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most dangerous traffic move????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. I was commuting yesterday afternoon through Chatswood on the Pacific highway (OH SH@T!) and was nearly done twice doing the same thing. :eek:hno:

    Coming up to a line of traffic in the median lane and with the centre lane clear. Not speeding and not dawdling!

    Indicate, do all the right things and I am half way round the last car in the line and sure enough, their indicator (sometimes) comes on and they start to also go to the centre lane and stop across the lines after they finally spot me. Lucky I commute with the high beam on and I pass wide with a buffer. If I had of been passing close, I was over!

    It has happened quite often throughout the years and I suppose a quick glance in the rear view by the driver and they wouldn't (maybe couldn't) see me until movement caught their eye. Other times it has been hit the anchors or countersteer around and away

    It got me thinking.......................... is this the most vulnerable time travelling in traffic or is there other episodes that will out rank it?????
  2. Not sure, but it is a dodgey one. But ever since I've jumped on a bike I look out for situations where cars are stuck stopped/slow with free lanes available. So I'm always wary of ar$ehats merging without looking/indicating and buffer/slow appropriately. Gawd, just thinking about it makes me angry!

    Trying to think of something more dodgey in traffic.. Can't think of any right now. I'd say its definitely very high up there.
  3. This is one of the reasons why my loud sports exhaust comes in handy.... :wink:

    If I feel like the driver ahead hasnt seen me, I always give alittle rev,rev to let them know that I am there...... :wink:

    Most time you just get this gut feeling, that the dick ahead is not paying attention....god I hate that uneasy feeling......
  4. Travelling in traffic = bad, i have a way that solves the part about people changing into lanes with me and all that, that goes with no seeing a rider.

    But you'd all think its sheer stupidity, dangours/wreckless whatever so im
    not sharing.

    Apart from all that there isn't much you can do about it all you ride in traffic expect it to happen and never slam your brakes on, always look for an exit and gas it.
  5. Ive lost count how many times this lane changing problem has happend to me whilst riding along the monash carpark, I often feel that maybe they dont see me because, even though I have my headlight on, its basically a stationary light.
    This is just a bumb thought but how noticable is the flashing led's we see on the front of pushies?
    The reason why we see them so easily is because they flash and catch our attention.
    Whatdya reckon?
  6. thats exactly right wot the, this is why no body should ride around with there high beam on during the day, you know that little switch on the front side of the left bars where the indicators are, that is a passing switch.

    when you are unsure if some one sees you and feel that might pull out you continuously pull it in this flashes the highbeam bit hard to do when you already have the highbeam on isnt it? just coz its brighter doesnt mean they will see it anybetter but a flashing light they will notice...

    and jeff this isn't just a problem for bikes although we are at more risk while riding, it will happen if your in a car as well they see the opportunity of a empty lanes, they dont care whats coming or how quickly it comes they want in there and they are going to go there no matter what
  7. Don't do that! sometimes people think that flash means that you allowing them to pull out and take that space, happened to a friend of a mate of mine, riding down the freeway he did excalty that and ran into the back of them when they did come out.
  8. Yeh, I'm now wary of this when in the car too. But don't really care as much unless its a truck.
  9. just because your in a cage doesnt make you invinsible, if your rear end another car coz they do this you are at fault son you should care either way... trust my i lernt the hard way have a stupid idiot cut me off i was in the right but at fault coz it was i that hit their car
  10. I still care, just considerable less. On bike, I die. In car, hassle.

    Getting cut off at their fault and taking blame, F that. I'd lawyer up.. in fact no I'd just take a baseball bat to their head. I'm pretty scary when I'm riled up. :twisted:
  11. people who are lazy and just dont look and almost run you off the road used to make me real angry, but with many more k's and heaps of commuting under my belt, i realise their mistakes bear no malice, and i just utter a derogatory adjective followed by a noun, and motor on my way. road rage is the thing which makes me the most angry and scares the living sh!t out of me. all the times ive dealt with roadrage have been in the peak hour commute, so yeah, i guess it is the worst time to be on the road. having a bus in front of you by 3 seconds, then a cab less than a metre behind your tail light (no sh!t, i could see the pricks bloodshot eyes in my rearview mirror) going across the SHB at 70 in the bus lane is a friggin scary expiriance.

    qbn, mate im sorry but i disagree, i used to do that, flash the passing light, and the tools thought i was giving way to them 9 times out of 10.

  12. Riding with your high beam on will do zero to f**k all to increase your chances of being noticed, all it will do is occasionally p!ss people off. I hate riders when I am caging that do that, irritates me and then follows shortly by me flipping them off and calling them t0ssers. :evil:
  13. its the cops who decide who is at fault, then the insurance companies, its simply you rear end any vehicle you are at fault, if you are going to hit them make sure you hit side panels.

    i dont think it would be wise to take to a copper with a baseball bat if they say you are at fault and you think your not
  14. :rofl: :rofl:

    Yeah..but at least you notice me and I don' give a rats what you call me as long as you know I am there!!
  15. I think he ment the other person involved.
  16. a rider of my own heart :LOL: i do understand why some riders think it will increase their chances of being seen so they dont cop the same flack off me as i give the cagers that drive around in day light with the high beam on
  17. Is there other moves that are more dangerous than the posted move??????

    I can't think of where else I am more vulnerable!!!
  18. Im with u jeff.....I always ride with my beams on but they are pointed down......Peps always see me better....
  19. I should clarify that I switch to high beam when it gets heavy traffic and again I don't give a sh@t what you think or call me as long as you know I am there. What about loud exhaust hurting your poor ears as well!! :rofl:

    A bikes high beam is so pathetic compared to a cars and it is always moving out of eye direction and is innocous!

    Can't say I have EVER been put off by a bikes high beam.
    I suppose I am just not a sensitive and precious as youse :rofl: :rofl:
  20. riding the jamberoo during holiday season :LOL: tourist dont seem to be able to drive on the rights side of the road...

    riding down a two way two lane road with concealed driveways.

    not buffering while passing a semi coming the other way with dotted lines enabling a car following to pass...

    lane filtering in slow moving traffic that is unpredicatable...