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most economical 600cc bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_roboto, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. after thinking about what some one said about hornet's being uneconomical, this got me thinking...

    what is the most economical 600cc bike around in the last 10 years?

  2. I vote
    Yamaha SZR660. Tiny, superlight, won the MSTCV club economy contest by
    many litres. Plenty of smiles per gallon (urg what a terrible joke).
    In case you don't know its a proven high-compression 5-valve
    supermono-race style single cylinder engine (derived from the Tenere)
    wrapped in an alloy chassis and italian hi-performance running gear.
  3. Hey there Mr. Roboto,

    Whilst I haven't had the chance to ride a lot of 600's manufactured in the last 10 years, I'd have to suggest that fuel consumption is largely dependent upon how hard you twist that right wrist!

    Other factors such as the traffic conditions you ride in (e.g peak hour commuting as opposed to freeway and hills riding) also play an important role in how often you need to refuel.

    Whilst you may be able to get some idea of fuel consumption and efficiency from test riding some bikes and speaking to other owners of similar bikes, it will be largely dependent upon your riding style and the type of riding you do.

    Hope this helps!


    "I feel the need.... the need for speed!"
  4. I vote the 2004-2007 BMW F650CS/F650GS bikes!
    (Though 2000-onwards is good too)

    Officially the 2004-2007 models, with 'dual spark' ignition, get about 3.6L/100km @ 90kph, to 4.1L/100km @ 120kph.
  5. mate you don't buy a 600cc naked bike for economy, you buy them for fun!!
  6. er6f/n are very fuel efficient. Any 600 isn't thaat bad as long as you dont put an exhaust or aftermarket air filter in :)
  7. And along with regular (DIY)servicing(there I go again harping on about servicing :wink: ) it dont get any cheaper. :)
  8. SZR660 gets my vote too (but wtf do I know? There might be others I don't know about). Mine does 20-22km/l, will cruise 2 up at 140 all day and still gets through the twisties in a very tidy time.
  9. It all depends on how hard you use the throttle.

    A stock Daytona 675 can achieve around 430kms to a single tankful (17.4L) with a bit of judicious throttle use (still having a bit of fun though), or around 25km/L (4.0L/100kms). Hey, it's not going to win a super-economy award but it does show that even sporting bikes can be economical.

    On an economy run I was on once, one guy managed to get around 31km/L (~3.2L/100kms) on his old CBR900RR, but that was being ridden in a super-economical fashion.

    The thing to consider is the bike's intended purpose. When an owner buys a sports-bike, they typically use it for a bit of sporting riding. That kills fuel economy. Conversely, the owner of the average sensible commuting naked doesn't typically ride around with the throttle pinned to the stop with the front wheel skimming the tarmac out of every corner.

    In my experience, any bike can be economical. The difference is the rider.
  10. And also exhaust.. great sounding exhausts reduce fuel economy.. by begging for it :grin:
  11. And jet kits, well mine hasn't improved my economy any. However fun is up 69%.

    The Er6f and the F800 both come in around the same figures in an event held last year (from memory). The F800 isn't a 600 (hence the name) but is very frugal and from most reports an entirely fantastic bike. Not sure if it's $5k more bike than the SV or ER though, particularly an SV with a decent aftermarket can.. mmmmm.
  12. Amen :grin: .

    My SV is actually not that great in terms of fuel economy, at least compared to my old GS500. I seem to fill it up a bit more often. Then again, I probably go a bit harder on it compared to the GS.

    I used to fill up the tank once a week on 5 days worth of commute at 50kms each day, and some weekend rides. It's probably bad also because I go through very heavy traffic daily (despite my lane splitting).
  13. Stock FI SV650's can be pretty good, 300+ from 13L (ie before the light comes on). But as soon as you put an exhaust on its such a waste to keep it quiet.

    I'll try really hard to make myself do a fuel economy run on my SV, see if I can get it below 5..
  14. [​IMG]
    500cc, 35km/litre (anything less than 4 wheels is classed as a motorcycle here).
    Still that worried about fuel consumption? :LOL:
  15. Yeah, as mentioned, not a 600, but I average 4L/100km on the F800ST and that is pretty much 100% 2-up with the majority of riding lately (and sadly :( ) being the commute to the city.

    The last tank I did almost all solo riding I think was around 3.3L/100. But it was some time ago!

    Riding style is generally setting off pretty sharpish from the lights without lifting the front wheel, then settling in at the speed limit + GST (and sometimes + inflation too).
    Butz. :beer:
  16. That thing would have some mad understeer..