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Most incredible thing thats happened to you...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by banditbob, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Hey...I thought it'd be fun to discuss some of the most dangerous, hilarious, frightening or down right awesome things that have happened to you whilst out riding.

    I'd start us off with a story if I had one, but thats a little hard as I dont yet have my license :wink:

    Thought it'd be good to hear from some experienced riders whove seen some action over the years.

    It can be anything! Lets hear it :shock:

  2. well this one guy forced me out of my lane and almost knocked me off the bike, so i lanesplit up behind him and kicked in his back indicator light. It wasnt incredible but sure made me happier ;)

    On the more positive side of things...the R1 kidand when people wave at you (in a positive way)
  3. Arriving at MG corner at PI and having the choice between grass and massive counter-steering. Counter-steering: don't fail me now :!: :grin:

    and (at the same corner)

    a time when after chasing the vanishing point I broke really heavily, pulled a stoppie and skidded the front wheel. :shock: Fortunately, I was braking before cornering.
  4. years ago when i was ridding an XT250 from Kooweerup to Frankston everyday for work i had a guy in a range rover look me in the eye then pull out in front of me, he didnt think it was funny when i swerved and the handle bar of the old XT put a nice scratch from the middle of the rear quarter panel all the way to the middle of the front door. Dick head tried to tell me it was my fault LOL.
  5. freeway + brick

    My biggest suprise was on the South East Freeway on my old bike. I was going at a reasonable pace on a very dark night when I see something in my headlights. I had just enough time to register a house brick sitting directly in my path before going over the top of it. I was very lucky that it was square on, so instead of the bike flying off sideways it launched like a rocket. At speed, I reckon I flew a fair distance before hitting the ground... I would guestimate the bike went nearly 3/4 of a meter up in the air. Not something I would care to repeat! :roll:

    Fortunately, landed perfectly straight and was able to stop, go back and remove the $%^$ object from the road and continue home. Needed a new front tyre (it gradually bulged out) but otherwise no damage... amazingly.
  6. I was riding an old CZ 250 in the highlands of Scotland when it slowly seized up. I had parked and was waiting for it to cool down, when a shiny new Range Rover slowed down, went passed me about 30 meters and stopped. Behind it was a really old Mk1 Landrover, which stopped directly opposite me and the old lady driving it asked me if I was ok. It took me about a full minute to realise it was the friggin Queen!
  7. Damn lotus.

    How far did u travel airborne...

    Nice job landing it!
  8. So she didn't give you a lift to the nearest servo?!!! :shock: :LOL:
  9. Yes Im had a queen moment,was a previous thread awhiles back.

    Was riding in British Colombia,Canada.From Jasper to Banff.Was in some twisties when spiddy sense gut reaction went,slow down!,so backed it down from 110 to 90,2 corners later little voice inside screamed,SLOW DOWN SUM MORE!.
    I listened well this time and backed her down to 60,come round next corner and slammed on the anchours,came to screeching halt bout 2 feet from the dominant male elk,4 others 6 feet behind him,right in centre of the road,staring me straight in the eye,snoorting steam fumigating from its nostrils.
    He stood 5-6 feet tall,covered the whole of 1 lane at right angles,had a rack of antlers on him that extended the width of 1 lane,and if I didnt slow down would have been like a centaur typo character,half man,half elk.Scared the living sh*t outa me :eek:hno:
  10. Well mine is something we all share.

    My first ride on a road bike, no raging deer, no royalty, no high sides etc etc all I did was wobble and stall it a couple of times, :oops: but I tell you what it has totally changed my life forever! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. The first day i got tyres better than the original arrowmaxes and realised that bikes can lean over really far without sliding :woot:

    Well that was when the addiction really hit me anyway :?

    Scariest moment.....Too many details to write but basically tank slapping at 120 :( And afterwards some bloody huntsman came crawling out on the inside of my screen which made things ever scarier :eek:hno:
  12. You lot will just have to wait until my book comes out. :LOL:

    I've had a few adventures over the years.

    But I'll throw in a segment from the first part of the book.

    This was my very first experience of trying to ride a bike, previous to this I had only sat on one with the engine off.

    I made sure it was in neutral and that the kill switch was on. I thrust my foot down on the kick-start and grinned happily when the bike roared to life beneath me.
    I took a deep breath and pulled in the clutch lever.
    So of course I knew how to use the clutch, I mean I'd been reading Easyriders magazine for months now hadn't I?
    I pointed the Honda (CB 125) in the general direction I wanted it to go.
    Twisted the throttle really hard, released my fingers from the clutch lever in an instant.
    The front wheel leapt up into the air. I could see clear blue sky, lots of it.
    The bike began to move forward at speed, I frantically grabbed, pushed and stamped on everything available. The bike veered over to the left side of the road, the back wheel slammed into the gutter.
    I was thrown off onto the grass verge as the bike cartwheeled down the road, towards a parked Mercedes Benz.
    In a shower of sparks it came to a crumpled stop a foot behind the expensive car.
    I got up, dusted myself off. Looked nonchalantly around. Tried to ignore the derisive cries and claps of the building workers on the other side of the street.
    I picked the bike up, wheeled it back over the road to my house.
    The handlebars appeared to bent a little and one indicator was broken.
    My Mother came out into the front garden.
    Pointed out my bike seemed to have fallen over and that blood was trickling down my ungloved left hand.
    "I haven't quite got the hang of it yet," I admitted.