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MOST Freak out!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stokedpaz, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Im new around here. Thought I should say g'day!

    I have me Pre Provisional course tomorrow and am freaking out. I should probably be asleep now as I have to ride up to Tuggerah tomorrow morning. I did a bit of practice today (late I know, I didn't realise how much time had snuck up on me) am still struggling with the cone weave and u-turn. L's run out next week so if I fail I will have to do the L's course again?

    Just thought I'd vent a bit. I have read through a few related posts, but any last minute tips would be great.

  2. Hi Paz,

    Welcome to the forummm

    Tuggerah is a good place to do the MOST. Just get some sleep, in the knowledge that its a fun, though long, day and you will get to ride and learn some new stuff.

    My best tip: remember the headchecks!
  3. Hiya Paz, welcome to NR.

    Probably the most important thing for you is to r e l a x :D Seriously, it is the single biggest thing you can do now to help you get through.

    There is lots of time to practise tomorrow, lots of encouragement and instruction - the test is only in the last 10 mins. Relax and you should be just fine.
  4. Hey, I've got the MOST tomorrow as well.
    Currently 12:04am and I can't get to sleep lol.

    Good luck tomorrow.

    edit; good luck today ;)
  5. Ride it like you stole it.
  6. particularly in the u-turn
  7. strong and large amounts of alcohol make the cone weave the most natural riding style, and relax you to boot
  8. You should be up through excitement. Not nerves.
    Try to think of it as a fun day riding and learning. Not as a test.
    If you don't pass so be it. Better than becoming a speed bump or worse.
    Seriously nerves will make you ride like a kook. You will be all stiff and finding it hard to pay attention or comprehend the most basic instruction.
  9. Sooooooooooooooo, how did you go?
  10. how did it go?
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the welcome and advice!!!
    Well I rode up the F3 this morning. Such a boring ride, but it got me going.
    There were 5 in my course and all were friendly as, there was a heap of encouragement. I was feeling good and confident with the first section. Road ride was fun.
    Then it came to the practice, I just kept hitting cones and putting my foot down. Got close to making it but was definitely not feeling ready.
    Anyway I got to the test and just tried to block everything out, I felt like I was going to be sick with nerves. I got through it in the end, only lost 5 points for going over the line in the u-turn. Everything else was sweet.
    I rewarded myself by riding home along the old Pacific Highway, have never ridden along this fantastic piece of road before. Soooo much fun.

    Enough of boring you all. Point is I passed. One year of P's and I get upgrade. Oh yeah!
  12. congrats :D well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Congratulations, but just remember that is just the start, don't stop learning and you will enjoy every ride even more
  14. Yeah, I plan on doing a whole lot more learning. I am thinking about a couple of stay upright courses. A mate of mine has just done level one of the californian superbike school. That also looks good. Has anyone here done any of these?
  15. Good to hear. You're on your way now, and your your lifetime of learning has begun in earnest :)

    It's a pretty steep learning curve now...and keep your ego in check, so you don't do anything dumb, and ride beyond your limits of ability.

    Soak it up, and enjoy being a biker. :)
  16. Good stuff buddy, just remember its the last time you will swerve around cones (unless its a work zone lol) but comes in handy for lane splitting tho, get that sweet spot on your revs/clutch and your back brake and you will be squeezing thru the smallest of gaps without taking mirrors and paint off cars in no time.
  17. Never thought of it that way. Might not get right into the land splitting yet though!
    Knowing my luck, I'd scrape some expensive BMW or Audi when passing.
  18. Congrats Paz, you must be stoked! :)
  19. I see what you did there! Nice.
    I love the pie and ginger beer!!