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Most embarrassing thing you have done on a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by StereoHead, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. What is the most embaressing thing you have ever done on/around a bike?

    I will share first...

    It was a Saturday morning and I was riding a little 250 ninja to the tyre shop to get some new tires put on... This was in Auckland on a road called Barry's Point Road... It has about 4 bike shops on it, and 2 tyre/accessories places... On a Saturday morning its always buzzing busily with bikeriders of almost every ilk..

    So I'm coming down BP Road on my little 250 with my muzzy exhausts blazing mightily and pull into the drive for this tireplace.. I'm feeling frisky, and I had been practising my stoppies... so I decide to pull a little stoppy.. It was indeed little.... In any case, I come to a complete stop and teeter there for a few seconds..

    I go to put my foot down (at this point the bike is already listing toward the left) and realise that the shoelace of my sneaker (hey, it was a saturday!) was caught around the gear leaver...

    Seconds later, I am lying on the ground, a 250 still between my legs, unable to get out from under the bike because my damned shoelace is still stuck around the gear leaver... about 10 guys saw me fall so come over to help me up... but my right leg is still over the bike.... my left leg is stuck under the bike and still tied on...

    By the time I got untangled and had the bike back in the upright position there would have been about 30 people standing around...

    Not a good morning, but funny looking back on it

    (In case you were wondering, there was almost no damage to the bike, a bit of paint came off the handle bar, but I managed to keep the bike from having any impact...)
  2. riding off with a disc lock still attached ... went arse up ... got up picked bike up ... a zx 10 .. took off disc lock and hurled the *ucker as far as i could .... never used one again .. and worst of all it was at the shannon mall in frankston
  3. i've been pretty lucky, nothing SUPER embarrassing. closest thing was when i went for a cruise over to the island one saturday just for a look. was riding down the gravel track at a slow pace cos the GF was there and she HATES gravel. saw a car comeing up behind me, went to pull over to the left a little more and hit a deep section of gravel that just gave way till my bike was on the ground. lost an indicator in that one, so depressing :(

    my GF tho, she had a ruff time on that GPX :LOL: 2nd day she has it, we go to go for a quick spin. get to the end of the street and have to stop for a car, she forgets to put her foot down, down goes the bike. she gets peeved and wants to go home, so we turn around and head back. get in the driveway and she does it again :shock: she left it on the ground and went inside :LOL:
  4. pusing my bike out of the garage in the backyard onto gravel. Didn't realise and used the front brake to stop and it slid and the bike fell slowly while I'm yelling to my gf who was in the house (no way she could have heard/made it in time) to come and save me by some miracle. heh No one was around but hey I felt like such a fool at the time.

    Scratches on my staintune pipe from it :(
  5. I was showwing off to friends about my bike, aswe went down to the supermarket...
    I pulled up on the footpath, and laughing that i could park there...
    Then I put my stand down and the other foot down on a lower-than-usual area of dirt (that i'd neglected to see), my foot slipped and the bike toppled to the right... :(
  6. :LOL: sounds like when the stunters park their bikes at Road Warriors - there are always about 40 bikes (neatly) parked and these guys roll up, jump off, drop the bikes and leave them where they lie.

    IMO crash bars are ugly but they obviously have some advantages :LOL:
  7. Probably have to be pulling quite a reasonable crap wheelie in front of a hot chick but forgetting that my flip-up helmet chinpiece was up. When the front wheel came back down, the jolt sent the chinpiece halfway down, putting it right in front of my eyes and leaving me wobbling down the road, blind, trying to flip it back up again before I stacked.

    And when I got it back and grabbed the left handlebar again my thumb hit the horn for good measure and I slunk off around the nearest corner in shame.
  8. You mean one of my many :LOL: ( you ride long enough and the list just gets bigger ) :LOL: :LOL:

    Well about 3 years ago on my CBR1000, Hot day and got lazy and didn't put my boots on after work, just left my runners on!

    Rideing down Springvale road and came up on the Heatherton Rd intersection and lane split for a good 200 mtrs to get to the front.
    Went to put mah left foot down ( as you do ) and guess what , my bloody lace had wrapped around the back of the peg. So my foot wasn't going anywhere but staying on that peg ! As a result me and bike lying on its side WITH my foot well and trully wedged under the bike and still attached to the peg. When the bloody lights changed to green !!!!!!!!!!!
    Luckly when I looked around the two guys in the cages just behind me where getting out of there cars with tears of laughter running down there faces, and helped me up. :oops: :LOL:

    Result still laughing we all missed that green light but no one except the cages way back that didn't see me just FALL over didn't care :LOL:
  9. Yeah, those shoe laces are a biatch :(
  11. Probably the time in Sydney I dropped my BMW in peak hour monday morning traffic right near the lights.

    I was loaded way up... heaps of stuff because I'd ridden from Victoria for the motorbike GP and I'm not a light packer (BMW's don't encourage light packing either).

    I'd had a long weekend and was pretty stuffed... anyway I put my left foot down and there was oil on the road, the leg went sideways and the bike went down.

    I strained my groin (go ahead laugh now) as the bike tipped and I tried to hold it from tipping with my legs spread apart and then simply couldn't manage to lift the bike back upright. Normally I could (even with that amount of luggage), but not with the strain.

    Eventually a kind car driver (they do exist) came over and helped me lift it back upright (after the other vehicles spent about 3 minutes honking horns at me *sigh*).

    It was a pretty uncomfortable trip home too...
  12. Mine happened last Friday morning going to work.

    Got the bike out of the garage. Parked it in the back lane ( which is old cobblestones..aka..bit perilous )
    I've been dealing with this lane for the last three years. I have gotten quite used to hoping on the bike while it has quite a severe lean on it.

    I swung my leg up and accidently kicked the cowl ( those of you who have seen them, the TLR has a very high cowl ).
    To my horror, the bike was already leaning steeply to the left, and I could do nothing but give a pathetic little yelp as the beast rolled off the sidestand and came crashing down with me hanging off it. It landed on my foot and pinned me there.
    As you can understand the bike is damned heavy ( well over 200kg's).
    I wriggled around for a bit, trying to get up, but it was no use. There I was, lying in the back lane with the bike on me. I yelled for help and the neighbour came to my rescue.
    When I got up off the ground I had a teary. The neighbour thought I had broken my ankle.....my foot was damned sore...but I was very upset over damaging my precious bike!

    You'd of thought I had the lane thing sussed out after 3 years, but there you go!
  13. Ooh or it could be the time I went out on a ride with Glitch and Goodie and a bunch of others, and I was the corner marker that didn't wait long enough for the tail-end charlie.

    So Goodie and Dave, who had been taking it a lto slower than the rest, missed the turnoff and took a 30k detour. Luckily they had a mobile with them and caught us half an hour later for lunch, but that was pretty f*cking embarrasing.

    Poor corner marking=not recommended.
  14. Poor TLR :(

    I want one
  15. Came out of the cinema years ago, just been to see GI Jane , full of 'girl power". hopped on the CBX 550 and dropped it in front of everyone. Mirror snapped off stalk and slid across carpark and landed under a car. I had to slither on my belly under the car to get it. I really wanted to stay under there and not come out. Then needed 10 teenage boys to help me pick it up. My pure silk blouse coming fully unbuttoned on the Eastern freeway years ago comes a close second :0
  16. Going to Arthurs Seat for a nice cruise up the hill on a nice 30 degree day ...
    Pulled of the freeway where it becomes a 60 k zone .... still in la la land & doing 85 km,s ..
    the police were sitting at the bottom of the hill ( corner ) waiting with their radar ....
    see me & sound the lights ... i pulled over up the road in a car park on the right ( hilly park ) not thinking of degree the bike was parked but the speed fine i was about to get ... parked the bike - got off to see the nice officer ( lol ) & i hear ca blonk .... bike drops to the side & all attention to the officer goes wayside as i bolt back to my bike ... no help from the police to pick up my heavy CBR1000 96 mdl ... get it up & asess the damage ( angry as hell ) the police says how much will it cost to fix it ?
    i dont know i say in anger now .... he says u know u were doing over 85 kms in a 60 km zone ... i said shit mate LOOK at my bike ...( disregarding any authority now )
    He says look what i will do is - wright u a ticket 4 up to 10 k,s over the limit & 4 me to spend my lucky fortune on fixing my bike ,,,

    SO in saying that - The law inforcment do have a heart at times ....
  17. Funny you should say that...it's for sale....never been dropped.. :LOL:
  18. Those of you in Perth will probably have seen the group of guys that meet every Friday night outside the Miss Mauds coffee shop in Northbridge..

    For those elsewhere, large table (30-40 people some weeks) of bikers drinking coffee, watching the passing nightclub parade and talking shit..

    A guy there had obviously spent a fair bit of time (and money) doing up an R1 (to the point of installing LED's in its headlights and lighting up the ground etc).. I must admit it did look pretty good..

    Anyway this one night there where probably 15-20 of us there when the R1 rider decided to walk his bike over from where he had it parked on the other side of the road into a prime space that had opened up in front of the table. Being the "cool kid" that he was he went to do one of those "lean bike up on side stand (off its wheels), balance it there while you spin the bike around to face in the direction you want to park it, rest bike back on wheels" efforts. Sadly he miscalculated part one and instead of balancing the bike on its side stand, managed to pull the bike right over onto himself. Thankfully he broke the bikes fall so there was little damage to it but as it landed about waist high on him he could do nothing but rest there on the ground while we tried to stop laughing long enough to pull it off him...

    Still has to rank as one of the funniest things I've seen..

  19. A funny one I saw riding to work the other day was when a Harly rider broke too late and rear ended a stationary van at the traffic lights. Looked like a considerable bump but the van driver didn't even get out to inspect. The Harly rider just sat there with his wheel wedged under the vans bumper. When the van took off the whole bumper was ripped off. Again the van driver didn't stop or get out to inspect damage. must've seen who it was in the rear vision mirror and thought his chances with his insurances company were better :LOL:
  20. Is that in English?