete for when your off your restrictions. In the meantime tinker with the 250. Just limit yourself to one project at a time.

    If you minimise your projects you will see light at the end of the tunnel & have more cash, imagine not having to search & buy soooooo many parts = freedom time to enjoy riding put the smile back on your dial :grin:
  13. Yeah, One bike. life's too short to waste time tinkering around with all manner of disparate bits. Do it once, do it right and enjoy as much time as possible actually riding it.
  14. Ive only recently gotten my p's - ive got a zzr250 and a CBR600RR. At present to be 100%honest im actually enjoying riding the zzr more. A couple of reasons - i FEEL the speed more on the zzr, on the cbr going 100k/hr feels like 50k/hr and so youre continually wanting to go faster but can due the constant thought of what happens if the policia decide to say hello!! :?

    On the zzr you relax a lot more cause youre not worried about that sort of thing, and im personally finding it more fun gradually pushing myself and the bike more everytime i get on it. Seeing how much more lean i can get and all of those fun things.

    In saying that im still taking the CBR out once or twice a week and not letting it stay still for too long, which is great fun but just ultimately not worth gettin busted on. Just for a quick instance with the long weekend here in canberra - if i were to get pulled over on the cbr - BYE BYE 14POINTS!!!! not cool....

    But, everyone makes their own decisions and the cbr is going to be in the garage for a few more months to come!

    So yeah - i would say get the 600- ride the zzr and work on it. Thats exactly what im doing.