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MOST experience

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by d_n2blue, May 13, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just passed the MOST on Wednesday after only 3 months (to the day almost) on my L's.

    I found it pretty easy, except I struggled a little with the tighter manoeuvres. I did the test on my CB400 which was a much bigger bike than what everyone else did the test on. I was left wondering if it was my skill or the bike that made it a little more difficult. Probably didn't help that I had never practised the test manoeuvres beforehand!

    I'm just curious as to what others experiences were with the MOST on various bikes?

    Not a big deal as I did pass (with 0 points incurred) and I'm glad to be on the P now. Only 1 more year till I can get a bigger bike!
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  2. congrats :)
    as for the tight manoeuvres maybe just more practice
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  3. Congratulations, d_n2blued_n2blue!

    As JeffcoJeffco said, I found that, up to a certain bike size it is mostly practice that counts for the ease with which you pass the MOST. When I did the test, the practice I'd done on my own motorcycle, and the subsequent familiarity I had with the bike's handling characteristics helped me pass each assessment task.

    Smaller bikes such as the Honda CB125E probably do make the test a little easier but I was glad to do the test using (what is a larger bike) my own motorcycle. This helped me both be more confident riding my bike and just passing the test.
  4. Congratulations on passing your test.
  5. Congrats.

    As stated many times before - If you go to at least one learner session it at least gives you an idea of what to expect and takes away much of the nervouseness on test day
  6. I bought some SMX-1, not as good as a full on boot of course but a fair bit better than a pair of sneakers i think.
  7. Just booked in for test and getting in some practise. I have laid out the weave and u-turn out front of my house (quiet cul-de-sac) but want to confirm a few things:
    1. I have cones spaced at 4m centres and offset at 300mm left off centre line and 300mm off right of centre line (I.e 600mm apart). Is this correct?
    2. What is the length of the acceleration approach for the emergency stop?
  8. See here: Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST)
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  9. I just completed my MOST.... Incurred one point for putting foot down in u turn box which basically happened out of nerves (ie worrying about incurring 5 points for touching the line so I looked at it).... I've done probably over a hundred u turns in less than the 6.1metres allowed on the test....

    I completed on my Kawasaki Vulcan S which is a 650 cruiser.... I could do all the manouveres fine but I had practised.... My advice is practise beforehand as most people doing the test made one or two small errors out of nerves having successfully done all of it in practice without issues right beforehand...

    The only person that failed hadn't practised.... If in Sydney go to the learner sessions at Homebush.... The guys are great fun and give you more than you'd probably get in a paid course.....

    Having done the MOST on a larger bike I don't think the bike size is a huge issue, it's more about proper technique.... Ive seen people on tiny scooters stuff the u turn... And people on litre and above bikes do it easy.... I'm sure like anything else there is no substitute for experience.

    Also.... Head checks.... Several people lost points for not doing one.... Don't give up points so easily!
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  10. Great to hear others experiences with the MOST. Since completing the test 2 months ago I now easily perform a tight u-turn from my parking spot each day. Practice makes perfect!

    Although I didn't practice I would also recommend going to the Sydney learner sessions.
  11. Do you have to do a figure8 in yor most test at all.just wondering as if its something i should practiceit
  12. Just wondering do you have to do a figure 8 in your MOST test and was also wondering what is the size of the u turn box
  13. Nope, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to practice it.

    Links above in this thread for details on the actual test.
  14. Cheers
  15. Is the Homebush practice area open outside of the Saturday events? Can't generally get to them because of kids sport, but would like to do some practice before the test.
  16. It's always accessible, you'll just need your plastic cups/drink bottles for obstacles.
  17. Is it marked out at all?
  18. Took a punt. Awesome! All the test marking are painted on the road and easy enough to see without additional markers. May need some after hours if/when the lights are on.

    Spent about 90 minutes practicing cone weaves and U-Turns which have been my mental hurdles.

    Will be my new home for the next few days as I cram for the MOST.
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  19. Lighting there is pretty poor though. Better than nothing though I suppose. Good luck on the MOST