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most interesting country you road a bike in..?....?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sydneybiker, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. would love to know the most interesting place everyone has ridden a bike overseas?

    I got to ride a 200 cc russian minsk bike in northern vietnam near the chinese border. no helmet, no gear just tshirt and shorts and camera for a few days.

    did a 35 km hill climb up and down from a town called lao cai to the mountain town of sapa. the traffic there has to be believed.

    also, with the use of the horn over there it must be a cultural thing. they dont use it to flip people off like i do here, more a "here i am, overtaking you". no road lines, no helmets or speed limit.

    a 6 goot 3 white guy riding around these towns by himself was getting lots of looks. even funnier was the the bike's kickstart fell off so i had to get a jump start. about twenty guys were laughing at me as i ran beside the bike before jumping on....quite an experience...

    anyone else got any tales of riding overseas?
  2. Tasmania is fantastic :)
  3. As i have said before i will be there in a few months touring on the bike (with the missus to ) so i hope its as good as every-one says .
  4. Koh Phangan, Thailand :)

    whilst riding home from the full moon party hit some gravel and slid down the road wearing board shorts and a t-shirt - the gravel rash meant i couldn't go in the ocean for 2 weeks (not a good thing when you're on a tropical island) :?

    best bit was when i flew to hong kong for work (straight from thailand) and customs found my antibiotics - pink and blue capsules in a resealable bag - despite my insistence that in thailand you don't need a prescription for antibiotics they locked me up for 5 hours whilst they had them tested :LOL: :|
  5. I had the misfortune to ride several times on a little island called Bohol in the Philippines. There, as in most Asian countries, tiny bikes are called upon to perform massive tasks and just watching how much the people could cram onto a little 100cc bike was an education in itself.

    I got to ride a work colleague's Honda 125cc single several times on a couple of islands. The roads on Bohol were appalling and a mate and I rode from Talibon right into the centre of the island to see the Chocolate Hills (mmmm, chocolate)

    Since the roads were so bad, you were going really quickly if you were doing 40 mp/h (non-metric speedos) and the potholes were just outrageous.

    The other road users were very aware and traffic was not really a problem.

    I also rode another friend's 125 from Trinidad to Talibon at night time. THAT was an education. It had no front brake lever so all braking had to be done with the foot brake. Belting (!!!) into town at about 8 o'clock, a local walked straight across the road in front of me. I grabbed for the front brake as one does, and it wasn't there!

    I swerved and hit him a glancing blow, knocking him to the road. The bike lurched to a stop and stalled and he got up and apologised to ME!!

    Later I visited C P Garcia, a lovely island about an hour's boat ride from Talibon. The roads there were beautiful and I rode around the whole island in a day. Gorgeous scenery and unmarked beaches.

    That's my OS riding expereince (oh, and I had a flat rear tyre one night while pillioning my wife back from Trinidad to Talibon and had to push the bike in the pitch black for about 5 kms to town. THAT was fun too.)
  6. Phillip Island is pretty good to

    It's over seas .....you have to cross water to get there
  7. The place I most wished I had a bike was on St Lucia in the West Indies.
    About 20 miles long and 10 miles wide - good sealed roads (some potholes) and numerous mountains over 1000 feet. Three over 1000 metres. (And whah they call a "drive-in" volcano)

    Lots and lots and lots of corners. The drivers were a little "different" but generally considerate and - especially the Rasta's - laid back :LOL: 8)

    They had 600 Hondas available for hire and I wish I'd hired one for a couple of days. :cry:

    The drawbacks were the max speed limit of 80k and the deep gutters on the sides of the road to take the runoff in hurricane season. Miss a corner and you could end up in a metre deep concrete ditch...

    Oh yes, and the rum shacks in the villages. Every village has a couple of shipping containers with a door and a counter selling beer and rum on ice. (The rum comes in stubbies with a crown seal and the locals drink it the same way - and the same rate - that we drink beer.) Usually fronting right onto the road (not the edge - the actual road!), on a Friday night you've got to edge the car through crowds of happy drunks. A bike would have made it an awful lot easier to get round :LOL: