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MOST is booked!! 08 Jan '11

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Me and the fiance heading down to Campbelltown training centre on sat 08, heading to the Church the night before for an extra blessing.

    Incense, holy water, holy beads...if the ortho priest has it, i'll take it!

  2. Orthodox way is to fast for a week then get blessed on Sunday
  3. i can't (go) fast or else i might get done for speeding :)

    you reckon they'll let me do my test with my baffle-ectomized bike?
  4. Wow very lucky to have gotten your MOST test so soon, on a weekend and in the middle of holidays too. If you want to do some extra runs in Homebush im always game.

    So what the timeframe between passing your L’s test to doing the MOST test? Looks like you booked well in advance. Just remember, the red “P” plate allows us to ride 10km faster along the M4, that way we would only be breaking the limit by 10km to keep up with traffic lol.
  5. Good Luck Mav, I'm sure you'll ace it.
  6. Rent 1 of theirs Mav
  7. Nah Mav is already acing it on his bike, no need to rent their little unfamiliar bike. The way I look at it, you only rent if your want to trash and drop the bike multiple times:). The guys who owned a bike and didnt use it for my test were called PU$$IES by the instructor lol.

    My instructor didnt bat an eyelid with my Jardine pipes, all they did was check the indicators, check the headlight, check the brake light (both for the front and back brake) and maybe if youve got a very anal instructor he might check your horn. In sayng that Mav can always rent one of the bikes if his instructor is a bike Nazi.
  8. and

    Think Goz was advising to rent one of theirs if they don't let me use mine...but you seem to have agreed with him anyway :)

    My de-baffled 250 is louder than your custom Jardine's :demon:

    And I've been riding my fiance's VTR250 to work and back since my rego expired last week, so i think I should be ok in regards to an "unfamiliar bike".

    got them in May, bought a bike in October...took her family that long to shutup about "how much a pair of idiots you are",
    needeless to say,
    when they found out we bought bikes, they got one comment out about "are you gonna get tatts and piercings and then get killed" before the fiance told them that anyone who thinks like that is an ignorant ****.
  9. I got two of my smaller tattoos before I bought my bike but my largest one was after ;) Plus, I let my ear piecing close up many years ago (during a long sabbatical away from bikes) and have no desire to get any more.

    Anyhoo, good luck with the test come January. My g/friend's son did his at Campbelltown (nee. Uni carpark) and they checked his horn. HART always do and I believe Rouse Hill do as well - it's a roadworthy check after all.

    Along with the incense/holy water & beads (don't forget the candles), I believe an enema and abstaining from sex for two weeks prior (heck, it's your fiancée - don't bring up the subject of sex at all around the priest... I've been have lectured about this by a Russian Orthodox priest in the past) might be in order to satisfy him you're genuine :D
  10. you wouldn't happen to know the name of the contractor who does the MOST tests at Campbelltown uni would ya?
  11. Who wouldn’t agree with Goz the wise :).

    Oh you evil evil man, I want to de-baffle mine as well, so I could hear more vroom vroom :demon: :demon:. So im guessing that the testing place would be using a VTR250, and the better half doing the test on the same day?

    By the way how did that job thing at Seven Hills go? I totally forgot to ask you about it.

    Yeah dude your problem was telling them :). I avoided all these by not telling anyone, I told my family that I was studying when doing the pre-learners course (technically not a lie) and didn’t say anything when buying the bike the week after. The first they knew about my “idiot” ambitions was when they saw me parking the bike in the house lol.

    So Mav when are you and your fiancé getting matching tatts and piercing? BTW how she responded is classic, shes definitely a keeper.

    Gee Blaise your going to put them off doing the test, Mav would be a wreck for two weeks lol. Just joking Mav lol.
  12. I'll try and find out for you.

    EDIT: He can't remember the name of the company... I tried to search Google without success. I'd call the RTA and see what information they can shed for you.
  13. yeah cool thanks blaise, will do so i can suss out what they got for rentals and such
  14. I've been out there once and apart from a demountable building in a fenced off area with the garbage skips, I don't see where they could have bikes available for rental. Ring up one of the bike stores in Campbelltown (or the RTA) and see what they have to say regarding availability of rentals.
  15. Yeah rang them up, they are called "Ride It Right", 1800 351 666, they don't have a website :(

    spoke to one of their reps and said that they don't bring bikes down on the day, best to pre-book @ $150 hire charge, and if i book but get the ok on the day, i still get charged

    they mostly have a range of different 150cc bikes, nothing bigger :(

    if i want to be sure i have to go down this saturday to one of their testing sessions in penrith and check with the instructors, as its their last saturday before the xmas/new years break

  16. Unusually small bikes they are using, lucky you didnt get stuck with a scooter. The good thing is that everything should be a piece of cake...well apart from trying to get to speed.
  17. update

    when down to penriff after the BBQ in homebush on saturday, and was joined for the cruise by one of you recent P platers who rides a Black gt650r. can't remember your name dammit, but cheers for the nod anyway!

    hung out at the learners session that was going on at the Regatta centre and spoke to one of the instructors afterwards and he reckoned i should be fine, just as long as i don't "rev it" too much.

    so MOST test here we come!!
  18. Yeah i think we only had a suspicion once at the L's session when you gassed it for a stoppie. Sounded loud but I reckon if you do a quick change to 2nd they won't notice.
  19. 9 Days to go...hurry the F up already

    *side note; if i sell the virago before the test I'll have to rent one anyway :p
  20. Hey good luck with the test, i've got my MOST test on the 9th of Jan at Campbelltown. Did my learners there and yeah the bikes they had for the learners are some pretty beat up Daelim 125s cruiser/sport bikes, not sure if its the same for the Ps rentals but.
    Im probably going to head down to where the Learner sessions at olympic park are on fri at sometime to get some last min practice in if you wanted to join?